Monday, February 11, 2013

Computer for SSC/HSC Examination

Computer is the latest miracle that has brought a revolution in the field of science. It has brought a great benefit for mankind. It is like a super electronic brain. It can do difficult calculations, keep records and store a lot of data in its memory. Its main feature is speed and accuracy. It can complete a tusk in a few seconds that would normally take days for hundreds of people to do. But a computer can not function itself. It works on the basis of the commands given by the operator.
Charles Babez is regarded as the father of modern computer.  He invented the structure of computer in 1833. He invented the five parts of a computer. These are store, mill, control, input and output. The real credit of inventing computer goes to Mr. Howard Akin who in 1937 invented a machine that could do difficult sums. But in later years, the structure of computer has been rapidly modified. With the invention of microprocessor in 1971, the size of computer became smaller. Computers are of three kinds. They are Analogue, Digital and Hybrid computers. Nowadays digital computers are being used.
Naturally a computer performs three functions :
1) It receives data.
2) It processes data by various computations.
3) It emits data.
A computer consists of five major components—- the input unit, the output unit, the memory unit, the control unit and the arithmetic unit. The input and output units consist of devices that allow a computer to receive and emit information. Computer works according to its own machine language. The output prints the results with the help of printing machine.
Present age is the age of computer. We can not do a single day without computers. It has lessened our work load and modernized the office work. It saves our valuable time and increases our efficiency. It is used in schools, colleges, offices, banks, airlines, shops, laboratories, hospitals and libraries. The students of developed countries use computers to prepare their study materials. They use internet on computers to collect information. Trade and commerce would have been paralyzed without computer. E-commerce and Online banking are new ideas in the field of business that have become possible for computers. A man sitting at home can participate in the share market by using internet on computers. Computer has brought a great change in telecommunication sector. Now we can use digital phone, mobile phone, internet, e-mail to communicate and all these have become possible for computers.
Computer is a blessing of modern science. The use of computers has become very popular inBangladesh. At present in every sector ofBangladesh, computer is used. The people who know operating computer can get job easily. A course on computer in school and college level is being taught in our country. We should spread the use of computers throughout the country. Computer can play a vital role in the development of our country.

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