Friday, December 28, 2012

Cadet Admission

1. Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs from the brackets: 4x1=4

a. The man said that this mother ---ill. (is/was).

b. No news - good news. (is/ are)

c. Two thirds of the city --- affected. (is /are)

d. More than three girls - present there. (was/ were)

2. Complete the following sentences : 3x1=3

a. Something is better ---b. Diligence is the mother--.

c. He works hard lest he----.

3. Change as directed : 10x1=10

a. The teacher teaches her English (Make it interrogative use as who) Ans : -------

b. The man goes to office at 8.30 a.m. (Make it Question.Use when). Ans :---------

c. We ought to obey the elders (Negative) Ans :------

d. They would go there (Make it Interrogative). Ans : ---

e. I saw the ship leaving the port (Make it Passive) Ans : ---

f. A car hit me (Passive). Ans : -------

g. Lovely might sing a song (Passive) Ans : ------

h. Let the work be stopped immediately. (Active) Ans : --

i. Appear (Negative). Ans : --------

j. He will be an eminent player. (simple past) Ans : -------

4. Use idioms : 3x1=3

a. In the long -- b. From time to -- c. At sixes and --

5. Make sentence : 3x1=3

a. Run after - b. Give up - c. Crowded --

6. Use the right form of verbs : 6x1=6

a. I came after he (eat) rice. Ans : -------

b. If you had walked fast, you (catch) the train. Ans : ---

c. When he woke up, it (rain). Ans : -------

d. I have finished (read) the book. Ans : ����-

e. Who (write) the letter now? Ans : -------

f. They would (to build) the house. Ans : ----

7. Fill in the blanks with suitable verb : 3x1=3

a. An ass --. b. Camels --. c. Snakes --- to move.

8. Use of questions tags : 2x1=2

a. Rivers run fast --? b. Dhaka has so snow in winter,- ?

9. Correct the sentences : 5x1=5

a. Each of the students have applied for the football match. Ans : ---------

b. He has spent all his saving. Ans : ------

c. Physics are a hard subject. Ans : -------

d. I know what is your uncle�s name? Ans : ----

e. When he left the place? Ans : --------

10. Re-arrange the jumbled words to make sentence : 2�1=2

a. Himself every man for. Ans : ----

b. How knows sing to he. Ans :�-

11. Change as directed : 5�1=5

a. Length (verb) -b. Force (Verb) -

c. Deep (Noun) - d. manage (Noun) - e. Wise (adverb) -

12. Fill in the gaps with appropriate Preposition : 5�1=5

a. Everybody has desire� wealth.

b. He is slow --- movement. c. Go -- this street.

d. Put this box - these two tables.

e. The car ran-20 miles per hour.

13. Turn the following sentences as directed : 5x1=5

a. Wolf (plural). Ans : ---- b. Bases (singular). Ans : --

c. Duke (feminine).Ans :-- d. Empress (masculine). Ans :--

e. Let her pay the bill (Name this sentence). Ans : ----

14. Fill in the blanks with suitable nouns : 5x1=5

a. One who makes earthen pots -

b. A person in charge of a library-

c. A place where birds are kept --

d. Murder of one�s own self --

e. A person who can not speak -

15. Transform the following sentences : 4�1=4

a. All men must die. (Negative). Ans : --------

b. He has nothing to do. (Interrogative). Ans : ------

c. Very few cars are so comfortable as Mercedes. (Superlative)

Ans : -----------

d. You are not as wise as he. (Comparative). Ans : -----

16. Put tick mark on the right one : 10�1=10

a. This ring is -hers/ her/ none.

b. The possessive form is -- theirs/them /none.

c. The word Professor is -- noun/ adjective/ verb.

d. Nobody, no one, none are used as negative/ affirmative/ native/ none.

e. The king left - heir. Proper article is an/ a/ the.

f. This is the better of the two. This sentence holds which degree---- positive/ comparative/ superlative.

g. Know causative verb is inform/ show/ feed.

h. Past participle form of hide is ---- hided/ hiden/ hidden.

i. Until is used as conjunction / preposition /adjective.

j. Synonym of Belief is faith/ relief/ know.

17. Wirte a short description on A Hartal day or Stirke 5x1=5

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