Saturday, August 18, 2012

Model Test:English for PEC Exam

Read the given text and answer the questions 1-3:
Long ago there was a country far away. Some children used to ‘play in a giant’s garden. They went there each day after school. It was a lonely place. It had soft grass and flowers. It had trees to climb. In their branches birds chirped happily.
It is 7 o’clock in the evening. Ali is waiting at the bus station. His friend Asif is coming from Sylhet. The bus comes. All looks for his friend. There he is! All is happy to see his friend. Esha lived in a cottage near a forest with her father. One day she went to the forest to get some flowers. A witch saw her. With her magic, she made Esha fall asleep. She then took her away to a magic land. Esha woke up from sleep. She found herself in a strange place. She started crying for her father, “Oh! I want to see my father.
1. Choose the right answer from the alternatives:                                                                            1x10 = 10
(a) Children used to play in the garden ……….i.   in the evening  ii.   in afternoon iii.  after school    
iv. before school
(b) The grass was ……..      i. green   ii. soft     iii. hard    iv.  brown
(c) All is waiting for ………..             i. the bus     ii. his classmate      iii.   his friend         iv. the train
(d) Esha and her father lived in a ……       i.  house       ii. hut      iii. cottage     iv. palace
(e) She wanted to see ……..           i. her father        ii. herself    iii. the witch   iv.  the monster
(f) Long ago there………… a country far away.                i. is      ii. was    iii.  were     iv. has  been
(g) Children used to ………….in the garden                       i. dance     ii. sing      iii. play    iv. sleep
(h) Ali looks for his ………….i. mother                   ii.  father      iii. friend      iv. magic
(i) Ali is………………. to see his friend.                  i. happy      ii.sad           iii. gloomy     iv. pensive
 (j) A witch………………… Esha.                            i. see        ii. sees       iii. saw     iv. visits
2. Fill in the blanks with the words from the text:                                                                      1x5=5
(a) The owner of the garden was a………
(b) Birds chirped………. in the branches of trees
(c) Asif comes from………
(d) Ali and Asif are………
(e) The witch made Esha fall asleep with her……..
3.Answer the following questions.                                                                                       2x5=10
(a) When did the children play in the garden?
(b) When does Ali wait at the bus station?
(C) Who does Ali look for?
(d) Where did Esha live?
(e) Why did she start crying?
4. Write 8 lines of the poem ‘Twos’                                                                                                  10
5. Make sentences with the following words (any five)                                                               1x5=5
apartment, grocery, already, usually, join, different, dictionaries.
6. Match with the similar word.                                                                                             1 x 5 = 5

Column A                   ColumnB
afraid              contact

7. Rewrite using capital letters and punctuation mark.                                                                             10
adnan is a student he lives with his parents his grandmother also lives with them once his grandmother fell ill his father took her to the hospital the school was over adnan came from school and went to the hospital to see her
8. Re-arrange the words to make questions and answer them (any five).                                              10
(a) your/ game/ what/ favourite/ is?
(b) you/ are/how?
(c) the/ killed/who/ tiger?
(d) you/class/read in/ do/ what?
(e) you/ me/ what/ will/ tell?
(f) teaches/ who/ you?
(g) is/ your / what/ mother?
9. Read the following situation. Make a request dialogue & response. Use would or could.               10
You are asking your mother to give you some money.
10 Rewrite the sentences with the correct form of verb:                                                                    5
(a) Maruf lives with his uncle. He…… in Dhaka. (work)
(b) She is a good student. She ……regularly. (study)
(c) Don’t laugh at the poor. They……. most. (suffer)
(d) Mr Kalam is our English teacher. He …….us very much. (love)
(e) They play the game. They …….game (win)
11. Write a paragrah between in 100 words on “A Memorable Event in Your Life”                              10         
12. Suppose, you are Himu /Himani. Your friend Mahi / Monalisa wants to know about your new friend. Now write a letter to him about your new friend.                                                             10

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