Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seen Comphrension-Tazneen Karim

Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it :
Tazneen Karim is the corporate manager of SMC Bank. She has been associated with the bank for eleven years and is the senior most woman working there. She is the first female executive to get onto the bank’s management committee.
In the beginning there were only a few women in various positions. But in time, there were a lot of changes and many more women were given opportunities in different departments of the bank at present there are 49 women, in total working in SMC Bank and the majority to them are in management cadre.
Every year the bank takes in new management trainees, with 50% men and 50% women. Young recruits are given an equal chance of pursing a good career. She adds. ‘As far as the bank is concerned, we are ready to take in as many women as possible women who are interested in taking up banking as a career. Here men and women are treated equally, regardless of gender, which ensures an environment for people to excel in.’
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives :
(a) SMC Bank is —- to give equal opportunity to both male and female.
(i) responsible (ii) designed
(iii) committed (iv) conscious
(b) The Bank is —- to give training to all the women who are interested in taking up banking as a career.
(i) ready (ii) happy
(iii) concerned (iv) hesitating
(c) — women can take banking as their career.
(i) Enthusiastic (ii) Educated
(iii) convetous (iv) Incompetent.
(d) In the beginning, there were —- women in various positions.
(i) the few (ii) some
(iii) several (iv) a few.
(e) SMC Bank provides men and women with — treatment.
(i) according to gender (ii) the same
(iii) preferential (iv) according to skill
2. True or False? Rectify the false one.
(a) At present, women are averse to banking profession.
(b) SMC Bank shows disparity while recruiting.
(c) Tazneen karim has been associated with the bank for more than a decade.
(d) Tazneen Karim is the senior most among all bankers.
(e) There is much scope of building up career in SMC Bank.

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