Thursday, December 6, 2012

Seen comphrension-British eating habits for HSC Exam

Read the passage below and answer questions:
British eating habits are very different now from thirty years ago. No longer are tastes confined to roast beef, mint sauce and Yorkshire pudding (which in fact is not a pudding at all) People travel more and are learning to enjoy food from many different countries. In most towns there are Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants but in big cities you can also eat Japanese, Thai, Korean and Malaysian food. These restaurants are often cheaper than European restaurants and many people find the food more interesting. Indeed supermarkets now offer a wide range of multi cultural, ready to cook foods to try at home. Take away food is also very popular in Britain. Many people think that the idea of take-away meals comes from the USA, but in fact it comes from Britain. The original British take-away meal was fish and chips and there are still fish and chip shops in places, as well as joints that sell fast food like pizzas and hamburgers. In Britain most people use knives and forks for eating. In some countries, for example, China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, people used chopsticks. In many other countries as in the Indian sub-continent, people use their fingers.
5. Write short answers to the following questions. 5
(a) What types of dishes were the British confined to in the past?
(b) What do the British joints sell?
(c) Why do the British go to foreign restaurants in Britain?
(d) How have the British people learnt to enjoy different types of food?
(e) What do the British and the Chinese use for eating?
6. Fill in the gaps with suitable words: 5
Cultural exchange has a great effect on the tradition of a nation. Different aspects of customs change in a cross-cultural setting. The British culture is also overlapping with other cultures. They are losing and gaining in some patterns of behaviour and action. Their (a) — habits are changing as for example. Some people are turning to foreign restaurants and enjoying dishes. Not only are the dishes (b) — but the foods are interesting too. Some people are now fond of (c) — meals like fish and chips and the others are keen on (d) — foods like pizzas and hamburgers. So, some day or other the British may use Japanese (e) — for eating.
7. Summarise the above passage regarding British food habits in five sentences. 5
8. Based on your reading of the passage, make short notes in each of the boxes in the flow chart showing the main causes of changing eating habits of the British. (No. 1 has been done for you). 5
1. traveling by the British 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Ans. to the Ques. No. Set-8
5. (a) The British were confined to roast beef, mint sauce and Yorkshire pudding in the past. (b) The British joints sell fast food like pizza and hamburgers. (c) The British go to foreign restaurants because they are cheaper and the food is more interesting. (d) The British have learnt to enjoy different types of food by traveling more and more in many countries. (e) The British use knives and forks and the Chinese use chopsticks for eating.
6. (a) eating (b) cheap (c) take away (d) fast (e) chopsticks
7. Summary : the British are fond of taking different kinds of food. Their tastes are not confined to only their traditional food habit like roast beef, mint sauce and Yorkshire pudding. They are now interested in the foods of other countries like Italy, Japan, Thailand, Korea, China, Malaysia etc. Take-away food is also very popular to the British. Nowadays they like pizzas and hamburgers excluding their traditional take-away meal like fish and chips.
8. Flow chart:
1. traveling by the British 2. their interest to enjoy food from different countries 3. foreign restaurants are cheaper than the Europeans 4. the food is more interesting too 5. a wide range of multicultu-ral, ready to cook foods are available 6. growing popularity of fast food and take away food

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