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প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি বিষয় : ইংরেজি

প্রতিযোগিতামূলক পরীক্ষার প্রস্তুতি
বিষয় : ইংরেজি
1. He Congratulated me- my Success
a) For b) upon
c) With d) on
2. Though blind of one eye, he is not blind -luis son’s faulty.
a) of b) with
c) to d) into
3. He is firmly him0 going there.
a) of b) in
c) from d) with
4.The Antonym of `Fertile’is-
a) Useful b) Barren
c) Strong d) unfavorable
5. The antonym for `liberty’is-
a) Confinement b) bondage
c) slavery d) Chain
6. The synonym of `abstain’is-
a) tardy b) Longing
c) refrain c)tiny
7. Bibliography means-
a) History of books
b) Collection of books
c) Worshipper of book
d) Book on biologs
8.The river has - it blanks
a) Over flown b) Over flowed
c) Over flew d) Over foaded
9. Indentify the correct use of `Since’-
a) It has been raining since last five days
b) It works since morning to evening
c) I saw him last night since
d) He has been staying witus since monday last
10. Choose the correct sentence-
a) I am very busy to talk to you
b) I am very much busy to talks you
c) I am so busy to talk to you
d) I am too busy to talk to you
11. ÕTo meet tuouble half wayÕ means
a) ti be puzzled
b) to get nervous
c) to be disappoied
d) to been up
12.ÕTo read between linesÕ means
a) to read carefully
b) to read only swome lines
c) to read quickly
d) to read carefuly to find out meaning
13.They left Õ in a bodyÕ means
a) Uniledly b) together
c) Union d) at large
14. Who is the anthor of Õ Animal farmÕ?
a) T. More b) h. Orwell
c) Shakespeare d) Dickens
15. Death does not distinguish- the rice and the Poor
a) from b) by
c) for d) betqeen
16. My friend - befor I came
a) Would be leaving b) had left
c) Will leave c) is left
17.ÕBy and largeÕ means-
a) Very large b) Mostly
c) Every where d) For away
18. Leo Tolstoy is a- novelist
a) British b) herman
c) Frencg d) Ruussian
19.He will Copensate you—the loss.
a) Of b) to
c) for d) With
20.No Sooner had he reached the Station-
a) When b) then
c) Than c) while
21. Which One of the following has the correct spelling?
a) Milionaire
b) Milonair
c) Millionaira
d) Millionir
22.ÕAlice in the wonder landÕ be longs to-
a) detective literature
b) Satirical literate
c) Juvenile lirerature
d) religious literatre
23. William wordsworth is pre- eminently
a) a poet of liberty
b) a poet of love
c) a poet of nature
d) a poet of humanis
24. The proverb ÕA snake in the grass means-
a) A sleeping snake
b) A dead snake
c) A poisonous snake
d) A hidden enemy

DËi : 1.d 2.c 3.c 4.b 5.c 6.c 7.b 8.b 9.d 10.d 11.a 12.d 13.b 14.b 15.d 16.b 17.b 18.d 19.c 20.c 21.c 22.c 23.c 24.d

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