Friday, February 22, 2013

Flowers of Bangladesh

Everybody loves flowers. A flower is a thing of beauty. A thing of beauty is for ever. Bangladesh is the darling child of Nature. She has decorated her darling child with her various gifts. Rowers are one of them. Bangladesh is a land of flowers and beauty. Flowers lend smell, beauty, charm and color to the land. Various kinds of flowers bloom all the year round. Kinds, size, color and smell there are different kinds of flowers. They differ in size, shape, color and smell, some are red, some are yellow, some are green, some are white, some are ping and some are multicolored. Some flowers are seasonal and some grow all the year round. Some flowers are scented and some are scentless. Rose: The rose is the best of all flowers. It is called the queen of flowers. It grows everywhere in all seasons. People like the flower for its sweet scent and beauty. The flowers of spring: Spring is the king of seasons. Colorful flowers bloom in this season. Krishna Chura, Palash and Shimul are spring time flowers. They are red in color and grow everywhere in Bangladesh. The Champa is also a spring time flower. It is golden in color. The flowers of autumn and winter: The Sheoli is the queen of autumn. It grows everywhere in Bangladesh. It is small in size; It is white in color and looks very charming. Marigold is the flower of winter. It is of various colors, shapes and sizes. It is yellow and golden in color and looks beautiful. The flowers of night: Some flowers bloom at night. The Rajanigandha, the Gandharaj, the Sandyamalati, the Bokul and the Jul bloom at night. They spread fragrance at night. All these flowers look beautiful. The flowers of watery places: Some flowers bloom in water. The Lotus and the Lily grow in watery places. They look very beautiful. Sapla is our national flower. It grows everywhere in plenty, It is white with pink. Kalmi also grows in watery places. Other flowers: The Jui, Bell, Kamini are white flowers. The sun flower blooms in the rainy season. The Karabi, Chameli, Dalia, Jasmine and many other flowers grow in Bangladesh. Usefulness we love flowers for their beauty and scent. They are symbols of beauty and purity. We use flowers as a token of love, respect and gratitude. We use flowers on happy ceremonies, occasions and festivals. We decorate our drawing room with flowers the bride chamber is beautifully decorated with flowers. We receive our guest's dignitaries with garlands and bouquets of flowers. We get honey from flowers. We get rose water from the rose. Flowers are the most beautiful objects of nature. They have made our country beautiful. So we should take care of flowers.

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