Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Right forms of verbs for SSC Exam

Complete the passage with suitable verbs from the list. Put them in correct tenses. Use negatives where necessary.
Man (a) — curious to know different things. He (b) — to discover the things and incidents that happen everyday, He (c) — other’s viewpoint, attitude and behavior. But to know one’s oneself (d) — different from knowing others. It (e) — the quest of finding beyond the material capacity.
Patriotism implies those qualities which (a) — a man noble. Patriots lives (b) — to the well-being of their country. But those devoid of patriotic zeal (c) — self-centered. They (d) — no scruples (e) — against the country.
Last month we visited the Shishu park (a) — in Joypurhat. We spent three hours (b) — birds, deer, plants and statues. We made a lot of fun too. The weather was cool, and we enjoyed the soothing breeze (c) —. We could have enjoyed more if you (d) — present with us. However, we decided we (e) — that place again.
In an ancient city the statue of Justice (a) — in the public square, (b) — the scales of justice in his left hand and a sword in his right, which (c) — that the country (d) — as per law. But in course of time the laws (e) — corrupted.
In 1912, an American shipping company (a) — a new ship called the Titanic. At that time it (b) — the largest ship that ever (c) — and (d) — as unsinkable. Unfortunately on its very first voyage it (e) — on iceberg and sank.
The annual prize giving ceremony of our college came off yesterday. It (a) — in the college ground. The programme started after the chief guest (b) —. Our principal (c) — the names of the recipients and the prizes (d) — away by the chief guest. It (e) — over, the principal thanked all.
Student life is that part of life which (a) — in receiving education from primary school to college or university. The first and foremost duty in student life is (b) — knowledge. He should read not only his (c) — books but also the books of famous writers in different fields of study. The certain duties to the society should (d) —. They should (e) — in mind that the whole country depends on their lives.

Answer sheet :
1. a) gets b) tries c) estimates d) is e) requires
2. a) make b) are devoted c) are d) feel e) to plot
3. a) situated b) watching c) blowing d) had been e) would visit
4. a) was installed/ installed b) upholding/ upheld c) symbolized d) was governed e) became
5. a) launched b) was c) had ever been built d) was regarded e) struck
6. a) was held b) had come c) called d) were given/ were distributed e) being
7. a) is spent b) to gain c) prescribed d) be completed e) keep.

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