Friday, February 22, 2013

Physical Exercise

Introduction: Physical exercise means the systematic movement of the limbs of the body to keep them mobile and strong. Without it none can enjoy sound health. It keeps us free from diseases, makes us physically strong and healthy. There is a close connection between the body and the mind. If the body is sound the mind is sound. It is physical exercise which enables us to have a sound mind in a sound body. Various kinds of exercise: There are various forms of physical exercise. The common items of physical exercise include walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, riding, wrestling, gymnastics etc. Walking is an excellent physical exercise. It helps digestion and helps to have a good appetite. It is suitable for the people of all ages. Swimming is another good exercise. All the limbs of the body are moved in it. By swimming we can make our heart stronger and improve our blood circulation. All kinds of sports can be regarded as physical exercise. Games like football, cricket, hockey, tennis, badminton, ha-du-du, etc. are good forms of physical exercise. We should take any of these exercises if we want to make the body healthy and strong. Its utility: Some people think that physical exercise is a mere waste of time. But it Is as essential as our food. It Is physical exercise that keeps the limbs of our body In perfect condition. It makes our muscles strong and body active. Physical exercise improves digestion of food. It helps the proper circulation of blood and removes extra fat from the body. Therefore, a man who takes regular physical exercise is sure to enjoy sound health all through his life. A lazy man gets fat and disease and becomes inactive. These people have very short life. This is because physical exercise enhances our immune system and keeps our body free from diseases. So, all if we must take a kind of exercise everyday. It should be the part of our daily routine. In our country very little attention is given to physical exercise. People above thirty hardly take any physical exercise. These people are engaged in brain work. The educated people sit in the office for hours together. If they do not take physical exercise, it is sure that they will have blood pressure or heart disease. There are many students who do not appreciate the utility of physical exercise. They think, It is simply a wastage of their time. But they do not know that they can work hard if they have sound health. Many brilliant students study hard and come out with brilliant results in their examinations. But In practical life they become unhealthy citizens as they do not take physical exercise. Conclusion: In order to attain success in life, we should have sound health which depends on regular exercise. So all is of us should take any sort of physical exercise everyday. Usually the morning and the evening are the most suitable time for taking physical exercise. Nowadays many people are conscious about physical exercise. People of all ages go for walking In the morning and in the evening. However all sorts of physical exercise are not suitable for all men. It should also be remembered that too much exercise is injurious to health. So we should take such exercise as suits us best.

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