Thursday, December 13, 2012

Vocabulary Test for SSC Exam

9. Fill in the gaps with suitable words from the box. Make any grammatical change, if necessary. There are more words in the box than you need: 10
In 1884 France (a) - the United States with gift as a dramatic gesture of friendship. This (b) - gift was in the form of a huge copper statue. Its (c) - name is ‘Liberty Enlightening the world’. Most people, however, (d) - it simply as the statue of liberty. They pieces of the statue (e) - in the United States in 214 cases. The French people donated the money for the (f) - of the statue. Grateful, the people of the United states collected the funds for the (g) - granite and concrete pedestal. This impressive monument found a (h) - home on Liberty Island in New York harbour. At 151 feet and 1 inch high, it (i) - one of the largest statues in the world. The monumental lady with the torch quickly became a (j) - of American democracy.

10. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate word in each gap.
Returning home can be very difficult. When people (a) - to their home countries, they often find many changes. The (b) - old streets may not look the same. People they remember may not (c) - them. If they go back to their own childhood house, the house may look very (d) -. It may (e) - small and cramped. One woman wrote that she returned to her (f) - and her house was gone. In its (g) -, there was a little, modern grocery shop. No one (h) - her. She was extremely (i) -. It is also possible to return to a place where everyone remembers you. That makes a person feel happy inside; at least you were not (j) -.
Answer to the Question No. Set-1
9. (a) presented (b) massive/spectacular (c) official (d) know (e) arrived (f) construction (g) round/massive (h) permanent (i) remains (j) symbol
10. (a) return/come back (b) familiar (c) recognize
(d) unknown (e) seem (f) house (g) place (h) recognized
(i) shocked (j) forgotten.

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