Friday, February 22, 2013

Unemployment Problem in Bangladesh

Unemployment means the state of being without any work both for educated and uneducated person for earning one's livelihood. This problem has become a great concern all over the world. But nowhere in the world is this problem so acute as in Bangladesh. Thousands of people in our country are without any job. At present the toughest task for any young man is to manage a job. It is tedious and sometimes humiliating. A person has to run year after year from office to office to find out a job. Hundreds of candidates swarm over a single post. The bad effect of unemployment is not only confined to the economic field but also destroys the sense of moral values for want of employment. Many young people become frustrated. They have to lead a vagabond life. They have to idle away that time. Life becomes a curse and burden to them. When there is no dimity of hope, they resort to commit different types of crimes like hijacking; plundering, robbery, murder, terrorism, drug addicting etc. Causes of unemployment: There are many reasons behind unemployment problem. Population growth: Our country is over populated. The rapid growth of population is the main reason of unemployment problem. Job facilities are very small in proportion to the growth of population. And this increasing number of population outpaces all development of the country. Industrial backwardness: Our country is industrially very much backing behind, in fact the development in this field is very slow. Cottage industries have almost decayed. The few mills factories and industries that we have can only absorb a limited number of people. Limited cultivable land: Most of the people of our country depend on agriculture. But our cultivable land is very limited. So, it can not engage a huge number of people. Moreover, this profession is seasonal. So, the farmers have to sit idle for a few months in a year. Faulty education system: Our present system of education in stead of giving any solution creates educated unemployed young men. In our educational system there is no much scope of giving vocational training and technical education to a student. So after taking the highest degree even from the highest seat of learning, they remain unemployed. Attitude of our educated young men our educated Youngman generally think it to be disgraceful to do any manual work they prefer service to any kind of business, this false sense of dignity and prestige is necessary of the reasons of their being unemployed. Solution: In order to eradicate this problem we have to mobilize all our energies to this great purpose without wasting time. The most essential measure is to industrialization of our country. A large number of mills, factories and industries should be set up where many of our unemployed youths will get the opportunity to work. A great change should be brought in our education system. More importance should be given on professional, vocational and technical education. These will make an opening to work in different industrial sectors both home and abroad. The educated youth should change their attitude to life. They must learn to choose independent career. They can work in agriculture field, cultivate fish, and grow vegetables. They can start small business. In fact self employment is a possible solution to this great problem. Steps should be taken to set up co-operative farming, cottage industries and to open new system of public work in the rural areas to create job for the village people. Bangladesh earns a handsome amount of foreign currencies by exporting manpower. This has solved this problem to a little extant. If proper measure is taken, their number can easily be increased. But attempt will bear any fruit unless effective measures are taken to keep the population growth under control. Unemployment is great curse to a nation. We can not expect the development of out country leaving its millions of people unemployed to survive as a boa station. We should make all out efforts to get rid of this curse.

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