Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Question: Read the following passage carefully and write a summary on it. Give a suitable title to it.

There is a maxim that a sound mind is in a sound body. To make every limb of our body workable, we need to have physical exercise. Physical exercise keeps the body fit. A man who takes exercise all through his life, is sure to enjoy sound health. Physical exercise means exercise of body. That’s to say physical exercise is the regular movement of the limbs of the body following certain rules. There are many kinds of physical exercise. Some are specially useful for old and aged people. Different kinds of people take different physical exercise. It depends on people’s age and ability. Walking is an excellent exercise. People of all ages can take this exercise. Those who can’t take any other exercise can walk daily. Walking helps us to have a nice appetite after good digestion. It will make a man cheerful and active. Swimming is another nice exercise. All the limbs of the body are moved in it. It is for all people of all ages. All kinds of sports can be regarded as physical exercise. Football, cricket, ha-du-du, run race, all these are good kinds of physical exercise. Riding is a good physical exercise. It makes our body strong and workable. It is a difficult exercise. Cycling and boat race are also good physical exercises. They are fit for young generation. They make body smooth and strong. The importance of physical exercise is very great. Some people think that physical exercise is a mere waste of time. It is essential for our body. It develops all the parts of the body. All of us must take any kind of exercise daily. It should be the part of our daily routine. We should remember that physical exercise is the root of sound health. People of developed countries give great importance to physical exercise. There are physical training centers, gymnasium, and swimming pool in every part of the city. Physical exercise is as important as the food. Children, young and old can undertake physical exercise there. People of our country must realize its importance and make arrangements so that everybody can take physical exercise everyday.
Title: Physical exercise is very important to ensure sound health and sound mind.
Summary: Physical exercise keeps the body fit and ensures a sound mind. There are various types of exercise suitable for people of different ages. These are walking, swimming, riding etc. A person should choose any form of exercise to take that suits his/her age, time and ability. Everybody should take physical exercise at any cost. Like developed countries of the world proper arrangements in this regard should be made in our country too. Thus all can take physical exercise to remain healthy.

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