Friday, February 22, 2013

Mobile Phone Brought revolution In Communication Sector

Introduction: The interdiction of mobile phone has made our life easy and comfortable. We can send news to our near and dear ones very shortly sitting in offices, residences and in hotels and hostels. The old is getting smaller in circumference due to the rapid expansion of mobile phone. Now man feels for each other very close in terms of exchange of views, information counseling by the blessings of mobile phone. Brought revolution in communication sector Advancement of modern civilization is heightened by the extensive and available use of mobile phone. Communication is the prime factor for ensuring global development and this is possible for a number of devices like ultramodern vehicles, cellular phones and at the latest, mobile phone. In education, technical sector, offices, sectors information sectors above all, global communication mobile phone plays very vital role. All professionals depend on mobile phone for keeping close contact with one another for any urgent issue. A mobile phone set Is easily portable to any distance. Mobile phone reduces uncertainty, doubt, painful waiting and lengthy process of correspondence and consultation. As a result life becomes speedy and busy and a revolutionary change is brought about in all spheres of life. Doctor communicates with the patient in a very short time. A man can communicate with his near and dear ones from his living place wherever he is. A customer may review his choice, a consenter may order for his desired goods, a husband may consult his wife regarding shopping by way of using mobile phone. A cellular phone is an easier means of interacting with people but a mobile phone is far easier for distant communication. A businessman finds it more useful and effective to run his business smoothly. Demerits: Despite numerous advantages and merits of mobile phone symmetries it becomes the cause of health hazard to the users. Especially the minor children are affected much, Scientists beeves that mobile phones causes brain tumors, genetic damage and many incurable diseases. They believe that invisible uncontrolled radioactivity of the mobile phones causes irreparable damage to human body. They say that government should control radioactive sources (both lionized and non-ionized. It is true that millions of people are getting benefits but if a user continues his or her conversation more than two minutes, the blood brain barrier gets damaged. The blood pressure gets high and red blood cells (RBC) are damaged if a person gets continued exposure to radiation caused by mobile phone. Using mobile phone is also harmful to the pregnant women. So Bangladesh government should have an official ban on using mobile phone by children and pregnant women. Conclusion: Nowadays a mobile phone is working as a friend and a guide to politicians and businessmen. It is costly, so, all men cannot afford to use it. Only the rich are able to use this kind of phone. Steps should be taken so that each and everybody can afford to use this mobile phone throughout the country.

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