Friday, February 22, 2013

The Independence Day Bangladesh

Introduction: every year. On this day in 1971 the independence of Bangladesh was declared. So this day is called Independence Day. It Is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. This day is celebrated every year In a befitting way all over the country. Historical background: Up to 25th March, 1971, Bangladesh was one of the two parts of Pakistan. This part was called East Pakistan and the other part was called West Pakistan. Right from 1947, the year of the birth of Pakistan, the then West Pakistani rulers exploited Bangladesh in all possible ways. They cheated, oppressed and harassed the Bangladeshis in the name of Islam. In this way they established their colonial rule in Bangladesh. The undisputed leader of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman realized that the disparity of economy and unjustified rule and other bilateral problems were far from any solution. Comprehending the gravity of the problems Bangabandhu put forward his historically famous six point demand which virtually implied the creation of a federation in accordance with the Lahore Resolution of 1940 as a working base. Seven and five crores of people of Bangladesh who had been undergoing the tyranny and maltreatment in all spheres of life got spirited with the rebellious call of Bangabandhu and engaged themselves in the agitation against West Pakistan. In 1970 Awami League won landslide victory in the general election. But the conspiracy in the capital went on. The rulers put forth all their tricks to frustrate the return to democracy. Not only that, they wanted to topple down the Bengalese as a nation. Sheikh Mujibur Rahmans party with the absolute majority in the parliament was forced to start a dialogue to accommodate his views. The rulers made all military preparations in the shade of the mock dialogue. Now the treacherous Pakistani army moved out at dead of night on the 25th of March, 1971 and caught the people of Bangladesh unawares. Sheikh Mujib was flown to an unknown place of West Pakistan. He was under arrest; the Bangladeshis realized their actual position. Bangladesh was declared independent on the 26th of March 1971. We started the war of liberation. After nine months struggle we won victory with the surrender of the Pakistani soldiers on the 16th December 1971. Bangladesh emerged as an Independent state. How observed Every year the government as well as different organizations and institutions chalk out programmes to celebrate the day In a befitting manner. The national flag is hoisted in all important offices, buildings, institutions and shops. All important places are tastefully decorated. Meetings and seminars are held to explain the importance of the day. On this day we pay rich tributes to the memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of our independence. Conclusion: The 26th of March signaled the state of the Liberation War of Bangladesh. This is a symbol of our determination to survive as a nation of self-respecting people.

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