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Seen Comphrension-Feroza's childhood was

Seen Comprehension
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it :
Feroza’s childhood was full of sufferings and sorrows. She never had a moment of happiness in her life. All she remembered from her childhood was the extreme want of food, want of shelter and want of clothing. In 1972 at the age of 12 she was married to a 24 years old unemployed man. Feroza entered into her husband’s house with the dreams and hopes of a young girl but all she saw was more want It was Feroza who worked for a handful of grains to feed herself, her mother-in-law and her husband. When her first son was born she was 19. The birth of a child meant another mouth to feed. Feroza’s toiling days became harder with the birth of her second son in 1982. Her husband was still unwilling to work and therefore she had to work even harder to feed all the five mouths. From morning till dark she worked, worked and worked. When she was 24 her third son was born. Each day became more difficult for Feroza. No mater how hard she worked she could never earn enough to feed everyone. Eight years went by and Feroza was still struggling for herself and her family. Then she came to learn went about the Grameen Bank. She became a member of the Bank. Took a loan and started her own 'ricehusking’ Business. Gradually she managed to improve her conditions and managed to repay the loan she had borrowed from the Grameen Bank. In 1995 Feroza took and even larger loan and started a stationery shop alongside her husking business. She went to the adult literacy centre and learned to read and write. By 2000 Feroza’s worst days were over. She had solvency, security and happiness.
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives.
a) Feroza spent her childhood in -
i. Happiness ii. Joy
iii. Distress iv. Merriment
b) What did Feroza remember from her childhood?
i. Sweet memories ii. Her playmates iii. Destitute iv. Her parents
c) Feroza’s husband was -
i. A hard-working person ii. Reluctant iii. A kind-hearted person
iv. A very responsible person
d) How much could she earn?
i. She could earn enough to feed everyone.
ii. She could earn more than they needed.
iii. She could never earn enough to keep body and soul together.
iv. She could earn as much as she needed.
e) How did she change her fortune?
i. With the loan and her effort
ii. By hard work, sincerity and Bank loan
iii. With the loan from the Bank
iv. By learning to read and write.
2. Write, whether the following statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer.
a. Faroza came of an elite family.
b. Her husband was junior to her in age.
c. Her poverty worsened after her marriage.
d. Her husband was a self indifferent fellow.
e. She spent all her life in extreme poverty.
3. Fill each gap in the following passage with a suitable word from the box. There are more words than necessary.
broke contact/ experience/ against/ one/ double/ struggle/ hope/ with/ make/ gradually/ needs
Feroza had the (a) - of a hard childhood. The extreme want of basic human (b) - made her childhood a biter (c) - her early marriage to a (d) - aged unemployed youth (e) - her dreams into pieces. The biterness in her life enhanced (f) - the birth of her 3 children. A hard struggle (g) - the adverse circumstances could. (h) - her earn only that was indispensable to live. At such a time she came (i) - with the Grameen Bank that (j) - conveyed her to a new life.
4. Read the passage in `A’. Now write a paragraph based on the information about Feroza’s problems. Use the clues in the box below. Write the paragraph in a logical sequence as it appears in the text The paragraph should not exceed 70 words.
Childhood/ poverty/ marriage/ struggle/ children/ Grameen Bank/ loan/ change
5. Answer the following questions.
a. Why was Feroza’s Childhood not happy?
b. What do you think Feroza’s dreams were about?
c. Why didn’t her dreams come true?
d. What are the things that made her life more difficult?
e. How did she change her life?
6. Fill in each gap with a suitable word of your own, based on the information from the text in A.
Feroza (a) - childhood was full of sorrows and sufferings, lost her dreams (b) - her marriage with an unemployed vagabond. The sorrows (c) - enhanced at the birth of her three children. She had to struggle hard to (d) - the bread. But (e) - she could earn wasn’t sufficient (f) - for all the members of her family. She had to pass through a day (g) - toiling. At such a state she got the (h) - of taking loan from the Grameen Bank. Now began a new (i) - of her life from where sorrows started to be (j) -.
7. Read the passage `A’ again. Imagine you are Feroza. Now write in about 70-80 words about yourself. Mention your childhood, marriage, economic condition, struggle, husband, Grameen Bank, Loan, Business and improvement of your conditions.
8. Read the passage 'A’ again. Now write the main ideas of the passage in your own words in not more than five sentences.
g‡Wj †U‡÷i DËi]
1. a) distress b) destitute c) reluctant
d) She could never earn enough to keep body and soul together. e) By hard work, sincerity and Bank loan
2. a) False. Cor : Feroza came of a poor family.
b) False. Cor : Her husband was senior to her by 12 years.
c) True
d) True
e) False. Cor : She spent her childhood and youth in extreme poverty.
3. a) experience b) needs c) one d) double
e) broke f) with g) against h) make i) contact j) gradually
4. Feroza’s Struggle
Feroza passed her childhood in extreme poverty. She was deprived of basic human needs. Her early marriage with a double aged unemployed person enhanced her miseries. Her poverty took the most serious tern when she gave birth to three children one after another. She had to work hard morning till night to feed her family and herself. Her unemployed husband had no contribution to her family. Rather, he was a burden. So, that she could earn alone wasn’t sufficient At such a state, she got the opportunity of taking loan from the Grameen Bank. With the help of the Bank, she saw the face of peace, security and happiness.
5. a) Feroza’s childhood was not happy because of extreme poverty.
b) I think, Feroza’s dreams were to receive education and lead a happy and prosperous life.
c) Her dreams didn’t come true because of her poverty as well as her early marriage with an unemployed person.
d) Her early marriage with an unemployed person as well as the birth of three children made her life more difficult
e) She changed her life by hard struggle along with the help of the Grameen Bank.
6. a) whose b) at c) got/became/were d) earn e) what f) enough g) of/in h) opportunity/ chance i) chapter/ part/ dimension j) disappeared/removed
7. I am Feroza. I was born in a very poor family and passed my childhood in extreme poverty. My sorrows got enhanced as I was married with a double aged unemployed man. My dream of learning to read and write also broke into pieces after my marriage. I faced the most sorrowful condition after the birth of my three children. I had to work day and night to feed myself and my family. But I became successful in improving my condition with the help of the Grameen Bank.
8. Feroza had biter experience of poverty in her childhood. Her early marriage with an unemployed person enhanced her miseries. Her sorrows knew no bounds at the birth of her children. But she struggled hard to overcome her poverty. At last she succeeded to lead a beter life with the help of the Grameen Bank.

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