Wednesday, December 5, 2012

প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি ইংরেজি

1. Choose the correct Option: Even as harvesting was going on-
a) the rainy season began
b) the rainy season was began
c) the rainy season had began
d) the rainy season begins
2. His uncle arrived while he the dinner —-
a) Would Cook
b) had Cooked
c) Cook
d) Was Cooking
3. AT least one of the Studenty —- full marks every time.
a) gets b) are getting
c) get d) have got
4. —— is not the only thing that touristy want to see.
a) Ascenery b) Sceneries
c) the Sceneries d) Scenery
5. He assured me —- safety
a) of b) with
c) for d) to
6. Now a days many villagers are lit —- electricity.
a) by b) with
c) from d) on
7. He was absorbed —- deep thought
a) at b) with
c) in d) on
8. A synonym for ÒresentmentÒ is —-
a) Fear b) anger
c) Panic d) Indignation
9. What is the Synonym of Ò JovialÒ?
a) hay b) Happy
c) Jolly d) Pale
10. What is the antonym of Ò FamousÒ?
a) Opaque b) Obscure
c) Illiterate d) Immature
11. What is the antonym of ÒHonoraryÒ
a) Honourable b)Salaried
c) Official d) Literary
12. Punctual: Late—-
a) huess : Spoken
b) Secret: Palpable
c) Sunrise: Beyond
d) Excess: Shortage
13. Dignity: Humiliate —-
a) Praise: Criticise
b) Refuse: lmprove
c) Praise: criticize
d) Antiseptic : Begin
14. Three - fourths of the work —- finished
a) have been b) had been
c) had d) were
15. We need two hundred dollars —- this to pay for everything
a) beside b) besides
c) also d) as well as
16. there are —- dangerous drivers
a) a very lot of b) a very may
c) a Lot of d) very much of
17. It I were a king, I —- not know what sorrows are.
a) did b) Should
c)Would d) will
18. The more you Practice Speaking —-
a) You will do it better
b) do it better
c) The better you will do it
d) better you will do it
19. My friend —- yesterday
a) got his car repaired
b) gets his car repaired
c) got his car repair
d) have got his car repaired
20. The adverb from of the word ÔheartÕ is —-
a) heartened
b) heartily
c) hearty
d) heartening
21.ÔIn no timeÕ means —-
a) ahead of time
b) very Quickly
c) at the best of time
d) In good time
22. Ô Red letter day’ means —-
a) Holiday
b) Birthday
c) Important and memorable day
d) Day marked with red letter
23. Choose the correct sentence.
a) Would you mind close the door?
b) Would you mind closing the door?
c) Would you mind to close the door?
d) Would you mind in closing the door?
24. The correct spelling is
a) Humorous
b) Humorious
c) Humorouse
d) Humurious

Ans : 1.a 2.b 3.a 4.d 5.a 6.b 7.c 8.b 9.a 10.b 11.b 12.d 13.a 14.b 15.b 16.a 17.c 18.c 19.a 20.b 21.b 22.c 23.b 24.a

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