Thursday, August 23, 2012

wrong order for PEC Exam

Q. Rearrange the sentences to build up questions and answer them.
1. today/is/what/day?
2. Has Shihab/fasted for/many/how/days?
3. What/to/children/each other/do/say.
4. What/is/wearing/Nafisa?
5.Nafisa’s/is/what/and/favorite/ dish/ Shihab?
6. how/do/you/school/to/go?
7. old/are/how/you?
8. is /what/father/your?
9. is /nationality/your/what?
10. is /your/school/how/from/far/home?
11. was/going/where/Sabera?
12. interesting /her/is/job/why?
13. is /your/what/mother?
14. is/the/Bangladesh/capital/what/of?
15. is/Jamila/what?
16. was/who/time/having/a good?
17. they/down/where/get/did?
18. What/Shihab/did/notice?
19. how/is/long/the/flyover?
20. how/money/much/spent/was/ to build/the flyover?
21. did/have/what/her/on/Lima/birthday?
22. the/Bangladesh/what/of/capital/is?
23. has/out/Nafisa/why/come?
24. ring/where/brass/was/the?
25. flyovers/why/cities/need/do?
26. class/what/you/are/is? sisters/ you/ do/ have?
28. was/your/what/grandfather?
29. how/old/are/you?
30. is/your/when/birthday?
1. Q. What day is today?
A. Today is Eidday.
2. Q. How many days has Shihab fasted for?
A. Shihab has fasted for 15 days.
3. Q. What do children say to each other?
A. children say ‘Eid-Mubarak’ to each other.
4. Q. What is Nafisa wearing?
A. Nafisa is wearing a red frock.
5. Q. What is Shihab and Nafisa’s favourite dish?
A. `Firni’ is Shihab and Nafisa’s favourite dish.
6. Q. How do you go to school?
A. I go to school by bus.
7. Q. How old are you?
A. I am 11 years old.
8. Q. What is your father?
A. My father is a teacher.
9. Q. What is your nationality?
A. My nationality is Bangladeshi.
10. Q. How far is your school from home?
A. My school is half a kilometer for from my home.
11. Q. Where was Sabera going?
A. Sabera was going for school.
12. Q. Why is her job interesting?
A. Her job is interesting became she meets new customers.
13. Q.What is your mother?
A. My mother is a house wife.
14. Q. What is the capital of Bangladesh?
A. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
15. Q. What is jamila?
A. Jamila is a shop assistant.
16. Q. Who was having a good time?
A. Shihab was having a good time.
17. Q. where did they get down?
A. They got down at a bus stop.
18. Q. What did Shihab notice?
A. Shihab noticed a road fish over this flyover.
19. Q. How long is the flyover?
A. It is 1.8 kilometres long.
20. Q. How much money was spent to build the flyover.
A. About 136 core taka.
21. Q. What did Lima have on her birthday?
A. Lima had a bird on her birthday.
22. Q. What is the capital of Bangladesh?
A. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
23. Q. Why has Nafisa come out?
A. Nafisa has come out to greet Asif.
24. Q. Where was the brass ring.
A. The brass ring was on a stone.
25. Q. Why do cities need flyovers?
A. Cities need flyovers to avoid traffic jam.
26. Q. What class are you in?
A. I am in class five.
27. Q. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
A. I have two brothers and one sister.
28. Q. What was your grandfather?
A. My grandfather was a farmer.
29. Q. How old are you?
A. I am ten years old.
30. Q. When is your birthday?
A. My birthday is 24 August.

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