Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Articles:Practice for JSC Examination

Q. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (´) where an article is not needed.
No. 1 Nasiruddin was (a) emperor of Delhi. Though he was (b) emperor, he lived liked (c) poor. He was always busy for (d) welfare of (e) subjects.
No. 2 Football is (a) popular game in our country. It thrills not only (b) players but also the spectators. It is a foreign (c) game. It is popular all over (d) world. It is played in (e) open field.
No. 3 A computer is (a) ultramodern invention. It is (b) electronic device for storing and analyzing (c) information. It works on (d) basis of commands given by (e) operator.
No. 4 (a) few days back (b) honorable man paid a visit to our (c) area. (d) platform was built in (e) open field.
No. 5 The earth is (a) planet. It belongs to (b) family of (c) sun centered solar system. This is (d) most ideal place for human habitation among all planets. So for discovered, (e) world is full of variety.
No. 6
(a0 Mohammad Younus was born in (b) Chittagong. (c) business centre of eastern Bangladesh. He was (d) third of 14 children of his parents. He received his Phd. from (e) USA.
No. 7
A proverb goes, ‘Honesty is (a) best policy.’ (b) honest man is respected everywhere. On (c) other hand. (d) dishonest are neglected. So, everyone should try to be (e) honest
No. 8
People think of (a) poverty, as (b) great evil and it seems to be (c) accepted belief that if people had (d) plenty of money, they would be happy and (e) useful and more out of life. As (f) rule there is more genuine satisfaction is life and more obtained from life in (g) humble cottage of (h) poor men than in (i) palaces of (j) rich.
No. 9
An angry man is not liked even by (a) idiot. There is (b) difference between (c) educated and (d) uneducated. Again there is (e) difference between (f) rich and (g) poor. An educated man should come forward to educated (h) uneducated man. Similarly (i) rich man should have (j) sympathy for a poor man.
No. 1
a) the, b) an, c) the, d) the, e) the
No. 2
a) a, b) the, c) (´), d) the, e) an
No. 3
a) an, b) an, c) (´), d) the, e) an
No. 4
a) A, b) an, c) (´), d) The, e) an
No. 5
a) a, b) the, c) the, d) the, e) the
No. 6
a) the, b) An, c) the, d) the, e) (´)
No. 7
a) (´), b) (´), c) the, d) the, e) the
No. 8
a) (x) b) a c) an d) a e) (x)
f) a g) the / (x) h) the i) the j) the
No. 9
a) an b) (x) c) (x) d) (x) e) (x)
f) (x) g) (x) h) an i) a j) (x)

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