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Eng-2nd Paper for SSC Exam

English (compulsory)-2nd Paper
Time-3 hours, Full marks-100

Part-A (Grammar)-40 marks
1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list, Put them in the correct tenses. Use negatives where necessary. 15
Tolerance is one of the best qualities of man. Every conscious man should (a)—this great quality. In human society one person may not (b)—another person. One may (c)—grudge against the other. But he must (d)—tolerance to live peacefully in the society. A man devoid of tolerance makes his problems himself. A tolerant man (e)—solve his problems step by step and succeeds in the long run.
2. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition. 5
‘Nakshi Katha’ is a common handicraft. This has a long rich tradition in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi women are very efficient (a)—needle work. Artistic needle work is the specialty of Nakshi Katha. This Katha is used (b)—decoration. Our cultural aspects are reflected (c)—the art of Nakshi Katha. It takes too long time to complete sewing a Katha, So, we should try to save this art (d)—ruination. The government should look (e)—the matter.
3. Use articles where necessary. Put a cross (x) where is not needed. 15
The writer, being (a)—Englishman, had (b)—shattering experience during the First World War in England. For (c)—first time the German planes came over (d)—London during the First World War. It was (e)—Saturday afternoon in broad day light. The rest of (f)—family had gone down to (g)—country for the weekend, and the writer was alone at (h)—house with the servants. Suddenly (i)—people began shouting ‘German Planes’ and they all dashed into (j)—streets to have a look at them.
4. Complete the following sentences with the phrases and idioms from the list. 15
bear testimony—pile up—fall flat—weal and woe—pick one’s ear—ten to one—as a result—gift of the gab
a) His action—to his honesty.
b) The deer—hearing a sound.
c) He stood first—of devoted study.
d) A lot of rubbish is—here.
e) My advice—on him.
5. Re-write the following in the reported speech. 5
The teacher said to the two boys, ‘Why are you arguing in the room?’ One boy answered, ‘We found a ten dollar bill and decided to give it to whoever tells the biggest lie.’ ‘You should be ashamed of yourselves’, said the teacher. ‘When I was at your age, I didn’t even know what a lie was’. The boys said to the teacher, ‘You are the winner of the ten dollar bill’.
6. Read the passage and transform the sentences as directed in brackets. 15
Our motherland Bangladesh is blessed with different eye-catching beauty-spots. Cox’s Bazar sea-beach is one of them. (a) Cox’s Bazar sea-beach, the longest sea-beach in the world is very beautiful to look at (Complex). (b) It is one of the most beautiful sea-beaches in the world (Positive). (c) It is called the paradise of the pleasure seekers for its uncommon beauty (Active). (d) Everyday uncounted travelers both from home and abroad go there to feed their hungry souls enjoying its soothing beauty (compound). (e) Definitely this visit one’s dull spirit (Passive).
7. Add tag questions to the following sentence.
a) Bangladesh is our motherland,—?
b) I know nothing about him,—?
c) Good-bye,—?
d) Ok, sir, please do come,—?
e) You had better go now,—?
8. Complete the sentence parts. 15
a) She has not written since—.
b) He was given the job after—.
c) He walked fast lest—.
d) Do you believe—?
e) No sooner dose the teacher enter the class—.
Part B (Composition) : 60 marks
9. Write a short report about how you celebrated ‘The Independence Day’ at your school compound. 10
Or, Write a paragraph in about 120 words on ‘Your National Flag’ by answering the following questions.
(a) What does it symbolize/ (b) What is its size? (c) What do the colours? (d) What do the colours indicate? (e) Where is it hoisted? (f) When is it kept half-mast? (g) How can you uphold its honour?
10. Write composition in about 250 words on any one of the following topics. 15
a) Computer as a wonderful gift of science
b) The person you like most
c) ‘Of all the resources of Bangladesh, human resource is most important’ Do you agree with this statement?
11. Imagine that you have no tube well in your locality. So, the people of your locality have to drink impure water which causes diseases. Write an application to the chairman of your Union Parishad requesting him to sanction a tube well in your locality. 15
12. Illiteracy is one of the serious problems of Bangladesh. Now write a dialogue between yourself and your friend on ‘How to eradicate illiteracy from Bangladesh’.
Or, Summarize the following passage.
Freedom is the birth-right of man, But freedom does not come down on a nation. A nation must struggle to achieve it. The most glorious and greatest achievement for Bangladesh in the last century was its birth as an independent nation. She won a flag, an identity and occupied a place in the world’s map. Bangladesh became a free and independent nation and stood upright with dignity and honour among the nations of the world. But Bangladesh had to pay heavy price for its independence. About three millions of lives were sacrificed in the war of liberation. The country infrastructure, roads, industries and assets were destroyed in the war.
13. Read the following story, it is not complete. Use your imagination to complete it and give a suitable title to it.
Once a boy mimed Asif was coming home from the school on foot. Suddenly he noticed a money bas lying beside the road. He thought for a while ———
Or, Complete the story following the clue, Give a suitable title to it :
Once there lived a happy cobbler who passed his days in working and singing from morning till night. A rich neighbor of his was a banker who one day said to him, ‘How much a year do you earn?’ ————

1. Right form of verbs
a) have b) like c) bear d) maintain e) can
2. Use of Preposition
a) in b) for c) in d) from e) into
3. Use of Articles
(a) an (b) a (c) the (d) x (e) a (f) the (g) the (h) the (i) the (j) the
4. Idioms and phrases
a) bears testimony, b) picked its ear
c) as a result, d) piled op, e) fell flat
5. Reported speech : The teacher asked the two boys why they were arguing in the room. One boy answered that they had found a ten dollar bill and had decided to give it to whoever told the biggest lie, The teacher said that they should be ashamed of themselves and also added that when he bad been at their age, he hadn’t even know what a lie bad been. The boys told the teacher that he was the winner of the ten dollar bill.
6. Transformation of sentences
a) Cox’s Bazar sea-beach which is the longest sea-beach in the world is very beautiful to look at.
b) Very few sea-beaches in the world are as beautiful as it.
c) People call it the paradise of the pleasure seekers for its uncommon beauty.
d) Everyday uncounted travelers both from home and abroad want to feed their hungry souls enjoying its soothing beauty and so they go there.
e) Definitely one’s dull spirit is revived by this visit.
7. Tag questions
a) Bangladesh is our motherland, isn’t she?
b) I know nothing about him, do I?
c) Good-bye, don’t I?
d) Ok, sir, please do come, can’t you?
e) You had better go now, hadn’t you?
8. Completing the sentence parts
a) She has not written since she left us.
b) He was given the job after he had done well in the interview.
c) He walked fast lest he should miss the train.
d) Do you believe that he will repay the loan?
e) No sooner does the teacher enter the class than the students stand up.

Questions No. 9-12 : Try yourself.
12. Or. Summarizing
Achievement of freedom
Though freedom is the birth right of a man, the people of Bangladesh achieved it at the cost of three million lives. Bengalees had to pay a heavy price for its independence. This achievement is related with blood. We have established our identity in the world’s map as an independent nation through bloody Liberation War in 1971.
13. Completing Story: Try yourself.

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