Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eng- 6

By (g) some Soya flour (h) some rice flour, she put some jute (i) in the Chula and (j) a good fire.
4. Give short answers to these Questions:
a. Who was not at home?
b. Where was Sabina?
c. Why was Sabina preparing soya luchi?
d. Why did she drop the pot?
e. How did Sabina make a good fire?
5. Fill in each gap with a suitable word of your own: 1/2 x =5
As her (a) ———- was not at home. Sabina wanted to (b) ———- some soya (c) ———- for her family. She was then (d) ———- the kitchen. After (e) ———- some soya flour with some rice (f) ———-. She made a good fire (g) ———- some (h) ———- sticks. As soon as she (i) ———- the pot on the fire, the smoke went (j) ———- her eyes.
6. Read the passage again. Now write the story in short within five sentences.
1. a. (iii) family.
b. (iv) kitchen.
c. (iii) eyes.
d. (i) Sabina
e. (ii) pot.
2. a. false. Correct : Sabina could make fire in the Chula.
b. false. Correct : Sabina’s mother was not in the house.
c. True.
d. False. Correct : Sabina’s mother put out the fire.
e. True.
3. a. at b. daughter c. kitchen d. wanted
e. luchi f. family g. mixing h. with i. sticks j. made
4. a. Sabina’s mother Shahanara Begum was not at home.
b. Sabina was in the kitchen.
c. Sabina was preparing soya luchi for her family.
d. She dropped the pot because smoke went into her eyes and hurt.
e. Sabina made a good firy by putting some jute sticks in the Chula.
5. a. mother b. make c. luchi d. in e. mixing f. flour g. with h. jute i. put j. into.
6. One day Sabina wanted to make some soya luchi for her family when her mother was not in the house. After mixing some soya flour with rice flour, she made a good fire in the chula putting some jute sticks. She wanted to put the pot on the fire but smoke went into her eyes and hurt. She was frightened when some sticks fell on to her feet. She cried for help and her mother came and saved her.

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