Sunday, August 19, 2012


1.All in all (Supreme, of the first importance ) The Principal is the all in all in college.

2.All and sundry ( all without distinction ) He invited all and sundry to the feast.

3.In black and white ( in writing ) The witness gave his statement in black and white.

4.Fair and square ( honest and proper ) The sons made a fair and square distribution of their ancestral property among themselves.

5.Blow hot and cold ( to be in favour at one time and against at another ) Harish blows hot and cold. None believes him.

6. Hard and fast ( strict, definite ) There is no hard and fast rule in English.

7. High and low ( everywhere ) God is high and low.

8. Long and short ( the sum and substance ) Please tell me the long and short of this matter.

9. Rough and ready ( not elaborate ) I have prepared a rough and ready scheme for building my house.

10. Slow and steady ( resolute,constant ) Slow and ateady wins the race.

11.Safe and sound (quite well ) Mukesh returned from forest safe and sound.

12. Right or wrong ( if it be right or wrong ) Right or wrong, I will do this work.

13.Well and good ( well as a thing goes ) Well and good, you should try to help her.

14.Better half (wife ) My better half is a good companion of mine.

15.High and mighty ( arrogant ) The manager is very high and mighty in his behaviour.

16. (At ) sixes and seven ( in a state of disorder ) When I reached his house, I found his books at sixes and sevens.
1.Again and again ( very often ) One must try again and again to achieve one's goal.

2.Once for all ( finally ) I have settled the matter once for all.

3.By and by ( gradually ) By and by he has won three promotions.

4.Over and above ( besides ) He was awarded rupees five hundred over and above a shield.

5. Ever and anon ( now and then ) He comes to me ever and anon.

6. Off hand ( without forethought ) Very few people can talk on literary topics off hand.

7. By heart ( to commit to memory ) Our ancestors used to learn every-thing by heart.

8. Far and wide ( everywhere ) Mrs. Gandhi's fame haspread far and wide.

9. Few and far between ( very small in number ) Persons of Tulsi's merit are few and far between.

10.First and foremost ( of greatest priority ) Our first and foremost duty should be to unite the country as a whole.

11.Hither and thither ( here and there ) The teacher wandered hither and thither in the class to check the exercise-books.

12. On the spur of the moment ( at once ) He replied the letter on the of the moment.

13.Off and on (occassionally ) I visit the library off and on.

14. Out and out ( completely ) This book is out and out a standard book.

15.Through and through ( completely ) Seeing the lion, Mohan was frightened through and through.

16. Once and again ( repeatedly ) The teacher told the student once and again to be punctual in the class.

17. To and fro ( backward and forward ) The fox was wandering to and fro in search of food.

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