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composition for HSC Exam-Students and social service

Students and social service
Though study is the main pursuit of the students, they are to perform some other duties and responsibilities. Social service moulds a student into perfect human being. During and after natural calamities, they can render useful services instigating the sufferings of the distressed people.
3. Self-employment
Our country is facing serious unemployment problem. In this situation, making employment by oneself is very essential. Our education system is not yet practical life oriented. This is why students after graduating from college and universities try to find jobs either in government or non-government, semi-government offices or foreign organizations. But the number of job opportunities is less than the job seekers. As a result, the situation has become worse. It is getting acute day by day. So, self-employment is a good solution to solve unemployment problem. Self-employment means to arrange employment by an individual. It can be a small or big business. One can establish poultry farm or fishers or nursery. Even, one can start a shop or rice husking business or establish cottage industries. Whatever one does, it retains much importance. It brings dignity also for a self-employed person.
4. Quarrelling of two women over a child.
Once there lived two women in a village. One of them had a baby. But the other woman claimed that baby. As a result both of them engaged in a quarrel. The quarrel took place in a park in their neighbourhood. A large number of people crowded round them. At a stage the police arrived at the spot and asked both of them what the case really was. The woman who had take her child to the park started saying, I regularly take him here every afternoon, let him play with other children and then in the evening we return home. As before, I have done the same today. All on a sudden, this woman has appeared here and is about to take him away. That moment my child has started crying and calling me-Mumi! Mumi! I have rushed to him. The other woman who had been continually claiming the child to be hers said, She is telling a lie. This is my child. Two years ago. I lost this child of mine in the market. Since then onwards I have been madly looking for him here and there but.

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Rashedulhasan Raj said...

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12 November 2012

The Daily Star
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Drug addiction/mosquito problem/price-hike/water pollution/
student politics/road accident/load shedding.

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