Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Eng-2nd Paper for HSC Exam

1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tense. Use the negatives where necessary. 1x5=5
Student life is that part of life which — (a) in receiving education from primary school to college or university. The first and foremost duty in student life is — (b) knowledge. He should read not only his — (c) books but also the books of famous writers in different fields of study. The certain duties to the society should — (d). They should — (e) in mind that the whole country depends on their lives.
2. Fill the gaps with appropriate preposition from the list : 1x5=5
Alcohol is a liquid drink. (a) — many parts (b) — the world, drinking alcohol is a very common activity (c) — people. Alcohol slows (d) — the activity of the brain. The Muslims are forbidden (e) — drinking alcohol.
3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) where an article is not needed : 1/2x10=5
To be successful in (a) — job interview, (b) — applicant should demonstrate certain (c)— personal and professional qualities, (d) — first and often lasting impression of (e) —
person, is determined by (f) — clothes he wears, (g) — applicant should take care to appear well-groomed and modestly (h) —dressed, avoiding (i)— extremes of too elaborate or too causal (j) — attire.
4. Fill in the blanks with suitable linking words from the list : 1x5=5
Plane journey is very enjoyable. If you want to make a plane journey, you need to do certain things. There are two kinds of flight (a) — domestic and international. For domestic flight, you simply go to the airline office and collect your ticket for certain destination, (b) — confirm and reconfirm your time and date of travel. On the day of travel reach the airport half an hour before the flight and report it to the airlines.
Then collect your boarding card. Don’t forget to put name tag on your luggage, (c) — security clearance, wait in the waiting lounge for boarding the plane, (d) — board the plane with the announcement of the airlines and take your reserved seat, (e) — don’t forget to fasten your seat-belt and listen to the hostess carefully what he/she instruct.

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