Wednesday, December 5, 2012

ইংরেজি দ্বিতীয় পত্র

Passage Narration
1. Zaman said to we, `Have you finished reading the book?’ `Yes, I have finished reading the book’, I replied. `What an interesting book it is! I wish I would borrow the book earlier.’ I said. `Will you return the book to me today?’ he asked.
2. `Have you killed the rats?’ said the Mayor. `Yes, I have’ said the piper, `Give me the promised money.’ `How fun you are!’ said the Mayor . `We cannot give you so much money. Take only fifty.’
3. `Ratan, have you done your English today?’ asked the teacher. `Yes sir, I did it. But I haven’t understood some grammatical points,’ replied Ratan. `What is the problem?’ said the teacher. `Let us try again.’
4. `Why did you not go to school yesterday?’ said the mother to the girl. `I was ill, mum,’ the girl replied. `How are you today?’ the mother asked again. `Well’, said the girl, `Don’t worry for me.’
5. The man said, `May I come in sir?’ `Yes come in.’ said the manager, `What do you want?’ `I want to open a bank account in your bank,’ said the man. `Can you tell the process of opening a savings account?’
6. friend said to me, `Why are you sitting alone in your room at this hour? Don’t you see this is cleared? Let’s go for a walk, in the open field.’ I said, `Leave me alone.’
7. `I have won a lottery and got 40 lucs Taka,’ said Samira. `Congratulations!’ I said, `What do you intend to do with the large amount of money?’
`I want to serve my poor village people. So I have made up my mind to establish a hospital in our rural area,’ Samira replied. `Thank you,’ I said, `I shall also help you in this respect.’
8. `Where do you like to go, sir?’ said the ticket officer to the passenger. `I want to go to chittagong’, said the passenger. `How mach tickets do you need?’ `I need five tickets.’ `Here are the tickets. They will cost one thousand Taka’, said the officer.
9. `Why are you putting up the food in your pocket, sir? Why don’t you eat?’ asked the nobleman. `I am doing the right thing. dress deservers these rich dishes, `replied Sheikh Sa’adi.’ I don’t understand what you mean to say,’ said the nobleman, `And I’m sorry.’
10. `Good morning, can I help you sir?’ said the clerk. `Yes, I was told to come over here to get a parking sticker. Is this the right place?’ said the gentleman. `Yes it is. What’s the registration number of your car?’ said the clerk. `It is Be 508’ said the gentleman.

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