Saturday, December 8, 2012

Close Test with clues-এর ওপর আলোচনা

Q. Fill in each gap with a suitable word from the box. There are more words them necessary.

We should do our duties (e) —-. If we put off our work for (f) —-, we may not get an opportunity to do it at all. There are some people (g) —- idle away time for nothing. They cannot prosper in life. They have to (h) —- For it. So we should (i) —- an oath that we must do our duty properly and in (j) —-.

No. 6
We live in the age (a) —-. In every (b) —- of our life. We (c) —- on science which has (d) —- us with many gifts. By dint of science man has (e) —- the master of the whole (f) —-. In every sphere of life, science has (g) —- in a new era of hope and prosperity. Today we cannot think of (h) —- rather than science. But still the modern science (i) —- not change the basic attitude towards the problems of our life. Superstitions. False notion and base less beliefs still (j) —- over us.
No. 7
War is a (a) —- for human civilization. In ancient time, war was (b) —- only to the warriors. But at present all people, both (c) —- and military, have to 9d) —- the curse of it. Nobody can (e) —- From the bombers of the enemies. Rich cities, fields (f) —- with green corns and beautiful places are (g) —- to ruins. Even the (h) —- citizens have to die a (i) —- death. Men, women, boys, girls, children and all are (j) —- killed without any reason.
No. 1
(a) deforestation (b) Forest land (c) cut (d) habitat (e) effect (f) causes (g) damage (h) protection (i) sediment (j) Floods.
No. 2
(a) prosperity (b) possible (c) participation (d) Constitute (e) total (f) development (g) educational (h) educated (i) skilled (j) improvement.
No. 3
(a) cure (b) saying (c) recover (d) lost (e) food (f) essential (g) health (h) ensure (i) necessary (j) certain.
No. 4
(a) quality (b) next (c) hard (d) ways (e) subject (f) gather (g) performance (h) valueless (i) practical (j) important.
No. 5
(a) call (b) lost (c) ever (d) good (e) properly (f) tomorrow (g) who (h) suffer (i) take (j) time.
No. 6
(a) science (b) stage (c) depend (d) blessed (e) become (f) universe (g) ushered (h) anything (i) can (j) predominate.
No. 7
(a) curse (b) confined (c) civilians (d) suffer (e) escape (f) Filled (g) destroyed (h) innocent (i) tragic (j) brutally.

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