Friday, February 22, 2013

War and Peace

Introduction: From the very beginning of the prehistoric age man engaged himself in the struggle for his existence. in the long past people living in cave used to attack animals by throwing stone. That was essential for their survival. This is very natural that one is to fight for oneself; for ones existence, survival and continuation of peaceful harmless life. But now who knows how many innocent people are killed in a war, how many children becomes orphan. how many women become widow, how many people are running their lives with the curse of war. It stops normal course of life, accumulates hatred and distrusts, carries on dismay of weariness. It destroys and finishes the glorious historical structures and achievements built through ages. Remedial measures for peace Man has learnt to negotiate for peace reducing the cost of war and conflict. So they establish committee, council and above all United Nations. All these organizations are the result of consensus of civil societies, nations. Their goal is to maintain peace. The UNO being established with aim to administer peaceful environment by applying all ethical supports taking from the member countries has gone far now In keeping peace. Now the UN undertakes different peaceful operations comprising multi-national peace keepers. In much peace keeping missions the UN has got assertive result in bringing back normal life. Actually people want peace. They want to sleep without tension. They want to keep their nerve free from apprehension. So they fight together to achieve that. Conclusion: Man wants to live in a planet which is free from weapons of mass destruction. To establish real peace in the world we all the nations, should take decision of not going for any kind of war. Systems are to be developed so that conscience prevails over atrocity and inhumanity. Criminals are to be brought to book. We should destroy all atomic and nuclear weapons. We should make the UN active and powerful so that no one can impose war on another. UN should be made dependable and powerful with regular army which can be used in the right moment. For all the above we should work together, establish a system for ensuring all aspects of keeping peace and above all, discard all sorts of nonsense idea of war.

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