Friday, February 22, 2013

Olympic Games

In Greece, in ancient times the Olympic Games were held during the summer, once every four years, at Olympia a district in Ellis, also the city of Pisa in It In honor of Olympian Zeus. It was the greatest of the Greek national festivals and persons from all parts of the Greek world would assemble there. The winner was given only a garland of wild olive, Utility of holding Olympic Games: The Olympic Games were initiated, according to the tradition, in 776 B.C. When the first Olympiad is period of four years, being the interval from one celebration of the Olympic Games to another, used in reckoning time began. Women, however, were not granted permission to take part In the games. They were debarred from having the opportunity of watching the events too. Events and attractive records: In the primary stages only marathon, boxing, foot-racing pentathlon, wrestling, chariot-racing and a foot-race with amour were included in the Olympic Games, Later on, the games deteriorated and in 392 A.D. they were banned totally. The name of Pierre, Baron de Coubertin a 19th century French educator is associated with the revival of modern events of Olympic Games. He took the pioneering role in this regard. The first modern games were held at Athens in 1896 and the first successful Olympic Games were held at London in 1908. Towards the end of the 20th century Moscow was the venue of the Olympic Games in 1980 and Los Angeles in 1984, Seoul, South Korea in 1988, Barcelona in 1992. Atlanta in 1996, Sydney In 2000, Athens in 2004. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing of China. With the passage of time, the games have developed by and by with more competitors and a wider range of events. Women contestants first made their entry into the games in 1900. The games are governed by an International Olympic Committee (be). Modern Olympic Games include sprint, long-run, marathon, hurdles race, walking. Relay-race, Steeple-chase, high-jump, and broad-jump, Triple-jump, pole-vault, shot-put, hammer-throw, discus-throw, javeline-throw, Pentathlon, decathlon, swimming. Diving, rowing, water polo, boating, yachting, basket-ball, wrestling, volley-ball, boxing, skating, canoeing, cycling, fencing, equestrian, hockey, gymnastics, judo, soccer, shooting, weight-lifting, etc. 2004 Olympic In Athens. The world famous male sprinter and female sprinter are Justin Gatlin (USA) and Julia Nesters (Belarus). Significance of Mutual Amity of Olympic Competition: With a view to fostering friendship and brotherhood among the different nations of the world, Olympic Games are celebrated. In these games only the amateur players are allowed to participate: the professionals are not. One thing should not go unmentioned here. Though the motto of the Olympic Games is very fine, yet the bond of friendship has been shaken many a time because of the lack of understanding between the nations. If these continue, there cannot be any justification for holding such games. Hatred begets hatred. Conclusion: Despite differences, defects and misunderstanding the Olympic Games possess permanent value in their inner content. Millions of spectators and thousands of athletes, irrespective of caste and creed, assemble in the Olympic city. Their languages are different and appearances dissimilar but the mission Is the same. A good player always plays the game. Because for him the important is thing in games is not to win but to take part. We may remember another slogan of 2004 Olympic Humanism Olympic and Technology

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