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Preposition for HSC Examination

         Preposition for HSC Examination
1.     Dear Bina,
I am very glad to receive your letter (a)---time. You have stood fast (b)---the examination. I would like to offer congratulations (c)----your grand success. We are really proud (d)------you. I hope you will do better (e)---your
     future examinations. With best wishes. Your eider brother. Abha.
(Avwg h_vmg‡q †Zvgvi wPwV †c‡q AZ¨š— Avbw›`Z n‡qwQ| Zzwg cix¶vq cª_g n‡qQ|‡Zvgvi PgrKvi K…wZ‡Z¡ †Zvgv‡K Awfb›`b Rvbv‡Z PvB| Avgiv cÖK…ZB †Zvgvi Rb¨ Mwe©Z| Avwg Avkv Kwi Zzwg †Zvgvi AvMvwg cix¶¸‡j‡Z AviI fvj Ki‡e |ï‡f”Qvš—|)
Answer: (a) in (b) out (c) for  (d) to (e) with
2.     My dear father, My best regard to you and mother. I know you are worried (a)-------me and wanted to know how I am passing my life here. I fell quite (b)-------home. Our hostel manager takes care (c)-----us. I can pass my time happily and pay connection(d)-----studies. I have become accustomed (e)----my new hostel life.(gv Ges Avcbvi cÖwZ Awfb›`b iBj | Avwg Rvwb Avcwb Avgvi e¨cv‡i wPwš—Z Ges Avwg GLv‡b wKfv‡e Rxeb KvUvw”Q Zv Avcwb Rvb‡Z †P‡q‡Qb| Avwg GLv‡b N‡ii gZ Abyfe KiwQ  | QvÎvev‡mi cwiPvjK Avgv‡`i hZœ K‡ib | Avwg eB c‡o Ges †L‡j Avgvi mgq KvUv‡Z  cvwi | Avwg Avgvi bZzb QvÎev‡mi Rxe‡b Af¨¯— n‡q D†VwQ |)
Answer: (a) of (b) on (c) into (d)  for (e) to
3.     21 February is a red letter day (a)----the history of Bangladesh.(b)----this day in 1952 about half a dozen young souls sacrificed their lives(c)-----making Bangla one of the state languages(d)----Pakistan. But the blood has not in vain. In 1956,the first constitution(e)----Pakistan recognized this demand.(evsjv‡`‡ki BwZnv‡m 21†k †deª“qvwi GKwU ¯§ibxq w`b | 1952 mv‡ji GB w`‡b cvwK¯— v‡bi fvlvmg~‡ni g‡a¨ evsjv‡K GKwU Ab¨Zg ióªfvlvKivi Rb¨ cÖvq A_© WRb Zi“Y cÖvY Zv‡`i Rxeb wemR©b w`‡q‡Q| Z‡e Zv‡`i i³ e„_v hvq wb| 1956 mv‡j  cvwK¯— v‡bi cÖ_g msweavb GB `vwewUi Aby‡gv`b w`‡qwQj|)
Answer: (a) in (b) for (c) of (d) in (e) with
4.     Rana is a good boy. He is aware(a)------------his student .He is not indifferent(b)---------his duties. He is also respectful (c)------------his teacher. He is popular (d)---------his friend (e)---------his good behaviour. (ivbv GKwU fvj †Q‡j| ‡m Zvi coïbvi e¨vcv‡i hZœevb | ‡m KZ©‡e¨ cªwZ D`vmxb bq| ‡m Zvi wk¶K‡`i cÖwZ k×vkxj| my›` AvPi‡bi Rb¨ †m e›ay‡`i Kv‡QI cxÖwZfvRb|)
Answer: (a) in (b) out (c) for (d) to (e) with   
5.     Every year millions of people all (a)---------the world die as a result (b)----------pollution. These unfortunate deaths are bought (c)---------by four specific factors. They are air pollution ,water pollution ,noise pollution and odore pollution. We should take determined action to control these problem and clean (d)----------the environment. Moreover, we have to raise awareness (e)----------the people.(cÖwZ eQi mviv we‡k¦ j¶ j¶ †jvK `~l‡Yi d‡j gviv hvq| G `yf©vM¨RbK  g„Zy¨i  PviwU KviY Av‡Q| ‡m¸‡jv nj evqy `ylY, cvwb `ylY,kã `~lY Ges MÜ `ylY| Avgv‡`i G mgm¨¸‡jv cÖwZ‡iva Ki‡Z Ges cwi‡ek‡K wbg©j ivL‡Z `„p cÖwZÁve× c`†¶c MÖnY Kiv DwPZ| AwaKš‘, Avgv‡`i RbM‡bi g‡a¨ m‡PZbZv RvMv‡Z n‡e|)
Answer: (a) along (b) across (c) on (d) with (e) on       
6.     Everyone desires (a)---wealth. But a few attain it. Some people hanker (b)----riches. Some are content (c)-------what they have. True happiness lies(d)----contentment. It is high we gave (e)---the habit of covetousness.(cÖ‡Z¨‡KB m¤ú` Kvgbv K‡i| wKš—y  Kg gvbylB  †mUv AR©b K‡i| wKQz gvbyl ab m¤ú‡` jvjvwqZ nq| ‡KD  †KD  Zv‡`i hv Av‡Q Zv‡ZB Z…ß _v‡K| mwZ¨Kv‡ii myL Z…wßi g‡a¨ wbwnZ| GLbB mgq Avgiv ‡jvf jvjmvi Af¨vm Z¨vM Kwi|)
Answer: (a) in (b) to (c) in (d) without (e) up

7.     Mr M R Khan applied (a)-----the post of a lecture. Being pleased (b)----his performance, the appointed him (c)---the post .Actually he had authority(d)----English. Moreover he had a great zest (e)------music and literature.(Rbve  Gg Avi L&vb GKRb cÖfvl‡Ki c‡` Av‡e`b K‡i‡Qb| Zvi Kvh©Kjv‡c mšy—ó  n‡q  KZ©c¶  Zv‡K H c‡` wb‡qvM †`q| mwZ¨B Zvi Bs‡iwRi Dci K„©ZZ¡ Av‡Q| AwaKš‘ Zvi msMxZ I mvwn‡Z¨i cÖwZI cÖej AbyivM Av‡Q| )
Answer:  (a) for (b) in (c) of (d) by (e)in

8.     We are to be content (a)-----what we have .We should bear in mind is the root (b)-----all evils. But this does not mean that we can live(c)-----money. We should maintain dignity and honest (d)----earning money. Money (e)----any cost should not be our target.(Avgv‡`i hv Av‡Q Zv wb‡q Z„wß _vK‡Z nq| Avgv‡`i g‡b ivLv DwPZ †h,A_B mKj Ab‡_©i g~j| wKš—y Gi A_© GB  bq †h ,Avgiv UvKv Qvov evuP‡Z cvwi| Avgv‡`i UvKv cqmv Avq K‡i gh©v`v I mZZv eRvq ivLv DwPZ| ‡h †Kvb g~†j¨ A_© Avgv‡`i j¶¨ n&Iqv DwPZ bq| )          
Answer: (a) between (b) of (c) to (d) without (e) to   
9.     Dear Rony,
Thanks for your letter .I’ve heard that you‘re keen (a)----learning English. Icorddiary appreciate your interest. You can listen (b)------BBC,CNN and so on. You should go (c)---English newspaper ,story books etc. you can maintain a dairy and write your feeling (d)----English .You should communicate (e)---other in English .Go ahead .I hope you will be successful.(‡Zvgvi wPwVi Rb¨ ab¨ev`| Avwg ï‡bwQ Zzwg Bs‡iwR wkL‡Z Lye AvMÖnx| Avwg Avš—wiKfv‡e †Zvgvi AvMÖ‡ni cÖksmv Kwi| Zzwg wewewm, wmGbGb cÖf„wZ ïb‡Z cvi|‡Zvgvi Bs‡iwR msev`cÎ,M‡íi eB cÖf„wZ cov DwPZ| Zzwg GKUv WvBwi ivL‡Z cvi Ges Gi g‡a¨ †Zvgvi Abyf~wZ¸‡jv Bs‡iwR‡Z †jL‡Z cvi| Ab¨‡`i m‡½ Bs‡iwR‡Z †Zvgvi fve wewbgq Kiv DwPZ| mvg‡b GwM‡q Pj| Avkv Kwi Zzwg K…ZKvh© n‡e|)
Answer : (a)in ; (b)to ; (c)away ; (d)up ; (e)to .

10. Madhu Mela at Sagardari arranged on the occasion of Bengali epic poet Michel Madhusudan Dutt’s 182nd Birth Anniversary started (a)---- January 24, 2006. The Mela was duly observed gorgeously along (b)-----a number of daily programmes (c)---- the week. Seminars and symposiums were held (d)---- the poet’s life and literary works and his contribution (e)---- Bengali literature as well as to the world literature . (24 Rvbyqvwi  2006 evOvwj gnvKwe gvB‡Kj ga~`ymb `‡Ëi 182Zg Rb¥evwl©Kx Dcj‡¶ mvMi`uvwo‡Z gay‡gjvi Av‡qvRb Kiv nq | mßvne¨vwc AmsL¨v Kg©m~wP mnKv‡i †gjv h_vh_fv‡e Avo¤^‡ii mwnZ D`hvwcZ nq|Kwei Rxeb I mvwnZ¨ Ges evsjv mvwnZ¨ Zvi Ae`v‡bi Ici mfv-mgv‡ek AbywóZ nq |)
    Answer : (a)for ; (b)into ; (c)upon ; (d)at ; (e)up .

11. Dear Sejuti.
Here goes the story of an explorer which you have wanted to know from me .In 1955 he led  an expedition to Eastern Island , a tiny speck of land  (a)--- 2000 miles (b)---- the Western cost of Chile . Here he found stone status, some weighing (c)------ fifty tons , relics of very early civilization . How could a primitive people have carried them? How could they have stood them (d)-- ? But the mysteries of Eastern Island went far (e)--- its statues . My next letter will follow the last part of the story.
With best love, kiran  (GLv‡b †mB ågY Kvixi MíUv hv Zzwg Avgvi Kv‡Q ïb‡Z †P‡qQ| 1955 mv‡j wZwb wPwji cwðg Zx‡ii cÖvq 2000 gvBj `~‡ii GKwU †QvU RvqMv ,B÷vb© Øx‡c Awfhvb Pvjv‡jb| †mLv‡b wZwb AwZ cÖvPxb mf¨Zvi aŸsmve‡kl, cv_‡ii g~wZ© †c‡jb †m¸‡jvi K‡qKwUi IRb cÂvk U‡bi Ic‡i| GKRb Avw`g gvbyl Kxfv‡e GUv enb Ki‡Z †c‡iwQ‡jb? Zviv wKfv‡e G¸‡jv Ic‡i ZzjZ? wKš‘ B÷vb© Øxc Gi gv‡bi A‡bK E‡aŸ© | Avgvi c‡ii wPwV‡Z MíwUi †kl Ask _vK‡e|) 
    Answer : (a)towards ; (b)in ; (c)into ; (d)below ; (e)for .

12. The ceremony began (a)---2 pm . Our principle presided (b)----- the function . The function started (c)--- the recitation  from the Holy Quran .  One of our senior teacher read (d)--- the annual report . The Deputy Commissioner, the honourable chief guest, delivered a brief speech. He advised us to be regular in studies and take part in the movement (e)-----illiteracy . (Abyôvb ïi“ n‡jv we‡Kj 2 Uvq| Avgv‡`i Aa¨¶ Abyôv‡b mfvcwZZ¡ K‡ib| cweÎ KziAvb wZjvIqv‡Zi gva¨‡g Abyôvb ïiy n‡jv| Avgv‡`i GKRb ˆRô¨ wk¶K evwl©K cÖwZ‡e`b c‡o †kvbv‡jb| m¤§vwbZ cÖavb AwZw_ , †WcywU Kwgkbvi/†Rjv cÖkvmK msw¶ß e³e¨ ivL‡jb| wZwb QvÎ QvÎx‡`i covïbvq wbqwgZ nevi Ges mvwnZ¨K‡g© Ask MÖnb Kivi Dc‡`k w`‡jb|)
Answer : (a)to ; (b)before ; (c)for ; (d)about ; (e)after .

13. You must have come across the name of Leo Tolstoy, a great writer in world literature. No novelists stands parallel (a)---- him . All his short stories convey a message. His purpose of writing was the purification of human mind and soul (b)--------all kinds of evils and mis-judgements.His heroes suffer (c)-----inner conflict, pass(d)---ups and downs of life and struggle(e)-----deprivation caused  feudal and bourgeois society.(‡Zvgiv Aek¨B wek¦ mvwn¨‡Zi gnvb †jLK wjI Uj÷‡qi bvg ï‡b _vK‡e| ‡Kvb Dcb¨vwmKB Zuvi mgK¶ bq| Zvui mKj Dcb¨vm I †QUMí GKwU evZ©v enb K‡i| Zvi †jLwbi D‡Ïk¨ wQj gvbe ü`qI AvZœv‡K me ai‡bi `yó I AwePvi †_‡K cwiïw×|Zvi †K›`ªxq Pwiθ‡jv Aš—Ø©‡Ø †fv‡M, Rxe‡bi D_vb-cZb cvi K‡i Ges mvgš—Zvwbwš¿K ey‡Rv©qv mgv‡Ri Kvi‡Y NUv eÂbvi wei“‡× msMÖvg K‡i|)
     Answer : (a)on ; (b)without ; (c)through ; (d)out ; (e)with .

14. Dear   Ruma, I have only just heard (a)-------your brother that you have ill (b)---------the hospital (c)--------the last two week. I an very sorry .I should have written (d)-----time. I hope you will come (e)-------soon. (Avwg GBgvÎ †Zvgvi fvB‡qi Kv‡Q ïbjvg †h MZ `yB mßvn a‡i Zzwg Amy¯’ n‡q nvmcvZv‡j Av‡Q| Avgvi DwPZ wQj mgqg‡Zv †jLv|Avkv Kwi Zzwg `ª“Z †m‡i DV‡e|)
    Answer :(a)on ; (b)of ; (c)at ; (d)of ; (e)down .

15. I worked hard for my HSC exam. My effort did not end (a)--------smoke. I succeeded (b)---------the examination. My parents are glad (c)---------my success. They congratulated me (d)--------my brilliant result. I also own (e)------my parents and teacher. (Avgvi GBP.Gm.&wm.cix¶vq Rb¨ K‡Vvi cwikªg K‡iwQjvg| Avgvi †Póv e„_v hvqwb | Avwg cix¶vq K…Z©Kvh n‡qwQjvg | Avgvi wcZvgvZv Avgvi mvd‡j¨ Avbw›`Z| Avgvi  PgrKvi djvd‡j  Zvuiv Avgv‡K Awfb›`b Rvwb‡q‡Qb | Avwg Avgvi wcZvgvZv I wk¶KM‡Yi Kv‡Q Fbx |)
Answer : (a) to ; (b)on ; (c)out ; (d)before ; (e)on .

16. My Dear Mim,                                                                                                         
Happy to know your brilliant success (a)---------medical profession. Always remember that man is the noblest creation (b)---------Allah, and His greatness lies in selfless service (c)---------humanity as well as in doing something great and noble (d)-------- human-being irrespective of caste, creed and colour. Waiting to hear again (e)--------you.(wPwKrmv †ckvq †Zvgvi PgrKvi mvd‡j¨i Lei †R‡b Lye Lywk njvg| m©e`v g‡b ivL‡e †h gvbyl Avj­vni me‡P‡q gnr m„wó Ges Zvi gnË¡ wbwnZ i‡q‡Q gvbeZvi cÖwZ wbt¯^v_© †mevi g‡a¨|‡mB mv‡_ RvwZ a©g-eY© wbwe©‡k‡l gvbe RvwZi Rb¨ †Kvb wKQz weivU Ges gnvb Kv‡Ri g‡a¨| A‡c¶vq _vKjvg †Zvgvi KvQ †_‡K Avevi wKQz †kvbvi Rb¨|) 
Answer : (a)through ; (b)like ; (c)on ; (d)during ; (e)beside .

17. Dear preety                                                                                                              
I received from you another e-mail saying that you will pass(a)-------Dhaka next week. In your letter you wished that you would like to have a chat(b)---------me about your course of study. You also mentioned that you time is very limited and the only free day you have is(c)--------the next Friday. You planned to spend the morning at Banani and requested me to give a little luncheon(d)--------my residence in the noon. I agree (e)--------your plan. Thanks.                                                                                                              Your Uncel                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tashin (Avwg †Zvgvi ‡_‡K Av‡iKwU B-‡gBj †cjvg †hLv‡b Zzwg e‡jQ ‡h, Zzwg AvMvgxmßv‡n XvKv n‡q hv‡e| ‡Zvgvi c‡Î Zzwg B”Qv cÖKvk K‡iQ †h, †Zvgvi cov‡kvbvq cvV¨µg m¤ú‡©K Zzwg Avgvi mv‡_ Avjvc Ki‡Z PvI|Zzwg AviI D‡j­L K‡iQ †h, †Zvgvi mgq LyeB mxwgZ  Ges GKgvÎ gy³ w`b hv †Zvgvi Av‡Q †mwU nj AvMvgx ïµevi| Zzwg cwiKíbv K‡iQ mKvjUv ebvbx‡Z KvUv‡e Ges Avgv‡K Aby‡iva K‡iQ `yc‡i Avgvi evmvq GKwU ¶z`ª ga¨vý †fv†Ri Av‡qvRb Ki‡Z| Avwg †Zvgvi cwiKíbvq ivwR AvwQ|ab¨ev`| ) 
    Answer : (a)to ; (b)up ; (c)with ; (d)of ; (e)to .

18. It was the middle (a)----April. The afternoon sun shone brightly (b)----the village Runvelope. The air was fresh and warm. The villagers were(c)----of their cottages. They were in the park enjoying the sunny spring afternoon. A man walked (d)----the park. He was lean and thin and had a pale face. He had a bag hung(e)---his shoulder.(mgqUv wQj GwcÖ‡ji gvSvgvwS|we‡K‡j m~h© iv‡f‡jvc MÖvgwUi Dci D¾¡jfv‡e wKib w`w”Qj| evZvm wQj m‡ZR Ges Dò| MÖvgevmxiv Zv‡`i KzwU‡ii evB‡i wQj|Zviv D`¨v‡b Ae¯’vb K‡i †iŠ‡`ªv¾¡j em‡š—i weKvj †ejvUv Dc‡fvM KiwQj| GKRb †jvK D`¨v‡bi wfZi w`‡q †nu‡U †Mj| ‡m wQj ‡ivMv‡U I kxY© Ges gyLwU wQj gwjb| Zvi Kvu‡a GKwU e¨vM Szjv‡bv wQj|)
    Answer : (a)to ; (b)in ; (c)on ; (d)from ; (e)about .

19. One day some boys were playing by a pond .All (a)--- a sudden brightly (b)---the village Rubalop .The air was fresh and warm .The villagers were (c)---of their cottages They were in the park enjoying the sunny spring afternoon .A man walked (d)--- the park .He was lean and thin and had a pale face .He had a bag hung (e)---his shoulder .(GKw`b K‡qKwU evjK GKwU cyKz‡ii cv‡k †Ljv KiwQj| nVvr Zviv †`Lj K‡qKwU e¨vO †mLv‡b mvuZvi KvU‡Q Zviv Zv‡`i w`‡K wXj Qzuo‡Z ïi“ Kij| G‡Z `y wZbwU e¨vO gviv †Mj| GKwU eq¯‹ e¨vO Zviv gv_v DuPz K‡i ejj, GB wbózi KvR `qv K‡i eÜ Ki| evj‡Kiv ejj, Avgiv GKwU †Ljv †LjwQ| Avgiv _vge bv|Ó Ò‡Zvgv‡`i Rb¨ hv †Ljv Avgv‡`i Rb¨ †mUv g„Zz¨i KviY,Ó e¨vOwU ejj|)   
     Answer : (a)past ; (b)on ; (c)for ; (d)up ; (e)at .

20. Dear Rumi, you know ,the warld we live (a)---is full (b)---different things .There are many things (c)---us .All these things make (d)---air environment .We should not turn a good ,clean environment (e)---a bad polluted one . (Zzwg Rvb †h,c„w_ex‡Z Avgiv evm Kwi Zv wewfbœ wRwb‡mi ficyi| Avgv‡`i Pviw`‡K A‡bK wKQz i‡q‡Q| Gme wRwbm Avgv‡`i cwi‡ek MVb K‡i| GKwU fvj,cwi”Qbœ cwi‡ek‡K Lvivc I `~wlZ cwi‡ek‡K iƒcvš—i Kiv Avgv‡`i DwPZ bq|)
     Answer : (a)with ; (b)in ; (c)of ; (d)for ; (e)with .
21. Population growth is one (a)---the causes (b)---the worlds environmental problems .Although the growth rate (c)--- the worlds population has slowed slightly since the 1990s,still it increases (d)--- 77 million human beings each year (e)---the increasing number of people ,destruction of habitats and the use of additional natural resources are gradually increasing .(we‡k¦i cwi‡ekMZ mgm¨vewji KviY mg~‡ni GKwU nj RbmsL¨v ew×| hw`I we‡k¦i RbmsL¨vi e„w×i nvi 1990 mvj †_‡K wKQzUv K‡g G‡m‡Q, GLbI cÖwZ eQi 7 †KvwU 70 j¶ gvbyl e„w× cv‡”Q|RbmsL¨v  µge©agvb  e„w×i  mv‡_ Avevmf~wg aŸsm Ges  AwZwi³  cÖvK…wZK  m¤ú‡`i e¨envi ax‡i ax‡i e„w× cv‡”Q|)
Answer : (a) to ; (b)out ; (c)of  ; (d)to ; (e)in .

22. Dear Runu, How are you ? I hope you’re Ok .And working hard ,as usual .Can I ask (a)—a favour? I will be in Dhaka for a week (b)---your Aunties medical check –up .Can you put me (c)---? We will turn (d)--- just two days after .I look forward (e)---hearing from you soon .Love to kids ,Best wishes Uncle Tahiti (‡Kgb AvQ?†ek,Avwg Avkv KiwQ Zzwg fvj AvQ Ges  h_vixwZ K‡Vvi cwikªg KiQ| Avwg wK GKwU AbyMÖn  Kvgbv Ki‡Z cvwi? †Zvgvi PvPxi Wv³vwi cix¶vi Rb¨ Avwg XvKvqv GK mßvn _vKe|Zzwg wK Avgv‡`i†K  Avkªq w`‡Z cvi‡e? Avgiv wVK `y w`b ci nvwRi ne|‡Zvgvi wbKU n‡Z kxNªB Dˇii cÖZ¨vkv KiwQ| e”Pv‡`i cÖwZ fvjvevmv iBj|ïf  Kvgbvq|)
     Answer: (a) with (b) with (c) of (d) to (e) in

23. My dear Rumi, I have received your letter just now and am very anxious (a)---------your studies because your HSC exam is knocking (b)----------the door. How have you prepared yourself? Here is a piece of advice (c)----------you. Make a routine, dividing the days, allotting (d)---------each subject. At least, write one broad and two short answer a day (e)--------practice or you will forget them and will not be able to reproduce them in the exam.( Avwg G¶ywY †Zvgvi wPwV †cjvg Ges †Zvgvi D”P gva¨wgK cix¶v GwM‡q Avm‡Q e‡j †Zvgvi cov‡jLvi e¨vcv‡i AZ¨šZ DwØMœ n‡qwQ| Zzwg wKfv‡e cÖ¯‘ywZ wb‡qQ?†Zvgvi Rb¨ GKwU Dc‡`k iBj|cÖ‡Z¨K wel‡qi Dci eivÏ K‡i w`b fvM K‡i GKwU i“wUb Kiv|AZ¨šZ GKw`‡b GKwU eo Ges`ywU †QvU cÖ‡kœvËi wj‡L Abykxjb Ki bZzev Zzwg G¸‡jv fy‡j hv‡e Ges cix¶vq G¸‡jv cybivq wjL‡Z cvi‡e bv|)                         
Answer: (a) of (b) in (c) with (d) to (e) of

24. It was very nice of you to have written to me. You will be glad to know that I got the first prize(a)---------the debate competition in English of our college(b)---------the topic. “The importance of Learning English. I will now tell you (c)----------brief what I said there. English is an international language. All that is best in modern civilization is available (d)----------English. If we avoid English ,we will keep ourselves aloof(e)-------the civilized world. Yours ever, Fahim. (GwU ‡Zvgvi mý`qZv  †h Zzwg Avgv‡K wj‡LQ|  Zzwg †R‡b Lywk n‡e †h, Avwg Bs‡iwR  †kLvi ¸iyZ¡ GB  wel‡qi Dci  Avgv‡`i K‡j‡Ri Bs‡iwR weZ©K cÖwZ‡hvwMZvq cÖ_g cyi®‹vi  †c‡qwQ| Avwg wK e‡jwQjvg  Zv Avwg †Zvgv‡K GLb ms‡¶‡c eje| Bs‡iwR GKwU  Avš©—RvwZK  fvlv| AvaywbK mf¨Zvq  hv wKQz ‡kªô  me  Bs‡iwR‡Z  jvf  Kiv hvq|  hw`  Avgiv Bs‡iwR  Ae‡njv  Kwi, Z‡e Avgiv mf¨ RMr  †_‡K wb‡R‡`i  `~‡i  ivLe|)
     Answer: (a) from (b) to (c) in (d) from (e)with

25. Dear Sagor, I’m going to tell you (a)------the proper use of holidays. They give us          relief (b)---heavy pressure of regular work or normal duties. They help us to get rid (c)----the din and bustle of life. We know that to work (d)----pause is tiresome. So, holidays are essential (e)----our life. (Avwg †Zvgv‡K  QzwUi w`b¸‡jvi  mwVK e¨envi m¤ú‡K©  eje| G¸‡jv  Avgv‡`i‡K  wbqwgZ KvR A_ev ¯^vfvweK  ØvwqZ¡ cvj‡bi cÖPÛPvc †_‡K  ¯^w¯—  †`q| Zviv Avgv‡`i‡K Rxe‡bi †Kvjvnj Ges Kg©e¨¯—Zv  †_‡K Qvov †c‡Z      mvnvh¨ K‡i| Avgiv Rvwb †h, weiwZ nxb KvR Kiv K¬vwš— Ki| myZivs, Avgv‡`I Rxe‡b QzwUi w`b Acwinvh©|)
Ans:(a) at  (b) with (c) of (d) of (e) for

26. Dear Arif , Thank you so much (a)---------your kind invitation to your birthday party. I think we shall make enjoy the day very much. Will Karim be present (b)-----------that day?I shall go to your house (c)--------my younger sister. Convey my best regards (d)--------your parents.(e)--------best wishes. Yours Sumi.(‡Zvgvi Rb¥ w`‡bi Abyôv‡b  Avgv‡K `vIqvZ †`qvi Rb¨ †Zvgv‡K A‡bK ab¨ev`| Avwg fvewQ w`bwU‡Z Avgiv Lye gRv Kie| †mw`b Kwig   Kx Dcw¯’Z  _vK‡e| Avwg Avgvi †QvU †evb‡K wb‡q †Zvgv‡`i evmvq hve&| †Zvgvi wcZvgvZv‡K  Avgvi  kª×v Rvbv‡e|ïf Kvgbvq|)
    Answer: (a) of (b) at (c) around (d) by (e) from

27. Dear choa, We are pleased to learn that you will be able to start the course (a)------Business studies from September this year. in reply (b)---------your  request, we have allotted you room number 315 in the East Hall. You must complete your registration(c)---August. Class will start (d)-----September 12.We look forward(e)--------meeting you. Patricia jones. (Avgiv †R‡b Lywk n‡qwQ †h, Zzwg G eQi †m‡Þ¤ei^ gvm †_‡K e¨emvq wk¶vi Dci †Kvm©wU  ïi“  Ki‡Z m¶g n‡e| †Zvgvi Aby‡iv‡ai Rev‡e Avgiv †Zvgv‡K B÷ n‡j 315 b¤ei^ K¶wU eivÏ  K‡iwQ|  ‡Zvgv‡K Aek¨B  AvM‡÷i g‡a¨ †Zvgvi  wbeÜb  mgvß  Ki‡Z n‡e| †m‡Þ¤eii 12  Zvwi‡L   K¬vm ïi“ n‡e| Avgiv †Zvgvi  mv‡_ mv¶v‡Zi A‡c¶vq  AvwQ|)
Answer: (a) of (b) by (c) with (d) at (e) through
28. My Dear Abha, Love to you. I am very glad to know that you have stood first in order (a)----merit. I know you would do well in the examination as you worked herd. So it is rightly said that industry is the key (b)-----success. Very few student can do well in the examination(c)--------dint of merit. It is seen that those who became great in this mundane world have become so(d)---------hard labour and perseverance. I pray to omnipotent (e)--------your brilliant result. Your elder brother, Rashid. (†Zvgvi cÖwZ fvjevmv iBj | Avwg †R‡b Lye Lywk †h, Zzwg †gaµ‡g cÖ_g n‡qQ | Avwg Rvwb Zzwg fvj Ki‡e †h‡nZz Zzwg cwikªg K‡iwQ‡j| AZGe GwU mwVK fv‡e ejv nq †h, cwikªg mdjZvi PvweKvwV| Lye Kg wk¶v_xi †gavi e‡j cix¶vq fvj Ki‡Z cv‡i | ‡`Lv wM‡q‡Q †h ZvivB cvw_©e Rxe‡b eo n‡q‡Q Zviv  KwVb  cwikªg Ges Aa¨emvq gva¨‡g Zv n‡q‡Qb| ‡Zvgvi PgrKvi djvd‡ji Rb¨ Avwg me©kw³gvb m„wóKZ©vi Kv‡Q cÖv_bv Kwi|)
Answer: (a) for (b) after (c) with (d) in (e) up
29. Dear Sir, l shall be grateful to you if you kindly Publish the following write-up     I in in  your newspaper .Culture is the mirror and reflection (a)--------life (b)----------a society , (c)----------a country. From the beginning of cable TV, the western as well as lndian culture is sweeping (d)-------our culture  If we fail to make our people interested (e)------our own culture ,the culture invitation is a must. We should make all our efforts to improve our culture heritage and entertainment media, so that we can uphold our heritage. (Avcbvi Kv‡Q K„ZÁ _vKe hw` Avcwb `qv K‡i wbgœ ewY©Z †jLvwU Avcbvi cwÎKvq cÖKvk K‡ib | ms¯„‹wZ GKwU †`‡ki GKwU mgv‡Ri Rxe‡bi Avqbv Ges cÖwZQwe K¨vej wUwfi m~Pbv †_‡K cwðgv Ges fviZxq ms¯„‹wZ  Avgv‡`i ms¯„‹wZi  MÖvm  K‡i‡Q|  hw` Avgviv Avgv‡`i  RbMb‡K Avgv‡`i wbR¯^ ms¯‹wZ‡Z AvMÖnx Ki‡Z e¨_  nB, Zvn‡j Avgv‡`i mv¯‹…wZK AvMÖvmb Aek¨¤¢vex| Avgv‡`i mvs¯‹…wZK HwZn¨ Ges we‡bv`‡bi gva¨g‡K DbœZ Ki‡Z Avgv‡`i me©vZ¡K cÖ‡Póv Kiv DwPZ hv‡Z Avgv‡`iHwZn¨‡K Zz‡j ai‡Z cvwi|)
Answer: (a) in (b) from (c) of (d) for (e) for
30. Dear Mohon sorry for my unwilling delay to attend the function (a)----you’re your residence. When l was ready (b)----the function , my father ,(c)----giving me any information, came to me .He had fallen seriously ill. So l could not help taking him (d)--------a clinic for immediate treatment. I hope l will visit you (e)---a weak. (‡Zvgvi evmvq Abyôv‡b †hvM w`‡Z Avgvi Awb”QvK…Z wej‡¤^i Rb¨ `ytwLZ| hLb  Avwg Abyôv‡bi R‡b¨ ˆZwi n‡qwQjvg, Avgvi evev Avgv‡K †Kvb Lei bv  w`‡qB Avgvi Kv‡Q G‡mwQ‡jb| wZwb  ¸iZi Am¯’ wQ‡jb|  myZivs Zvr¶wbK wPwKrmvi Rb¨ Avwg Zv‡K GKwU wK¬wb‡K bv wb‡q cvwiwb| Avwg Avkv KiwQ GK mßv‡ni g‡a¨ †Zvgvi mv‡_ †`Lv Kie|)
     Answer: (a) in (b) at (c) to (d) with (e) with\for
31. Fill in the gaps with appropriate prepositions from the list:
I was there (a)---autumn. I wanted quiet, isolation to do troublesome writing. I wanted mountain air to blow (b)---malaria. I was homesick, too, (c)-----the flaming of maples and for corn shocks, pumpkins and black walnut trees. I found them all living in a cabin that belonged (d)----the orphanage. There I became acquainted (e)----a boy named Jerry. (Avwg †mLv‡b wQjvg kirKv‡j|wKQy RwUj †jLvi Rb¨ Avwg †P‡qwQjvg bxieZv,wbR©bZv|g¨v‡jwiqv `~i Kivi Rb¨ Avwg cvnvwo evqy †P‡qwQjvg |D¾¡j eY©-aviY Kiv g¨vcj,Mv`v Mv`v km¨,PvjKzgov,KvjAvL‡ivU MvQ Ges †kªYxe× cvnv‡oi mvwi cÖf„wZi Rb¨ Avwg M„nKvZiI n‡q c‡owQjvg|Abv_ Avkª‡gi gvwjKvaxb †Kwe‡b evm K‡i Avwg G¸‡jvi mewKQyB †c‡qwQjvg|‡mLv‡b †Rwi bvgK GK evj‡Ki mv‡_ Avgvi cwiPq n‡qwQj|)

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