Monday, August 27, 2012

Model Test:Eng-2nd Paper for JSC Exam

a) He went to abroad leaving his ---in Bangladesh.
b) Shimul went to Dhaka ---meeting his friend.
c) Sumona must obtain GPA-5----.
d) ---Second World War Mr. John was out of his coronary.
e) He was ---for his misconduct.
12. Change the narration of the following sentences into indirect speech : 1Í5=5

a) He said to me, “I do not like her.”
b) I said to him, “Let us make a journey by train.”
c) She said to me, “When did you go?”
d) He said to me, “Respect your parents.”
e) She said to me, “Will you lend me some money?”

1. a) x b) an c) the d) x e) x ;
2. Abdul was a poor man who lived in my locality. He had a land of his own. He grew different crops by cultivating others land. But his earning was not enough for his family. He got one third of the total crops.
3. a) He cannot do it.
b) A nice letter was written by her.
c) Why was not the book published by him?
d) Flood washed away crops.
e) A nice dress has been worn by her.
4. a) I never hate my country.
b) You are a great fool.
c) Was he not a villain to do such a deed?
d) The Arabian Nights is the most popular of all the story books.
e) No other mosque is as big as this in Bangladesh.
5. a) in b) over c) between d) with e) for
6. a) before b) but c) or d) lest e) and.
7. a) had rung b) flying c) finding d) were e) has started.
8. a) that b) who c) those d) each other e) himself.
9. a) neither b) last c) farthest d) dull e) clumsy
10. a) somewhat b) very c) still d) heavily e) prettily.
11. a) kith and kin b) with a view to c) at any rate d) On the eve e) brought to book.
12. a) He told me that he did not like her.
b) I proposed to him that we should make a journey by train.
c) She asked me when I went.
d) He advised me to respect my parents.
e) She asked me if I would lend her some money.

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