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Englisg 2nd paper for SSC Exam

Time-3 hours, Full marks-100
(N.B. The number in the margin indicates full marks)
Part-A, Grammar; 40 marks
1. Fill in each gap using the right form of verb from the list given below. You have to insert suitable auxiliary verb and negative form if needed. There are more verbs than necessary.   5

advertise, create, help, sponsor, run, organize
Sports are popular form of entertainment. Many international sporting events (a) ¾¾ from time to time. Most of these events (b) ¾¾ by multinational manufacturing companies and business firm to (c) ¾¾ their products during those events. When people of different nations get together on the occasion of an international sporting event they come closer to each other. This opportunity (d) ¾¾ a sense of brotherhood and a spirit of mutual cooperation among them. More over, getting acquainted with different cultures (e) ¾¾ to break down prejudice and broaden outlook.
2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.          1×5=5
Education is the process (a) ¾¾ which our mind develops through formal learning (b) ¾¾ an institution like a school, college or Madrasah or University. It is mental and intellectual training which provides opportunities (c) ¾¾ growth and helps to overcome obstacles                   (d) ¾¾ progress. It also brodens our outlook and helps us to become aware (e) ¾¾ our rights and responsibilities.
3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not
needed.            0.5×10=5
(a) ¾¾ Eiffel Tower was named after Gustav Eiffel, (b) ¾¾ Frenchman who built (c) ¾¾ Tower . He was born in (d) ¾¾ prosperous family in 1832. He graduated from (e) ¾¾ Central School of Engineering in (f) ¾¾parisand went to work for (g) ¾¾ railway construction company. His mother thought that Gustav would not go (h) ¾¾ far, Gustav assured his mother that he would do that. One day he became actually (i) ¾¾ world famous (j) ¾¾ Engineer.
4.Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list.         1X5=5
a) Try to ¾¾ your evil company.
b) Nowadays lower middle class can not afford to have a ¾¾.
c) All of us will ¾¾ in your noble work.
d) We should ¾ some money for future.
e) ¾ he is old he is able to do a great deal of work.
5. Re-write the following passage changing the form of speech. 5
“My dear friends”, said the stranger, “I have come here because have a message to give you.” Lend me your ears please. “Let him say whatever he likes”, said the old man. “Oh! what a joy the message has brought for us.”
6. Transform the underlined sentences as directed in brackets.               5
(a) The National Memorial situated at savar is a symbol of the nation’s respect for the martyrs of the war of liberation. (complex) (b) It stands 150 feet tall, but every martyr is stands for stands so much taller. (comparative) (c) The towers symbolize the loftiness of the spirit of martyrs (Interrogative) (d) The relics of the liberation war will be kept in the museum. (Voice change) (e) When we stand infront of the graves, we bow down our heads in respect. (Simple)
7. Add questions tag to the following sentences.            1×5=5
a) I am late for home ¾¾?
b) Nobody called me, ¾¾?
c) There is no pond in this village ¾¾?
d) All men are brothers ¾¾?
e) He’d apply for the job ¾¾?
8. Complete the following sentence parts.          1´5=5
a) It is you who ¾.
b) If I had seen him there ¾.
c) Scarcely had we reached school ¾.
d) They walked fast ¾.
e) Had I the wings of a bird ¾.
Part-B : Composition (60 Marks)
9. Write a paragraph in about 120 words on “A Street Hawker” by answering the following questions.   10
(a) Who is a street hawker?
(b) What does a street hawker do?
(c) What materials does he sell?
(d) When does he come out to sell things?
(e) How does he attract the attention of the customers?
(f) How does a hawker plays role in our country?
10. Write a composition in about 200 words on any one of the following topics.             10
(a) Your visit to a village fair
(b) News paper
11. Suppose, you are an inhabitant of the village Sultan Naggar in Charsindur Union in the district of Narsingdi. The roads of your village have been damaged during the recent flood. Now write an application to the Chairman of your Union Parishad for repairing the damaged roads.           10
12. Write a dialogue between yourself and your friend about the negative effect of watching satelite hindi TV Channel.    10
12. Or, Write down the summary of the following passage. Give a suitable title to it.
The secret of success in life lies in the proper use of time. Many of us forget that every moment is valuable. Life is short but art is long. Time is uncertain. We donot know when we shall die. During this limited and uncertain period, we have to do a lot of things. If we waste the precious time in idleness, we reduce the time of our important work. As a result, we suffer and success becomes difficult to achieve. We can achieve success only by using every minute properly. Actually time once lost is lost for ever. The boy is unmindful to his lessons will realize his faults lates on. He will certainly understand that he has lost the opportunity to make him learned. The young man who is afraid of work and loses his time in idleness is sure to find himlself in later years a burden to himlself and to others.
13. Read the begining of the following imaginary story and complete it as you like. Give a suitable title to it.         20
Once there lived a middle aged woman named Shanta. She had two sons and one daughter. Her busband Lal Mia was very lazy and he didnot do any work all day. None but she had to work all day long to earn money for the family. One day she met a group of people who came to her village from Grameen Bank. They informed her that they were interested in helping the poor people, the landless and helpless. She learnt from them that….
Answer : 1. a-are organized, b-are sponsored, c-advertise, d-creats, e-helps.
2. a-by, b-at, c-of, d-to, e-of.
3. a-The, b-a, c-the, d-a, e-the, f-x, g-a, h-x, i-a, j-x.
4. a-get rid of, b.Squire meal,
c. bear a hand, d. Set apart,
e. Even if.
5. The stranger addressed the person as his dear friends and said that he had gone there because he had a message to give them. He requested them to lend him their ears. The old man proposed that he should be allowed to say whatever he liked. He exclaimed with joy that the message had brought for them a great yoy.
6. (a) The National Memorial which is situated at Savar is a symbol of the nations respect.
b) Do by yourself.
c) Do not the towers symbolize the loftiness of the spirit of martyrs.
d) Authority will keep the relics of the liberation war in the museum.
e) Standing infront of the graves we bow down our heads in respects.
7. (a) aren’t I?, (b) did they?,
(c) is there any?, (d) aren’t they?,
(e) wouldn’t he?
8. a. It is you who are known to all.
b. If I had seen him there I would have informed the matter.
c. Scarcely had we reached school when it began to rain.
d. They walked fast lest they should miss the train/class.
e. Had I the wings of a bird, I would have flown in the sky.
9-13. Do by yourself.

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