Sunday, February 24, 2013

Filling in the gaps with suitable words

Fill in the gaps with suitable words.
1. Many events of great importance (a) ___ during the last century. Significant advances (b) ___ in the field of science and technology. Many European colonies gained independence. The movement (c) ___democracy became (d) ___ in many parts of the world. Two world Wars (e) ___ in the century. It (f) ___ witnessed the misuse of atomic energy. Two cities of Japan were completely destroyed as a result of dropping of atom bombs. The Vietnam war and the Gulf war killed many innocent people. However, the (g) ___of Bangladesh as an independent nation (h) ___ a momentous event after a (i) ___ war of nine months. Bangladesh was born. Now we (j) ___ our heads high as an independent country in the world.
2. Though labour is sacred, child labour is a (a) ___. But in our country many children are engaged in different types of (b) ___ labour. But child labour should be (c) ___ by making (d) ___. Education should be made (e) ___ for the children. Poor parents should be paid (f) ___ to supplement the income. They can be asked to send their children to schools. Children (g) ___ from poor families should be given free books and other necessary things. On the other hand, a law should be enforced against (h) ___ towards them. People in general should be more humane and (i) ___ in their treatment towards the working (j) ___.
3. Tolerance is a must for everyone to live in the society (a) ___. It is one of the great (b) ___ of human beings. It makes a man (c) ___. To achieve this quality a person must be (d) ___. In every step we should care for the (e) ___ of others. Becoming inconsiderate we cannot (f) ___ of a civil society. Very often we are suggested to be (g) ___. But very few of us (h) ___ heed to this. We fail to look (i) ___ the little disputes and confusions. Actually tolerance may be the (j) ___ of a happy home.
4. Modern life (a) ___ much on transport. We can very well (b) ___ how important transport is when it is (c) ___ by natural calamities or during socio-political crises. In fact, transport has made it (d) ___ for us to reach places previously (e) ___. It has (f) ___ helped the flourish of trade and commerce and to (g) ___ new knowledge and ideas. (h) ___ transport had (i) ___ friendship among nations (j) ___ in the globe.
5. Education is the (a) ___ by which our mind develops through formal learning at an (b) ___ like a school, college or university. It is mental and intellectual (c) ___ which provides opportunities of growth and helps to meet (d) ___ and overcome obstacles to progress. Again, the purpose (e) ___education is to enlighten the individual and to develop his/her (f) ___ to the limit. It is also the business of (g) ___ to train individuals to make the (h) ___choice to go ahead. It (i) ___ of our rights and responsibilities.
Answer :
1. (a) took place; (b) were made; (c) for; (d) momentous;
(e) broke out (f) also; (g) emergence; (h) was (i) sanguinary; (j) hold.
2. (a) curse; (b) physical; (c) banned; (d) laws; (e) compulsory;
(f) in order; (g) coming; (h) maltreatment (i) kind; (j) children.
3. (a) peacefully; (b) qualities/virtues; (c) noble; (d) careful;
(e) interest; (f) think; (g) tolerant; (h) pay; (i) over; (j) gateway.
4. (a) depends; (b) understand; (c) disrupted; (d) possible;
(e) unreachable; (f) also; (g) bring; (h) The; (i) made; (j) living.
5. (a) process (b) institution; (c) training; (d) success; (e) of;
(f) capacity; (g) education; (h) right; (i) develops.

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