Monday, August 27, 2012

Feroza for SSC Exam

6. a) realized b) improving c) going d) madness j) smooth. e) teased f) understood g) prejudice h) easy i) taken
7. I am Feroza. I am poor and thus days are becoming hard to me. I have realised that without education. I shall not be able to see the light of prosperity. So I am going to adult literacy centre.
8. Feroza struggled hard to improve her financial condition. Gradually he came to realize that only education would be able to improve her condition. As a result she started going to school. It was hindered by the jealously of the villagers. She overcome it by her ‘will force’ and she was successful in her mission.

Q. Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list below.

if, and, because, that, both, besides, so

Teaching is such a profession —-(a)—- helps to build a nation. A teacher is —-(b)—- a guide —-(c)—- a pioneer. He has to dedicate to this noble profession in order to guide the nation. —-(d)—- he is called an architect of a new society. —-(e)—- he neglects his duties, social discipline will break down.
No. 2

while, so, besides, first of all, such as, last of
all, rather

English is the most widely used international language. —-(a)—- communicating with the foreigners, we cannot but use this language. There are certain jobs in the country —-(b)—- the jobs of a pilot, a postman, a telephone operator etc. Where English is very essential. —-(c)—- a student wishing to go abroad must learn English. —-(d)—- the importance of learning English in our country can not be ignored. —-(e)—- we should put high importance on learning English.

No. 3

at the same time, so, but, besides for instance,
last of all, otherwise

The rapid growth of population must be controlled. —-(a)—- all sorts of attempts to solve food problem will fail. —-(b)—- we have to increase our food production very rapidly. We may mostly solve our food problem by changing our traditional food habit. —-(c)—- we can take potato instead of rice. —-(d)—- it is high time we changed our eating habit. —-(e)—- knowledge of nutritive value of food can help solve our food problem to a great extent.


but, in fact, for example, firstly, because
though, namely

Population problem is the burning question of Bangladesh. —-(a)—- it can be a termed as number one problem. —-(b)—- the population of a country is an asset, it has already become a great problem in our country —-(c)—- the country cannot afford to give people the basic necessaries of life. —-(d)—- food, clothing, education, medicine and shelter are the basic necessaries of life. —-(e)—- our country cannot provide these equally to all.

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