Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dialogue for HSC Exam

A dialogue between myself and the Principal for leave of absence
Myself: May I come in, sir?
Principal: Yes, you may. What can I do for you?
Myself: Yes, sir. I’ve come with a request, sir.
Principal: What’s that?
Myself: My eldest sister lives in Barisal. She has a new born baby. All our family members are going to see the new born baby tomorrow. I also want to go with them. So I want leave for three days.
Principal: Can you come back after three days?
Myself: Yes, sir. I hope so. My family will stay there for three days. That’s why I need three day’s leave.
Principal: Well. You are a serious student. Try to maintain it always. Have you brought any application?
Myself: Yes, sir. I have. Here it is.
Principal: All right. You may go on leave from tomorrow.
Myself: Thank you, sir.
Principal: Welcome, boy.

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