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Articles for HSC Examination

          Articles for HSC Examination

1.      Tea is a drink. It is also (a)----refreshing drink. The preparation of tea is a long but (b)---------interesting process.(c)------water is first boiled in (d)------kettle and (e)--------desired quantity of (f)------tea dust is put in it. After (g)-----few minutes (h)  ------ boiled levels are separated from (i)-------liquor. Then the liquor is poured onto (j)------cup and some milk and sugar are mixed with it.  (Pv GKwU cvbxq|GwU GKwU m‡ZRKviK cvbxq e‡U Pv ˆZix Kiv GKUv  `xN© wKš‘ wPËvKl©K c×wZ |GKU&v †KZwj‡Z cÖ_‡g cvwb dzUv‡Z nq Ges cwigvb gZ Pv‡qi ¸ov  G†Z †gkv‡Z nq| K‡qK wgwbU c‡i wm× Pv cvZv cvwb †_‡K Avjv`v Kiv nq AZtci wjKvi GKwU& Kv‡c Xvjv nq Ges G‡Z `ya &I wPwb ‡gk‡Z nq |)
Ans: (a) a (b)x (c) x (d) a (e) the (f) x (g) a (h) the (i)the (j)a
2.      Once upon (a)------- time there was (b)-----king. His palaces was surrounded by (c)-------beautiful garden .One day he fill ill .He called in (d)------doctor. But (e)-------doctor could not say what wrong was with him. More (f)------doctors were called .finally they said that (g)------king could be healed if he wore(h)-----shirt of (i)-----happy man .(j)----messengers were sent every where but no happy man could be found. (‡Kvb GK mgq GK ivRv wQ‡jb| Zvi cÖmv` my›`i my›`i evMv‡b †Niv wQj| GKw`b wZwb Amy¯’ n‡q co‡jb| wZwb GKRb Wv³vi †W‡K Avb‡jb| wKšZz Zvi Kx n‡q‡Q Zv Wv³vi ej‡Z cvi‡jb bv| Avi I Wv³vi WvKv nj| Ae‡k‡l Zviv ejj †h, ivRv‡K my¯’ Kiv †h‡Z cv‡i hw` wZwb GKRb mywL gvby‡li Rvgv cwiavb K‡ib| Pvwiw`‡K `~Z cvVv‡bv nj wKšZz †Kvb mywL gvbyl cvIqv †Mj bv|)
    Ans (a) a (b) a (c) x (d) a (e) the (f) x (g) the (h) The (i) a (j) x
3.      Long, long ago , (a)----mirror was found in (b)-----paddy field by (c)--- old farmer . Neither this farmer, nor anybody else in (d)----area had ever seen a mirror . So, when (e)----farmer looked into (f)----mirror , he was surprised to see (g)-----man looking straight at him . Now, (h) --- farmer closely (i)-----resembled his father who had died years ago .He thought that it was his father (j)----- inside it and saluted him with love and respect . (A‡bK A‡bK w`b Av‡M GK e„× K…lK avb †¶‡Z GKUv Avqbv †c‡qwQj| GB K…lK ev H GjvKvi Ab¨ †KD G ch©šZ †Kvb Avqbv †`‡Lwb|myZivs †m hLb Avqbvi wfZ‡i ZvKvj †m ZLb GKUv †jvK‡K mivmwi Zvi w`‡K ZvwK‡q _vK‡Z †`‡L †m Avðh© nj| GLb,K…lK †`L‡Z wVK Zvi wcZvi gZ whwb A‡bK eQi Av‡M gviv wM‡qwQj| †m fvej †h Gi wfZ‡i Zvi wcZv Ges fvjevmv I m¤§v‡bi mv‡_ Zv‡K mvjvg Kij|)
cvIqv †Mj bv|)
Ans: (a) a (b) a (c) an (d) the (e) the (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) x (j)x
4.      (a)----16th December is (b)--red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day, we achieved (c)---freedom at the cost of (d)-----bloody battle and Bangladesh came into (e)- being and made a place in (f)--- world map as (g)---- independent country . Every year this day is celebrated in (h)--- enthusiastic atmosphere .We remember (i)----- great sacrifice of our heroic sons who died for this country .We also pay (j)---- great tribute to them .(16 wW‡m¤^i evsjv‡`‡ki BwZnv‡m GKwU ¸iZc~b© w`b| GB w`‡b Avgiv   i³v³   hy‡×i gva¨‡g weRq AR©b K‡iwQ| Gi  d‡j evsjv‡`‡ki m„wó  n‡q‡Q |  GwU  wek¦ gvbwP‡Î  GKwU ¯^vaxb †`k wn‡m‡e RvqMv K‡i wb‡q‡Q|  cÖwZ eQi GB w`bwU fve Mv¤¢x‡h©i   m‡½ cvjb Kiv nq|Avgiv Avgv‡`i gnvb exi mš—vb‡`i  ¯^iY Kwi, hviv G †`‡ki R‡b¨ cÖvY w`‡q‡Q| Avgiv Zv‡`i‡K Lye kª×v I Kwi|)
Ans (a) The (b) a (c) x (d)  a (e) x (f) the (g) an (h) an (i) the (j) the
5.      Today women are playing (a)----- important role in all spheres of (b)---- life . They are no longer confined within (c)---- four walls of the kitchen . They have come out of their cocoons and are working hand in hand with (d)---- men . They are joining (e)--- wide range of professions and making a great (f)----------- contribution to the economy . Now it has come to (g)---- realization of all that it is not possible to develop the country keeping women , (h)---- large section of (i)--- population in (j)----dark . (AvRKvj gwnjviv Rxe‡bi me‡¶‡Î ¸iZ¡c~Y© f~wgKv cvjb K‡i| Zviv AvR Avi ivbœv N‡ii Pvi ‡`qv‡j e›`x bq|Zviv Zv‡`i Ave× Ae¯’ v †_‡K †ei n‡q G‡m‡Q Ges cyi“‡li mv‡_ Kv‡au Kvua wgwj‡q KvR Ki‡Q|Zviv eo eo †ckvq ‡hvM`vb Ki‡Q Ges A_©bxwZ‡Z wekvj Ae`vb ivL‡Q| GLb mK‡jB Dcjwä Ki‡Z †c‡i‡Q †h,†`‡ki RbmsL¨vi Aa©vsk‡K A_©vr gwnjv‡`i‡K AÜKv‡i †i‡L œ ‡`‡ki Dbœqb m¤¢e bq|)
     Ans (a) an (b) x (c) the (d) x (e) the (f)x (g) a (h) a (i) x (j) the

6.      Childhood or boyhood is (a)----- man’s formative period . During this period (b)------- child receives training from it’s mother . (c)---- mother’s tender heart always looks to (d)--- welfare and well being of (e)-----child.if during this period (f)----mother tries t bring,(g)-----child up carefully and according to (h)-----best ideas (i)----child is sure to grow its superiors, parents and teachers and love (j)----all irrespective of caste,creed and colour. (wkïKvj A_ev evj¨Kvj gvby‡li bgbxq mgq |GB mg‡q GKRb wkï gv‡qi KvQ †_‡K cÖwk¶Y MÖnb K‡i | gv‡qi mnvbyf~wZ gb memgq evPPv‡`i g½j Kvgbv K‡i| hw` H mg‡q gv Zvi gZ K‡i hZœ mnKv‡i eo Ki‡Z Pvq GwU n‡e fv‡jv avibv | wkïwU  fv‡jvfv‡e †e‡o DV‡e wcZvgvZv,wk¶K Ges mKj RvwZ ag© -e‡©Yi ‡jvK‡`i wbi‡c¶fv‡e fvjevm‡e | )
    Ans (a) a (b) a (c) the (d) the (e) the (f) the (g) a/the (h) x (i)the (j) x
7.      Socrates believed that (a)-------- angry man was more of (b)---- beast than human being . He had a wife who used to lose her temper on (c)-----slightest excuse . One day (d)------ woman got more furious and began to insult him . He went out and sat on the door step of his (e)--- house . He looked out on the public (f)----  street . The wife found that he was playing the least heed to her .So he began to pour hot water on (g)---- head of Socrates . The passerby in (h)---  street were much amused at  (i)--- incident . They had not seen such (j)---- incident before .(m‡µwUm wek¦vm Ki‡Zb †h GKRb µ× gvbyl gvbe mšZv‡bi  †P‡q †ewki fvM GKwU cï‡Z cwibZ nq | Zvi GKRb ¯¿x wQj †h  mvgvb¨Zg Kvi‡Y †i‡M †hZ| GKw`b gwnjvwU AviI †ewk µ× nj Ges Zvu‡K wZi¯‹vi Kiv ïi“ Kij| wZwb evB‡i †M‡jb Ges Zvi M„‡ni `iRvi wmwuoi Dci e‡m co‡jb |wZwb  evB‡i mvaviY mo‡Ki w`‡K ZvwK‡q  _vK‡jb |Zvi ¯¿x ‡`Lj †h wZwb Zvi K_vq †gv‡UB KY©cvZ Ki‡Qb bv|ZvB †m m‡µwU‡mi gv_vq Mig cvwb †X‡j w`j |mo‡Ki c_Pvixiv NUbvwU Lye Dc‡fvM Kij |Zviv GiKg  NUbv Av‡M †`wL wb |)
     Ans (a) an (b)a (c) the (d) the (e)X (f) x (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) an

8.      (a)-----ant is (b)---industrious insects. Bees are also (c)----industrious insects. If we observe the life of (d)-----successful man, we will find that he is is also (e)----industrious.(f)-----industrious are appreciated by all. On the other hand, (g)----idle are disliked by all. So, industry is (h)-----must to prosper in (i)-----life. We all know that industry is the key to success and laziness leads us to (j)-----misfortune.(wcucov GKwU cwikªgx KxU | ‡gŠgvwQivI cwikªgx KxU | hw` Avgiv mKj gvby‡li Rxeb j¶¨ Kwi, Avgiv †`Le †h,wZwbI cwikªgx |cwikªgx‡`i mK‡ji cÖksmv K‡i | Ab¨w`K,Ajm‡`i mK‡j AcQ›` K‡i | myZivs, Rxeb DbœwZ Kivi Rb¨ cwikªg AZ¨vek¨K | Avgiv mK‡j Rvwb †h,cwikªg mdjZvi PvweKvwV Ges AjmZv  Avgv‡`i‡K  `y©fv‡M¨i w`‡K cwiPvwjZ K‡i |)
   Ans (a) The (b) an (c) x (d) a (e) x (f) the (g) the (h) a (i) x (j) x
9.      Bangladesh is (a) — world’s most densely populated country. Our development efforts are frustrated because of (b) — great size of our population. (c) — population explosion is (d) — constant threat to our environment and (e) — society. Here population is growing at such (f) — high rate that (g) — environment may soon fail to supply (h) — people with their minimum necessities. It is indeed (i) — alarming situation. Something should be done to change (j)--- situation.(evsjv‡`k we‡k¦i me‡P‡q Nb emwZc~Y© †`k| Avgv‡`i RbmsL¨vi wekvj AvK…wZi Kvi‡Y Avgv‡`i Dbœqb cÖ‡Pôv e¨_© n‡”Q|RbmsL¨v weùib Avgv‡`i cwi‡ek Ges mgv‡Ri cÖwZ ûgwK |GLv‡b RbmsL¨v Ggb D”P nv‡I e„w× cv‡”Q †h cwi‡ek kxN©B RbMb‡K b~¨bZg `iKvwi e¯‘mg~n mieivn Ki‡Z e¨_ n‡Z cv‡i|GwU cÖK…Zc‡¶ GKwU wec`RbK cwiw¯’wZ|cwiw¯’wZ cwieZ©‡bi Rb¨ wKQz GKUv Kiv DwPZ|)
Ans (a) the (b) the (c) x (d) a (e) x (f)a (g) the (h) the (i) an (j)the
10. There was (a)-----idle man who inherited vest property from his father .he did not like physical labour .as(b) result ,he became very fat and could not move from one place to another .he called in (c)----- European doctor.(d)-------doctor was very intelligent .he did not prescribe any medicine for (e)------man he advised him to buy (f)------heavy club and move it in  (g)--------air till he got (h)-----tired .Following the advised of the doctor ,he became (i)-----thin from (j)------obese man .(GK Ajm †jvK wQj ‡h Zvi wcZvi KvQ †_‡K DIivwaKvi m~‡Î wekvj m¤úwË †c‡qwQj |‡m ‰`wnK cwikªg cQ›` KiZ bv |d‡j,†m Lye †gvUv n‡q †Mj Ges GK ¯’vb †_‡K Av‡iK ¯’v‡b PjvPj Ki‡Z cviZ bv | ‡m GKRb BD‡ivcxq Wv³vi †W‡K Avbj | Wv³viwU wQ‡jb Lye weÁ| wZwb †jvKwUi Rb¨ ‡Kvb Jla civgk© w`‡jb bv | wZwb GKwU fvix M`v/gy¸i †Kbvi Dc‡`k w`‡jb Ges K¬vš— bv nIqv ch©š— k~b¨ †mUv †Nviv‡Z ej‡jb |Wv³vi Dc‡`k Abymib  K‡i †m GKRb †gvUv gvbyl †_‡K kxb© n‡q †Mj|)
     Ans (a) an (b) a (c) a (d) The (e)the (f)a (g) the (h)x (i) x (j)an

11. “Under the Greenwood tree ” is (a)-----song derived from  as your like it (b)------comedy by Shakespeare .in this song (c)-----writers nature has found (d)------eloquent  expression ,as has ,as (e) ---undertone ,his deep concern for (f)-----limitation of (g)------human society .In the forest (h)--------only enemy of man is bitter winter and rough weather .Nature  has no particular enmity towards man and it treats all equally .The forest is the place for one who is connect with (i)-----small pleasure of life and has (j)-----little ambition. (AvÛvi `¨v MÖxbDW Uªx n‡jv †k·wcq‡ii †jLv cÖnmb| A¨vR BD jvBK BU †_‡K †bqv GKwU Mvb| GB Mv‡bi †jL‡Ki cÖK…wZ†cªg GK ev½gq Awfe¨vw³ jvf K‡i‡Q hv Aš—wb©wnZ fv‡e gvbe mgv‡Ri mxgve×Zv m¤ú©‡K Zvi Mfxi D‡ØM cÖKvk †c‡q‡Q| e‡b gvby‡li GKgvÎ kÎy n‡jv Zxeª kxZ I ˆeix AvenvIqv | gvby‡li cÖwZ cÖK…wZi †Kv‡bv we‡kl kÎyZv †bB| Ges †m mevi mv‡_ mgvb AvPiY K‡i| eb Ggb †jv‡Ki RvqMv †h Rxe‡b †QvU Lv‡Uv Avb‡›` mš‘ó Ges hv AvKv•Lv mxwgZ|)
     Ans (a) a (b) a (c) the (d) an/x (e) an/x (f) the (g) a/x/the (h) the (i) the/x (j) a/x
12. (a)------honest boy is he who never tells a lie. He carries out (b)----orders of his parents . He has (c)------ aim in life . He develops (d)-----attitude to serve his nation. He is (e)--------- active worker who upholds (f)--- interest of his nation above everything . He thinks that he has (g)---- role to play in all matters . We cordially expect such (h)---- boy to change (i)----selfish motive of (j)--- people .(mr evjK †m †h KL‡bv wg_¨v e‡j bv | †h Zvi evev gv‡qi Av‡`k †g‡b P‡j|Zvi  Rxe‡bi GKwU j¶¨ _v‡K| †m Zvi RvwZ‡K †mev Kivi gvbwmKZv ˆZix K‡i| †m GKRb mwµq Kgx© †h Zvi RvwZi mv_©‡K mewKQzi E‡aŸ©  iv‡L| †m g‡b K‡i †h, me e¨vcv‡iB Zvi GKUv wKQz Kivi Av‡Q| RbM‡bi ¯^v_© ev`x gvbwmKZv cwieZ©‡bi Rb¨ Avgiv Avš—wiKfv‡e Ggb GKwU evj‡Ki Avkv Kwi|)
Ans (a)An (b) the (c) an (d) an (e) an (f) the (g) a (h) a (i) the (j) the

13. At present Bangladesh faces (a)--- number of (b)---- problems . Of all this problems (c)--- population is (d)--- most acute one . Population is no doubt (e)----great asset of (f)---- country .But when (g)--- country fails to feed and provide them with (h)--- suitable jobs ,they become(i)-----burden. Similar is (j)-----case with Bangladesh .(eZ©gv‡b evsjv‡`k †ek wKQzi mgm¨vi †gvKv‡ejv Ki‡Q|mKj mgm¨vi g‡a¨ g~j¨e„w× me‡P‡q Zxeª|GKb¤^i nj RbmsL¨v mgm¨v| RbmsL¨v wbtm‡›`‡n GKwU †`‡ki GKwU eo m¤ú` wKš‘y hLb GKwU †`k Zv‡`i LvIqv‡Z Ges Dchy³ PvKwi w`‡Z e¨_© nq,ZLb Zviv g~jZ †evSv n‡q c‡o|evsjv‡`‡ki †¶‡Î e¨vcviUv ZvB|)
Ans (a)a (b) x (c) the (d)the (e) a (f)a (g) the (h) x (i) a (j) the

14. We live on (a)----ground floor of (b)----old house on (c)---- river Kirthankhola . We are very much afraid of (d)----- burglars and always lock-up (e)--- house very carefully before we go to (f)--- bed. She also took (g)---- precaution of looking under (h)----- bed to see if (i)---- burglar in hiding there . We know modern burglars do not hide under beds, but we go on looking juts (j)----- same . (Avgiv KxZ©b‡Lvjv b`xi Zx‡i GKwU cyivZb evwoi bxP Zjvq emevm Kwi| Avgiv wm‡auj †Pvi‡`i‡K Lye fq cvB Ges memgq Nygv‡Z hvIqvi c~‡e© Lye mveav‡b evwowU Zvjv w`‡q ivwL|Avgiv Lv‡Ui bx‡P †`Lvi mveavbZv MÖnb Kwi|GwU †`L‡Z †h †Kvb wm‡auj †Pvi †mLv‡b Av‡Q wKbv||Avgiv Rvwb‡h,AvaywbK wm‡uaj †Pvi Lv‡Ui wb‡P jyKvq bv,wK›Z Gfv‡e Avgiv ‡`Lv Pvwj‡q hvB|)
Ans (a) the (b) an (c) the (d) the (e) the (f) x (g) x (h) the (i) the (j) the

15. I live in (a)----Jigatola near (b)--- Rifels Squre . When I was (b)---- student of  (d)---- Dhaka University, I stayed at Wari in (e)---- old Dhaka . Actually, it was in (f)---- Bonagram Lane that originates from(g)---- BCC Road which is a branch of (h)---- Rankin Street . (i)--- Bangbhaban and (j)----- Baldha Garden are adjacent to the area .(Avwg wSMvZjvq _vwK hv ivB‡dj ¼qv‡ii wbKU Aew¯’Z| hLb Avwg XvKv wek^we`¨v‡qi GKRb QvÎ wQjvg ,ZLb Avwg cyivb XvKvi Iqvix‡Z _vKZvg |g~jZ,GwU wQj ebMÖvg †j‡b hv wewmwm †ivW †_‡K ïi“ nq †hwU i¨vswKb ÷ªxU Gi kvLv | e½feb Ges ejav Mv‡W©b GB A‡ji wbKUeZx© GjvKv|)
Ans (a) x (b) x(c) a (d) x (e) x(f) x (g) the (h)x  (i) the (j)the

16. You must have heard (a) ----- name of Kazi Nazrul Islam. He is our National poet. He is known as (b) ----- rebel poet. He was born in (c) ----- poor family. He passed his boyhood in great hardship. When (d) ----- First World War broke out he joined (e) ----- army. After (f) ----- war, he began to write poems. He wrote specially for (g) ----- oppressed and down trodden people. He is called (h) ----- Shelly of Bengali literature. His poems and songs inspired (i)----- Bangalies in (j)----- War libration.(‡Zvgiv Aek¨B KvRx bRi“j Bmjv‡gi bvg ï‡bQ | wZwb Avgv‡`i RvZxq Kwe | wZwb we‡`ªvnx Kwe  wn‡m‡e cwiwPZ | wZwb GKwU `wi`ª cwiev‡i Rb¥MÖnY K‡ib | wZwb Zuvi evj¨Kvj A‡bK K‡ó KvwU‡q‡Qb | hLb cª_g wek¦hy× ïi“ nj wZwb †mbvevwnbx‡Z ‡hvM ‡`b | hy‡×i ci wZwb KweZv †jLv ïiy K‡ib |wZwb we‡kl K‡i wbhvwZZ© Ges wbcxwoZ RbM‡bi Rb¨ †j‡Lb|Zvu‡K evsjv mvwn‡Z¨i †kjx ejv nq|Zvui KweZv Ges Mvb gyw³hy‡× evOvwj‡`i‡K AbycÖvwYZ K‡iwQj|)
‡j‡Lb|Zuv‡K evsjv mvwn¨‡Zi ‡kjx ejv nq|Zvui KweZv Ges Mvb gywËhy‡× evOvwj‡`i‡K AbycÖvwYZ K‡iwQj|)
Ans (a)  the  (b) a (c) a (d ) the (e) the (f )the (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) the

17. (a)-------morning walk is a good habit for all classes of people. It is (b) ----simple exercise and good for health and (c)--------mentality. In the morning (d)------air is fresh and free from any kind of noise and pollution . This pure (e)--------environment makes an effect on (f) -------- walkers health and mind . When (g)------ man enjoys (h) --------- beauties and solemnity of (i)-----nature in (j)-------morning .(mKv‡j nuvUv mKj †kªYxi gvby‡li Rb¨ GKwU fvj Af¨vm |GwU GKwU mnR e¨vqvg I ¯^v¯’¨ Ges gvbwmKZvi Rb¨ fvj | mKv‡j evZvm _v‡K weï× Ges †h †Kvb ai‡bi †Mvjgvj Ges `~lY gy³ _v‡K | GB weï× cwi‡ek c_Pvix‡`i ¯^v¯’¨ Ges g‡bi Dci GKwU cÖfve †d‡j,hLb GKRb gvbyl mKv‡j cªK…wZi ‡mŠ›`h© Ges Mv¤^xh© Dc‡fvM K‡i| )
Ans (a) x (b) a (c) x (d) the (e )x (f) the (g) a (h) the (i) the (j) the

18. Though newspaper is not always (a) ------- unmixed blessing .It is (b)------- simple most useful thing in our life. We rarely think of (c)------- day without  reading (d)-------newspaper . Reading newspaper is one of (e)-------- good habits of man . We shall be like (f)-------frog in a dark well if we neglect developing this habit . However, some people prefer (g)------ electronic media to reading (h)-------newspaper . But (i)------- newspaper offer more to its readers than (j)--------electronic media. (hw`I Le‡ii KvMR memgq GKwU wbLv` Avkxev©` bq Zey GwU Avgv‡`i Rxe‡b me‡P‡q cª‡qvRbxq e¯‘ |Avgiv cwÎKv cvV e¨wZ‡i‡K GKwU w`‡bi K_v KgB fve‡Z cvwi |cwÎKv cvV GKRb gvby‡li fvj Af¨vm¸‡jvi GKwU| Avgiv GKwU AÜKvi Kz‡qvi e¨v‡Oi gZ n‡q hve hw` GB Af¨vm Mo‡Z Avgiv Ae‡njv Kwi | hv‡nvK ,†KD †KD cwÎKv cv‡Vi †P‡q B‡jKUªwbK gva¨g †ewk cQ›` K‡i| wKš‘ Le‡ii KvMR B‡jKUªwbK gva¨‡gi †P‡q AviI AwaK wKQz cvVK‡`i cÖ`vb K‡i|)

Ans (a) an (b) the (c) a (d) x (e )the (f) a (g) x (h) x (i) the (j) the

19. Once you have completed (a)------- initial diagnosis of your students, you are faced with selecting subject matter appropriate to their (b)------- interests, abilities and personal social adjustment as well as to your own teaching objectives . Frequently (c)-------  selection and planning of content are not seen as  integral (d)--------- parts of (e)------- evaluation process. (f)------- Techniques you select to evaluate how well you and your students have achieved your objectives are inextricably bound to (g)------- subject matter used to teach these objects. In (h)-------sense you must evaluate (i)------subject matter itself to (j)--------determine if it is appropriate for your objects. (GKevi Avcwb QvÎ QvÎx‡`i cÖv_wgK gvb wbY©q m¤cbœ K‡ib Z‡e Avcwb m¤§yLxb nb Zv‡`i AvMÖn ,¶gZv Ges e¨w³MZ mvgvwRK mgš^q Ges †mB mv‡_ Avcbvi wbR¯^ wk¶v`v‡bi j‡¶¨ mv‡_ gvbvbmB welqe¯‘y wb©evP‡bi e¨cviwUi| cÖvqB welqe¯‘i wbev©Pb Ges cwiKíbv‡K g~j¨vqb cÖwµqvq Awe‡PQ`¨ Ask wn‡m‡e †`Lv nq bv| KZ fvjfv‡e Avcwb Ges Avcbvi QvÎQvÎxe„›` Avcbvi j¶¨mg~n AR©b K‡i‡Q †mUv g~j¨vqb Kivi Rb¨ †h mKj †KŠkj Avcwb †e‡Q †bb †m¸‡jv j¶¨mg~n wk¶v`v‡bi Rb¨ †h welqe¯‘ e¨envi Kiv n‡q‡Q Zvi mv‡_ k³fv‡e euvav|GK A‡_©,Avcbv‡K Aek¨B welqe¯‘ywU‡KB g~j¨vqb Ki‡Z n‡e GwU Avcbvi D‡Ïk¨mg~‡ni mv‡_ gvbbmB wKbv †mUv wb©Yq Kivi Rb¨|)
  Ans (a) an(b)x (c) the (d) x (e )the (f) The (g) the (h) a (i) the (j) x

20. It is (a) — known fact that English is (b) — international language. (c) — language used by international community is important. Statistics show that 350 million people speak English as (d) — first language and another 300 million use it as (e) — second language. It is (f) — official language in more than 60 countries of the world. Once it was also (g) — official language of our country. Most of (h) — books of science and technology are written in English. So (i) — importance of learning English beggars description. It is (j) — must.(GUv GKwU Rvbv mZ¨ †h BsivRx GKwU Avš—©RvwZK fvlv| Avš—©RvwZK m¤cÖ`vq †h fvlv e¨envi K‡i †mUv ¸i“Z¡c~Y©|cwimsL¨v‡b †`Lv hvq †h 35†KwU gvbyl cÖ_g fvlv wnmv‡e BsivRx‡Z K_v e‡j Ges AviI 30†KvwU GwU‡K wØZxq fvlv wn‡m‡e e¨envi K‡i| we‡k¦i 50wUiI †ewk †`‡k GwU Awdwmqvj miKvwi fvlv| GKmgq GwU Avgv‡`i †`‡ki Awdwmqvj fvlv wQj| weÁvb Ges cÖhyw³i AwaKvsk cy¯—K Bs‡iRx‡Z ‡jLv| myZivs BsivRx †kLvi ¸iZ¡ eY©bvZxZ|GwU eva¨Zvg~jK|)
    Ans (a) a(b)an (c) x (d) the (e )the (f) an (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) a

21. James Norman Hall was (a) — American writer. He wrote (b) — story about (c) — wonderful piece of business that took place between him and a farmer. While in (d) — Tahiti, he was short of (e) — money and rented (f) — one room house about 22 kilometers from (g) — town. He was doing (h) — interesting writing there. To save money he wanted to make (i) — vegetable garden in front of his house. But (j) — land was full of ants and land crabs. They foiled all his attempts. (‡Rgm bi&g¨vb nj wQ‡jb GKRb Av‡gwiKvi †jLK| wZwb Zvi Ges GKRb K„lK‡Ki g‡a¨ msMwVZ GKwU PgrKvi e¨vcvi wb‡q GKwU Mí wj‡L‡Qb| ZvwnwZ‡Z _vKvKvjxb mg‡q Zvi A‡_©i Uvb c‡owQj Ges kni †_‡K cªvq 22 wK‡jvwgUvi `~‡i GKwU GK Kvgivi evmv fvov wb‡qwQ‡jb| †mLv‡b wZwb GKwU AvMÖ‡nvÏxcK †jLv wjLvwQ‡jb|A_© euvP‡bvi Rb¨ Zvi evwoi mvg‡b wZwb GKwU mewR evMvb Ki‡Z PvB‡jb| wKš‘y RwgwU wQj wcucov Ges KvuKovq cwic~iK|G¸‡jv Zvi mKj cÖ‡P÷v e¨_© K‡i w`j| )
Ans (a) a(b)a (c) a (d) x (e )x (f) a (g) the (h) an (i) a (j)the
22. Cellular radio telephone, also called cellular or cell phone provides voice, telephone and other services to (a)----- mobile users. Cellular telephone primarily operates like portable or cordless telephones. However, unlike conventional wire-based cordless phones, cell phones are completely portable and do not require(b)-----jack to access (c)---------wire-based network operated by local telephone companies.(d)-----new generation of services for cell phones include video conferencing and(e)-----internet access with (f)----ability to send e-mail. Cellular telephone have become very popular with (g)----professionals and (h)------consumers as (i)----way to communicate easily. It has been(j)--------alternative to conventional wire-based service.(‡mjy‡jvi †iwWI †Uwj‡dvb, hv‡K †mjy‡jvi †Uwj‡dvb A_ev †mj †dvb ejv nq| †mUv †gvevBj e¨envi Kvix‡`i f‡qm †Uwj‡dvb Ges  Ab¨vb¨ †meviI myweav cÖ`vb K‡i| †mjy‡jvi †Uwj‡dvb g~jZ myenbxq A_ev Zvinxb †Uwj‡dv‡bi g‡Zv KvR K‡i| hv †nvK HwZn¨ MZ Zviwbf©i KW©‡jm †dv‡bi †_‡K Avjv`v | †mj †dvb m¤ú~Y©fv‡e enb‡hvM¨ Ges ¯’vbxq †Uwj‡dvb ‡Kv¤úvwb‡`i KZ…©K cwiPvwjZ Zvi wbf©i †bUIqv‡K© cÖ‡e‡ki Rb¨ R¨v‡Ki `iKvi nq bv| †mj †dv‡bi Rb¨ bZzb cÖRb¥ †mev ¸‡jvi g‡a¨ i‡q‡Q wfwWI Av‡jvPbvv  Ges B‡gj †cÖi‡Yi ¶gZv mn B›Uvi‡b‡U cÖ‡ek| †mjy‡jvi †Uwj‡dvb mn‡R †hvMv‡hvM Kivi c×wZ wn‡m‡e †ckvRxex Ges †fv³v‡`i gv‡S Lye RbwcÖqZv jvf K‡i‡Q | GwU HwZn¨MZ Zviwbf©i †mevKvh©µ‡gi GKwU weKí| )
    Ans (a) an(b)the (c) the (d) the (e )the (f) x (g) the (h) an (i) x (j) x
23. Providing energy to meet (a)---ever-increasing demand is one of (b)-----gravest problems (c)----world is now facing. Energy is (d)----key to (c)----industrialized economy, which calls for (f)----doubling of electrical output every ten to twelve years. Meanwhile (g)-----days of cheap abundant and environment acceptable power may be coming to (h)-----end. Coal is plentiful but polluting natural gas is (i)----scare, oil is not found everywhere. Nuclear power now appears (j)----costly and risky. (wPi ea©gvb Pvwn`v c~i‡Y h‡_ó kw³i ms¯’vb Kiv Ab¨Zg KwVb mgm¨v hv wek¦ eZ©gv‡b †gvKv‡ejv Ki‡Q| kw³ wkívwqZ A_©bxwZi PvweKvwV,hv cÖwZ `k †_‡K ev‡iv eQ‡i ˆe`y¨wZK Drcv`b wظY Kivi `vwe K‡i| BwZg‡a¨ m¯—v , cÖvPzh©gq, Ges cwi‡ekMZ fv‡e MÖnbxq kw³i w`b nqZ †kl n‡q Avm‡Q| Kqjv cÖvPzh©gq wKš‘ `~wlZ Kvix , cªvK…wZK M¨vm weij , †Zj me©Î cvIqv hvq bv| wbDwK¬qvi kw³ eZ©gv‡b e¨qenyj Ges SzuwKc~Y© g‡b nq| )
    Ans (a) x(b)a (c) the (d) x (e )the (f) the (g) x (h) the (i) the (j) the
24. We know (a)---man is (b)---rational creature .It is (c)—rationally in him which makes him (d)---different species .He can differentiate between (e)---right and (f)---wrong .This is why (g)---man is considered (h)---best creation of (i)---creator of (j)---universe. (Avgiv  Rvwb , gvbyl eyw×e„wËm¤úbœ cÖvYx| Zvi eyw×e„wËB Zv‡K wfbœ cÖRvwZi evwb‡q‡Q †m b¨vq Ges Ab¨v‡qi g‡a¨ cv_©K¨ Ki‡Z cv‡i| G ai‡bi gvbyl‡K gnvwe‡k¦i m„wóKZv©i †kªó m„wó we‡ePbv Kiv nq|) 
Answer: (a) x (b) a (c) the (d) x (e) the (f) the (g) x (h) the (i) the (j) the

25. A brilliant student is (a)---asset .One day he may be (b)---engineer or (c)---M.BBS doctor .He makes (d)---best use of his time .He makes a proper division of his time and does his duties accordingly .He knows that youth is (e)—golden period  of (f)---life .He has (g)---aim in life .He knows that (h)---life without (i)---aim is like (j)---ship without a rudder .(GKRb †gavex QvÎ GKwU m¤ú`| GKw`b †m GKRb cÖ‡KŠkjx A_ev GKRb Gg we we Gm Wv³vi n‡Z cv‡ib| †m Zvi mg‡qi m‡ev©Ëg e¨envi K‡i| †m Zvi mg‡qi mwVK e›Ub K‡i| Ges †m Abyhvqx Zvi `vwqZ¡ cvjb K‡i| †m Rv‡b †h †hŠeb Kvj Rxe‡bi †mvbvjx mgq| Zvi Rxe‡bi GKwU j¶¨ _v‡K| †m Rv‡b †h j¶¨nxb Rxeb nvj nxb Rvnv‡Ri g‡Zv|)
Answer: (a) an (b) an (c) an (d) the (e) the (f) x (g) an (h) x (i) an (j) a
26. Bangladesh is a land of (a) — scenic beauty. (b) — land, (c) — rivers and the forests are (d) — sources of this beauty. Geographically Bangladesh can be divided into four regions. In many places there are a lot of amazing beautiful spots. There are many historical places also. For this reason, (e) — tourism business can flourish here. (f) — wild animals of (g) — Sundarbans are also (h) — great asset. Tourism can play (i) — vital role in national economy. But it is still in its tender age. So, we have to cross (j) — long way.(evsjv‡`k GKwU cÖvK…wZK †mŠ›`h©gq f~wg| ¯’jfvM , b`x Ges ebf~wg GB  †mŠ›`‡h©i Drm| †fŠMwjKfv‡e evsjv‡`k‡K PviwU A‡j fvM Kiv †h‡Z cv‡i| A‡bK ¯’v‡b cÖPzi we®§qKi †mŠ›`h©gq f~wg i‡q‡Q| A‡bK HwZnvwmK ¯’vb I i‡q‡Q| G Kvi‡Y ch©Ub e¨emv GLv‡b cÖmvi jvf Ki‡Z cv‡i| my›`ie‡bi  eb¨cÖvYxivI GKwU weivU m¤ú`| RvZxq A_©bxwZ‡Z ch©Ub GKwU  ¸iZ¡c~Y©  f~wgKv cvjb Ki‡Z cv‡i|  wKš‘ GwU GLbI Zvi ˆkk‡e i‡q‡Q|Kv‡RB,Avgv‡`i‡K GKwU `xN©c_ cvwo w`‡Z n‡e|)
    Answer:(a) x (b) the (c) the (d) the (e) x (f) the (g) the (h) a (i) a (j) a
27. (a)----- idle man and (b)----- active man cannot be equal. We know (c) ---- story of (d) ant and (e) --- grasshopper. (f) ----ant was industrious. On the other hand, the grasshopper was really (g) -----lazy. The ant knew that (h) ----- industrious shine. On (i) ---country, (j) ----lazy suffer in life.(GKRb Ajm gvbyl GKRb K©gV gvbyl KL‡bv mgvb bq | Avgiv wccov Ges Nvm dwos‡qi Mí Rvwb | wccovwU wQj cwikªgx | Ab¨w`‡K  Nvm dwoswU mwZ¨B Ajm wQj | wccuov RvbZ cwikªgx mdj n‡eB| c¶vš—i Ajm Rxe‡b Kó cvq |)
Answer:(a) an (b) an (c) the (d) an (e) a (f) the (g) x (h) the (i) the (j) the
28. An angry man is not liked (a) ---- ever by (b) -----idiot. There is difference between the educated and (c) ------ uneducated. An educated (d) ----- person should come forward to educate (e) ------uneducated. On the other hand (f) ---- rich man should have (g) -------- sympathy for (h) ---- poor there is difference between (i) ---- poor man and (j) ----- rich man.(GKRb ivMx gvbyl‡K GgbwK GKRb  wb‡eva©I cQ›` K‡i bv| wkw¶Z Ges  Awkw¶Z‡`i g‡a¨ cv_©K¨ i‡q‡Q| GKRb  wkw¶Z gvby‡li GwM‡q  Avmv DwPZ Awkw¶Z‡`i‡K  wkw¶Z Kivi  Rb¨| Ab¨w`‡K, GKRb abx gvby‡li `wi`ª‡`i Rb¨  mnvbyf~wZ  _vKv  DwPZ| GKRb `wi`ª  gvbyl Ges GKRb abx gvby‡li g‡a¨ cv_©K¨ i‡q‡Q )
    Answer: (a) x (b) an(c) the (d) x (e) the (f) a (g) x (h) the (i) a (j) a
29. We were returning home. (a) ----- Way   we met (b) ----- little girl. She was selling (c) ----- flowers on (d) ----street. She requested us to buy (e) ----- flower. My mother is (f) ----- kind-hearted woman, (g) --- motherly affection rose at (h) ---- sight of her. She her (i) ----------- ten taka note ant bought some flowers. We should be kind to (j) ----- helpless. (Avgiv evwo wdiwQjvg | c‡_ GKwU †QvU †g‡qi mv‡_ mv¶vZ nj | ‡m iv¯—vq dzj wewµ  KiwQj GKwU dzj †Kbvi Rb¨ †m Avgv‡`i‡K Aby‡iva Kij |Avgvi  gv GKRb Ki“bvgqx bvix | Zv‡K ‡`‡L gvZ…‡mœ‡n  †R‡M DVj | wZwb Zv‡K GKwU `k UvKvi †bvU w`‡jb Ges wKQz dzj wKb‡jb | Amnvq‡`i  cÖwZ Avgv‡`i `qvjy nIqv DwPZ |)      
    Answer:(a) the(b) a (c) x (d) the (e) x (f) a (g) the (h) the (i) a (j) the

30. When (a)-------great poet ,Ferrous ,began to write (b)---Shamanism ,the sultan promised him (c)-----piece one gold for each (d)-----verse ,when (e)-----epic was finished ,it contained sixty thousand (f)---verses .instead of giving gold coins ,he offered the poet only sixty thousand .(g)----coins .the poet  left the court  with (h)------broken heart. He was (i)-----aggrieved man. Later on the Sultan realized that he mad (j)------blunder.( hLb gnvKwe †di‡`Šwm kvnbvgv †jLv ïi“ Ki‡jb, myjZvb cÖwZwU csw³i  Rb¨ Zv‡K  GKwU ¯^Y© gy`ªv †`Iqvi A½xKvi Ki‡jb| hLb gnvKve¨wU  †kl nj, ZLb GwU‡Z lvU nvRvi csw³  wQj| ¯^Y©gy`ªv †`qvi cwie‡Z© wZwb Kwe‡K †Kej gvΠ lvU  nvRvi  †iŠc¨ gy`ªv †bqvi  cÖ¯—ve  Ki‡jb| Kwe †iŠc¨ gy`ªv  wb‡Z A¯^xKvi  Ki‡jb| fMœ ü`‡q ivR `ievi Z¨vM  Ki‡jb| wZwb wQ‡jb ¶yä | cieZx©‡Z myjZvb eyS‡Z †c‡iwQ‡jb  †h  wZwb GKwU ¸i“Z¡i   fyj  K‡iwQ‡jb|)
Answer:(a) the(b) the (c) a (d) x(e) the (f) x(g) x (h) a (i) an (j) a
31. Newspaper plays (a) ----- important role in our society. It is (b) ----- most useful thing in our modern life .We cannot think of (c) ------  day without it. To lead newspaper is (d)----- good habit (e)------ more we read newspaper (f)-- ----more we can acquire knowledge .If we don’t read it, we shall  be (g)-----frog  in (h)------dark well .It is(i)---  looking glass of (j)----- modern world.( msev`cÎ Avgv‡`i mgv‡R GKwU ¸iyZ¡c~Y© f~wgKv cvjb K‡i| Avgv‡`i AvaywbK Rxe‡b GwU me‡P‡q cÖ‡qvRbxq e¯y— | Avgiv GwU  Qvov GKwU  w`‡bi  K_v  fve‡Z cvwi bv| Le‡ii KvMR cov GKwU fv‡jv Af¨vm| hZ †ewk  Avgiv Le‡ii KvMR coe ZZ †ewk  Avgiv Ávb  AR©b Kie|  hw` Avgiv GwU bv cwo, Avgiv  GKwU AÜKvi K~‡ci  e¨vO n‡q _vKe| GwU AvaywbK we‡k¦i  Avqbv|)
     Answer: (a) an(b) the (c) a (d) a (e) the (f) the (g) the (h) a (i) the (j) x
A Short List of Articles for HSC Examination

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