Friday, February 22, 2013

Bangladesh - Beautiful Bangladesh

Bangladesh is often called a land of natural beauties. She is Natures darling child. On no other country of the world has Nature bestowed so much beauty as on Bangladesh. Her beauties consist in bounty and variety. Bangladesh is a playground of nature her tropical climate brings for her abundance of sunshine, on one hand and plenty of cloud and rain, on the other hand. There is always the play of light and shade in the land. She enjoys the pleasure of sunny weather, luxury of colors and throws an appeal of an unending ocean of greenery her green fields overflowing with golden crops the spotless blue and cloudy sky. Her moonlit and pitch dark night all these present scenes of romantic charm and beauty. Then come to the beauties of the river scenes of Bangladesh. The banks of the rivers present an unbroken view of a variety of sights which enchant the eyes. The grand spectacle of the river on a moonlit night is simply bewitching. In Bangladesh six seasons in their distinctive roles come in procession. In summer, heat is Intense but there arc gifts of delicious fruits. In the rainy season floods occur but it is the season which is at the root of all verdure and greenery. In autumn, there are the play of hide and seek among the clouds, the blue sky and the enchanting moonlight at Last of all, spring presents variety of colors. No one can deny that Bangladesh is a matchless beauty spot in the world.

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