Saturday, December 8, 2012

Close Test Without Clues for SSC Exam

Complete the following passages using suitable words.
Money can not buy (a) —. Money is a (b) — for our life. But it is not necessary to (c) — our happiness. Happiness is (d) — a psychological thing. It is the name of a (e) —. It means the (f) — of mind. He who is satisfied (g) — what he gets and contented with his life is really a happy man. Happiness can not be (h) — with money. No doubt money has got (i) — to do with happiness (j) — it can not give us happiness.
Substances called (a) — have a sharp (b) — of known as acidity. (c) — rain water is (d) — acidic. But in (e) — polluted areas rain can be as acidic as the acidic as the acids of (f) — juice or vinegar. This (g) — which is very acidic can (h) — damage to trees, lakes, (i) — life, buildings and human (j) —.
English is a widely (a) — language. In our country we (b) — it as a (c) — language. It is not our (d) — tongue. Naturally, it is very (e) — to learn. So we have a very poor command (f) — this language. As a result, we do not get (g) — interest (h) — this language. For all these (i) — English seems difficult for (j) — to learn.
Set-1: a) happiness b) must c) bring d) absolutely e) feeling f) contentment g) with h) bought i) something j) but.
Set-2: a) acid b) taste c) ordinarily d) slightly e) severely f) lemon g) rain h) cause i) wild j) health.
Set-3: a) spoken b) use c) foreign d) mother e) difficult f) over g) proper h) in i) circumstances j) us.

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