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English for HSC Examination

Part A : Grammar  
1. Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in the correct tense. Use the negatives where necessary.
follow, bring, crown, go, jump, find, achieve
Everybody wants to be (a) ___ success in life. But for (b) ___ the desired success one has (c) ___ a long way with patience, sincerity and honesty. But unfortunately many of us avoiding the honest path of lie (d) ___ the dark way to enjoy the fruit that eventually fails to (e) ___ happiness.
2. Read the following letter and fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
My dear Arif,
I have heard that you are indifferent (a) ___ study. Be serious (b) ___ your study. We expect much (c) ___ you. Never associate (d) ___ bad boys and waste a single moment in vain. I believe (e) ___ your potentials. Just try and reach your original goal.
Your elder brother
3. Use articles where necessary. put a cross (___) where an article is not necessary.
Our parliament building is (a) ___ highly expensive building. It is (b) ___wonder of modern architecture and technology. It is one of (c) ___ largest and most spectacular buildings in (d) ___world. (e) ___ management cost of the parliament house is about (f) ___ 50 million taka per year. It is (g) ___ expensive building. (i) ___ American architect Louis I Kahn designed this (j) ___ building.
4. Make meaningful sentences with the following idioms and phrases.
Give up, skin and bone, break out, capital punishment, deprive of, burning question, at any cost
5. Change the form of speech of the following.
Rajib said to me, `Have you finished reading the book I gave you yesterday? Yes, I’ve. I replied.
What an interesting book it is! I wish I could borrow the book earlier! I said.
Will you return the book today? he asked.
6. Read the following passage and change the following sentences as directed.
(a) I read Nazneen’s letter published on 5th January. (Make it complex). (b) I can understand her problems. (Make it compound). She aspires to live in a nuclear family. (c) Nazneen thinks that things are always easy in a small family. (Make it simple). (d) She believes that small family is a happy family. (Make it passive). Actually small family is not always a happy family. (Make it interrogative)
7. Fill in the blanks with appropriate tag questions.
Drug is ruining our young generation, (a) ___?
You cannot deny that drug has its beneficial effect (b) ___?
Stranger! Everyone knows it gradually affects the internal function of the body (c) ___?
But drug helps one to forget frustration, (d) ___?
Strong will can defeat frustration, (e) ___?
8. Complete the following sentences
a) It is high time___.
b) My joy knows no bound when I___ .
c) Time once lost___ .
d) The man who wastes time idly___ .
e) We should take fresh air so that___
Part B : Composition  
9. Write a paragraph answering the following questions
(a) how is the life of a teacher?
(b) What does she/he do?
(C) What responsibilities do we have to the person?
10. Write an application to the Principal of your college for the development of the girls common room.
11. Write a dialogue between the two friends on television.
12. Suppose you are a reporter of the Daily Sun. Recently teachers and students of Barisal B M College formed a human chain to create public awareness and protest against Eve-teasing. Now write a report based on you observation.
13. Complete the story
A mouse and a lion lived in a forest___
Answers B
9. Life of a teacher
A teacher is a person who teaches in a school, college or a university. But it usually denotes a school-teacher. A teacher is a highly respected person in any society. The life of a teacher is quite simple. He is a man of plain living and high thinking. He belongs to a noble profession and his life is a noble one. It appears that a teacher has long vacations to enjoy and therefore, he does not have much work to do. But this is wrong Idea. As a matter of fact, a teacher has a lot of work to do. He has to make an annual lesson plan for his students. He takes up classes and takes them in the class according to that plan to prepare his lesson at home before going to take up classes. This consumes a great deal of his time. Besides, he has to check the homework of the students. He has to frame question papers for the students weekly, monthly and termination examinations. Then he has to look over their answer scripts. All these are strenuous job. Sometimes a teacher has to spend his time by the sweat of his bro, but though he spends a very busy time and is generally held in high esteem, in our society he is often neglected and given a very poor salary. Though he is the architect of the nation, his salary is not commensurate with his responsibility and his work. So we have a great responsibility to a teacher. We have to vindicate and uphold his social status and ensure the emoluments that he deserves.
Grammar Session  
1. Writing an Application
The Principal
Szed Hatem Ali College, Barisal
Subject : Prayer for the development of the girls common room
I beg most respectfully to state that the facilities available in the girls common room are very poor. Besides, the number of students has increased considerably this year. So, the common room is always crowded. But many of the girls students have to idle away their time. More newspapers and more facilities for indoor games can keep them engaged. Two more newspapers one Bengali and one English, four more chessboards with chessman and a ping-pong table will do for the present.
I therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough to give orders to supply the articles mentioned above.
Yours obediently,
Keramat Ali
On behalf of the students of class XI

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