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Seen comphrension-It was the eve of world war-II,

Dear students, English is a compulsory subject for you, which includes two papers. For English 1st paper you have to read the text book ‘English for Today’. English 1st paper question is divided into three parts. Part-A : Reading test (5x8=40 marks), Part-B : Vocabulary test (10x2=20 marks) and Part-C : Writing test (10x4=40 marks).
Part-A (Reading Test)
Read the passage carefully and answer the questions following it.
It was the eve of world war-II, October 1938. Mrs. Smith sat on her favorits rocking chair and closed her eyes. It was a long tiring day. She looked out of the window, it was dark-quite dark. The tension of the war hung in the air. Mrs. Smith was restless. Her husband William Smith and son William Smith Junior was off to the border. She switched on the radio and a deep male voice floated in. It was an invasion alarm! What actually happened on that night was Orson Welles and his Mercury Theatre presented a radio adaptation of H.G. Well’s novel ‘War of the Worlds’ on the air. Wells meant the programme to be a Halloween joke. But the beginning of the programme was missed by many listeners. They mistook it for news coverage of an actual invasion of the USA. Panic spread from one end of the country to the other. It drove many people into frenzy. They fled by car from the invaded area. A number of people died as a result of accidents on by suicide. People had believed the invasion because they heard it on the radio at a time of fear and also because the invasion was put across as a current news programme.
1. Choose the best answer from the alternatives in each question. 1x5= 5
a. The text is about effects of__
i. a novel ii. World War-II
iii. a radio programme iv. misunderstanding
b. Mrs Smith’s son and husband were__
i. Off to the border ii. At the border
iii. To the border iv. Off the border
c. The Owner of the Mercury Theatre was__
i. H. G. Wells ii. Orson Welles
iii. Mrs. Smith iv. Mr. Smith
d. ‘On the air’ means__
i. Flying in the air ii. Broadcasting
iii. Firing in the air iv. In the air
e. The reaction of the people on hearing the radio programme was__
i. devastating ii. recreational
iii. reactionary iv. suicidal
2. Write whether the statements are true or false. If false, give the correct answer. 1x5= 5
a. Mrs. Smith had a long relaxation on her cozy rocking chair.
b. The American people enjoyed the radio programme very much.
c. Orson Welles meant the radio programme for entertainment.
d. The story shows that media can create any havoc.
e. Many people fled from the invaded area.

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