Friday, February 22, 2013

Violence against Women in Bangladesh

Introduction: Violence against women is one of the most wide spread and yet least recognized human rights problems in the world. In almost every society in the world whether It is North or South, East or West, in rich or poor countries, women share at least one element in common and that is frighteningly high proportion of violence. This proportion is high in the countries of the third world and more so in rural areas where women become victim of discrimination and violence because of their economic and traditional dependence on men. It should be removed as soon as possible for our own betterment. Violence in the past there has been violence against women all over the world. It was very heinous and cruel in primitive societies as we find in the messages of the holy Quran. In the dark ages of civilization women were treated as a commodity. In many societies female children were killed immediately after their birth, Types of today violence : Sadly enough to say, in today world where education and technology have soared high to its peak there is violence against women all over the world. In the pages of newspapers everyday we hear about acid throwing, torturing of the wife by husband for dowry, family conflicts, torturing in the name of religion abuse etc. Cause of violence: Most illiterate people of our country treat women not like human beings but like domestic animals of their family. They do not try to understand that they are the same as men in dignity and have the same right. Besides, poverty, conflicts of Ideologies, misunderstanding and misinterpretation of religious doctrines have opened the way to violence against women. Role of faintly in violence sometimes, investigations show that women are primarily tortured by women themselves. If a woman is tortured or suppressed in any way by another woman of her husbands family she will most probably transfer that torture to another woman who will come to that family later on. This process goes on age after age in our rural Bangladesh. Poverty in creating violence: Women contribute a lot in Income generating activities and other important familial activities. Some families depend mainly on women income. Yet they are not properly evaluated and rather tortured severely. This is because poverty makes them narrow- minded, unsatisfied and fragile. So small is issues and conflicts can lead them to destructive quarrels. As men are by nature stronger physically than women, they physically torture women in most cases. Psychological cause Women are not only wives but also mothers. As they are mothers, their greater feelings and responsibilities keep them anxious all the time. This tension often makes them angry, irrigative and foul-mouthed. The expression of this tension goes against them. Consequently, they are beaten severely and sometimes to death. Lack of religious practice: The indecent behavior of some women also causes violence. If women do not follow the rules of religion and decency, they create in men an indomitable impulse of activities which result in violence against women. It goes without saying that ultimate consequence of free is not peaceful. This is why millions of men and women in the developed countries are suffering separatism, family breakdown, loneliness and depression. Intellectual violence: In our society, male children get more privileges than female children. Female children have to do a lot of work in their house all through the day, but they are provided with an insufficient amount of food. Their opinion is not considered important in making any family decision. They are not provided with education. All these intellectual violence are no less important than any kind of physical violence against women. Effects of violence against women: Violence against women leads to serious social problems. It creates discontent in families. If discontent prevails among the members of a family their children cannot be educated properly. The overall development of a country is hindered due to the repression on women in the family. Prevention of violence against women to prevent violence against women female education is essential. Consciousness of people about the dignity of women, observance of religious practices, enacting and applying laws for preserving rights of women are most necessary to prevent violence. The government and non-government organizations, the intellectuals and social reformers need to work for women education and self-reliance. All should possess the quality of tolerance and rationality. Parents should not show discriminatory attitude toward their girl children. Conclusion: Women represent half of the world population and one-third of the official labor force. They perform two-thirds of all working hours but they receive only one-tenth of world income and own less than one per cent of the world property It is no denying the fact that half of the worlds noble things are done by men and the rest half is done by women. Yet age after age they are born to an unwelcome world where they receive only differential treatment. It is our solemn duty to ensure the rights of women for better condition of our familial, social and national life.

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