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Nasruddin  Part 4 for Class-6

Nasruddin  Part 4
The students wanted to learn very much and again they asked Nasruddin to come. So the next day Nasruddin returned to their school and asked the same questions. This time the students were ready. ‘Some of us know and some of us don’t,’ they said. ‘Very good,’ said Nasruddin. ‘Some of you know. You can teach the other students. They can learn from you.’ And he went home.
The students were sad. They thought and thought. Then they went to Nasruddin’s house near their school.
‘Sir, we want to ask you some questions,’ they said. ‘good,’ said Nasruddin. ‘What do you want to ask?’ The students began to ask him. ‘where do you come from?’ and ‘What do you do?’
‘Good,’ said Nasruddin. ‘You’re asking questions and beginning to learn. Now I’ll come and teach you!’
1. Write whether the following statements are true or false. If false, give the correct information. 1 x5 = 5
(a) The students wanted to know about Nasruddin.
(b) Nasruddin agreed to teach the students.
(c) Most of the students know.
(d) The students were sad because Nasruddin did not teach them.
(e) Nasruddin did not go to school anymore.
2. Choose the best answer from the following alternatives. 1 x 5 = 5
(a) The student’s wanted to learn —
(i) little (ii) a little (iii) less (iv) more
(b) Nasruddin’s house was —
(i) behind the school (ii) close to the school
(iii) in front of the school (iv) far from the school
(e) The students asked Nasruddin why he —
(i) did not teach them (ii) rebuked them
(iii) did not like them (iv) did not praise them
(d) The students asked Nasruddin questions —
(i) in the street (ii) in their school
(iii) in their class room (iv) at his house
(e) The next day Nasruddin asked the students —
(i) a new question (ii) an unknown question
(iii) a difficult question (iv) the exact question
3. Fill in each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary. 1/2 x 10 = 5
result different expressed desire invitation invited
some many glad teach same departure

The students (a) — their (b) — for learning. Again they (c) — Nasruddin to their school. Nasruddin accepted their (d) — and went to the school and asked the (e) — questions. This time the students said to him that (f) — of them had learnt something. Nasruddin was (g) — to hear this and thanked the students. He told them that as some of them knew something, they could (h) — other students. As a (i) — the other students will be benefited. After saying this he started for home. The (j) — of Nasruddin made the students sad and thoughtful.
1. (a) True. (b) True. (c) False. Correct Information: Some of the students know. (d) True (e) False. Correct Information: Nasruddin went to school again in the next day.
2. (a) (iv) more (b) (ii) close to the school (c) (i) did not teach them (d) (iv) at his house (e) (iv) the exact question
3. (a) expressed (b) desire (c) invited (d) invitation (e) same (f) some (g) glad (h) teach (i) result (j) departure.
4. Answer the following questions. 1×5 = 5
(a) Why did the students and teachers become very happy?
(b) What did the students ask Nasruddin to do?
(c) Why was Nasruddin surprised?
(d) How did he come to school?
(e) Where did he go at last?
5. Choose a word from the box and put it into the blank next to its meaning. 1×5 = 5
week interest tomorrow teach get up
surprise classroom student desise reply
(a) ——— = impart knowledge
(b) ——— = a school pupil
(c) ——— = rise
(d) ——— = something sudden or unexpected
(e) ——— = answer
(f) ——— = a room in which a class of pupils or students is taught
(g) ——— = the day after today.
(h) ——— = attention
(i) ——— = to wish for something
(j) ——— = period of seven days
6. Fill in each gap with a suitable word of your own, based on the information from the text in A. 1×10 = 5
There are many funny (a) — about him. One day he went to Sherpur High school on (b) —. The teachers and the students were very (c) — to see him (d) — among them. They welcomed him (e) —. Nasruddin (f) — into a class. The students (g) — him to teach them (h) —. Nasruddin asked them what he could (i) — them. The students replied that they did not (j) — anything.
4. (a) The students and the teachers become very happy because Nasruddin came to their school.
(b) The students asked Nasruddin to teach them.
(c) Nasurddin was surprised because the students knew nothing.
(d) He came to school on foot.
(e) At last he went home.
5. (a) teach (b) student (c) get up (d) surprise (e) reply (f) classroom (g) tomorrow (h) interest (i) desire (j) week.
6. (a) stories (b) foot (c) happy (d) present (e) cordially (f) went (g) requested (h) something (i) teach (j) know.

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