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Model Test:Eng-2 for SSC Exam

English 1st Paper
Part-A : Reading Test
Sub Code 107
Time-3 hours
Full marks-100

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.

It was eve of world war II, October 1938. Mrs. Smith sat on her favourite rocking chair and closed her eyes. It was a long tiring day. She look-out of the window; it was dark quite dark. The tension of the war hung in the air. Mrs. Smith was restless. Her Husband William Smith and son William Smith junior were off to the border. She switches on the radio and a deep male voice floated in.
It was an invasion alarm! What actually happened on that night was Orson Welles and his mercury theatre presented a radio adaptation of H. G. well’s novel ‘war of the worlds’ on the air. Wells meant the programme to be a Halloween joke. But the beginning of the programme was missed by many listeners. They mistook it for news coverage of an actual invasion of the USA. Panic spread from the invaded area. A member of other. It drove many people into frenzy. They fled by car from one end of the country to the people died as a result of accidents or by suicide. People had believed the invasion because they heard it on the radio at a time of war and also the invasion was put across as a current new programme.
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives : 1x5=5
(a) All over the country there was___.
(i) Suspense (ii) fear (iii) rumour, (iv) burning
(b) War of the world’s is a ___.
(i) theatre, (ii) novel, (iii) drama (iv) tragedy.
(c) The incident was the result of___.
(i) a disbelief (ii) a blunder
(iii) a doubt, (iv) an attack
(d) The word ‘Frenzy’ means___.
(i) crazy, (ii) agitation, (iii) in sane, (iv) deception.
(e) The broadcast had___.
(i) a bit effect on people,
(ii) a light effect on people
(iii) a strong effect on people
(iv) on effect on people.
2. True or false? If False, give the correct answer. 1x5
a) Panic drove many people into hysteria.
b) Mrs. Smith’s spouse was not William Smith.
c) Mr. Smith switched on the radio.
d) Mrs. Smith was free from tension.
e) welles meant the programme to be an invasion alarm.
3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary. 1/2 x 10 = 5
It was the eve of the world war II, October 1938. Mrs. Smith was (a) ___ restless for her husband and son. They were far (b) ___ to the border. The day (c) ___ tiring to her. No sooner had she (d) ___ on the radio than she heard a deep male voice indicating a (e) ___ alarm. It was (f) ___ a radio adaptation. But many listeners missed its (g) ___ and so they began (h) ___ away. Than a of people committed (i) ___. So the radio programme has a great (j) ___ on the people.
4. Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Now write a Paragraph based on the information about the fear of war. Use the clues in the box. Write the information in a correct sequence as it appears in the text. The paragraph should not exceed 70 words. 5
Programme frighten sense situation joke shelter
5. Read the passage in ‘A’ again. Now answer the following questions : 1–5=5
a) Why was Mrs. Smith anxious about?
b) Why people believe the invasion?
c) What drove men into frenzy?
d) What was the actual event?
d) Who was the presenter of the radio programme?
6) Fill in the gaps of the following using suitable words. Use only one word in each gap. 1/2 –10=5
It was just before the second world war. Mrs. Smith (a) ___ on her favourite rocking chair. looked out of the window.
(b) ___ her eyes she thought about her husband and son (c) were off to the border. Outside was very (d) ___ and every body was (e) ___ Mrs. Smith was restless. For (f) ___ she switched on the radio from (g) ___ a deep male voice floated in. It was an invasion alarm! The radio was (h) ___ a radio adaptation of H. G. wells novel. The ___
(i) of the novel was war of the world’s (j) ___ wells meant the programme to be a Halloween joke. People mistook it of the news coverage of the actual invasion of the USA.
7. Read the passage in 'A' again. Imagine yourself in place of Mrs. Smith. Now, write in about 70-80 words about yourself stating why you were worried, what you heard, what actually happend. 5
8. Read the passage in 'A' again. Now write the main ideas of the text in your own words in not more than 5 sentences. 5
Part : B. Vocabulary Test
9. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box below. There are more words than necessary. 1–10=10
Recycling mainly involves processing (a)--- as that they can be used as (b) --- materials for making other (c) ---. They may be used to (d) --- the same product, for example, broken (e) --- of glass can be made into new (f) ---, or they may be very (g) ---, for example, iron and steel from (h) --- and cars can be (i) to make electric poles and (j) ---.
10. Complete the following passage using suitable words. Use only one word for each gap. 1–10=10
Liberty does not (a) --- upon a people. A people must (b) --- themselves to it. It is there that it must (c) --- earned before it (d) --- enjoyed. that freedom means freedom (e) --- foroing rules is an (f) --- idea. It is not meroly government that (g) --- be free but people (h) --- should be free and no (i) --- has any real value for the common o’men or women (j) --- it also means freedom from wants, diesese and ignorancl.
Part - C. Writing Test
11. Read the following table and make ten meaningful sentence. 1–10=1012. Re-arrange the following sentences according to sequence and rewrite then in a paragraph. 1–10=10
a) A wise God granted his wish promptly.
b) His wished for golden touch.
c) he could hardly believe his eyes.
d) One day Midas was sleeping under an apple tree.
e) The apple turned into gold as soon as he touched it.
f) There was a king called Midas.
g) He picked up the apple.
h) He wanted more although he had a lot of it.
i) He was extremely fond of gold.
j) A ripe apple fell beside him.
13. Write a paragraph on 'A school library' in about 100-120 words by answering the following questions: 10
a) What is a library?
b) What is the importance of a school library?
c) Where is it located?
d) How are the books arranged?
e) How are the books issued for the students?
f) How do you feel of your school library?
14. Imagine, you are sourav/Raya of 105 Mirpur Road, Dhaka. One of your friends is very weak in English.
Now write a letter to your friend Nabil/ Nabila 16 Gulshan, Netrokona, telling him/her about how to improve English use the following clues :-
Special coaching --- Grammatical rules--- Attending English classes regularly--- stock of vocabulary--- How to practice speaking English.
Write a composition in about 200 words on 'A village Doctor'. Use the following clues----
--- His dispensary
--- His way of life
--- His outdoor visits
--- His social status.


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