Friday, February 22, 2013

Traffic Congestion in Dhaka City

Introduction: Dhaka is a Mega City having more than thirteen crores of people. The population density in the city is the highest in the world. As ours is a developing country, the city dwellers are facing lots of problems everyday. The sewerage system, transportation, electricity, housing, traffic management, etc. in the city are problematic. Amongst these various problems traffic congestion is the most acute one. Causes of traffic congestion the traffic congestion in the Dhaka city is the result of various factors. These are:
(i) Large population: Dhaka is a thickly populated city. As time goes, the number of people increases day by day. Not only this, people from different parts of [he country come here every now and then for various purposes, like business, official, medical, tourism etc. So a lot of people ply on the road and it causes traffic congestion in the roads of Dhaka city.
(ii) No respect to the traffic laws there are some traffic laws In Bangladesh. But it seems that those are only laws without any use. More particularly, the punishment for violation of traffic laws is not effective. As a result, some people do not pay respect to the traffic law and do whatever they like. Besides, the drivers are not aware enough about the traffic rules and regulations. So lack of respect of the public to the traffic laws and their ignorance about it contribute to the traffic congestion in the Dhaka city.
(iii) Illiterate drivers Most of the drivers of Bangladesh are illiterate. So they cannot learn the traffic rules and cannot read the traffic signs on the road. They want to drive at their sweet will. Not only this, their overtaking tendency, competitive speed and risky driving also cause traffic congestion In the Dhaka city.
(iv) Problems with the traffic laws and management: The traffic laws available in our country are not enough for efficient traffic management. Moreover, the police forces, engaged in the traffic management of the city. are not efficient and sincere in performing their duties. Sometimes they are found gossiping themselves and also with the vehicle drivers. They do not have the attention to control the jam. But they are busy to collect bribe from the drivers. This Is also a great cause of traffic congestion in the Dhaka city.
(v) Unplanned and narrow roads: Most of the roads of the Dhaka city are unplanned. Sometimes It happens that the roads are narrow and the vehicles that have entered into these roads are large. These cause heavy blocks in about half kilometer or more.
(vi) Abundance of rickshaws: The Dhaka city presently has been swept by five lakh rickshaws. A rickshaw carries only one or two passengers but occupies a much larger road space in comparison to a bus per passenger. As it is driven by man, it is slow and it cannot be directed quickly towards its destination. Plying on the same road with the motor vehicles it reduces the speed of the overall traffic.
Disadvantages of traffic congestion: Traffic congestion creates a great problem to the social and individual life of the people of the Dhaka city. It wastes our valuable time as vehicles stand still on the road for a long time. Students cannot reach their institutions In time and office workers reach offices late. It causes great sufferings to the emergency medical workers who are using ambulance carrying dying patients. [t also makes delay for the fire brigade vehicles in times of emergency. It also causes environmental pollution. Suggested measures for getting rid of traffic congestion problem in the Dhaka city, both the government and private sector should come forward with innovative programmes and initiatives
(i) Increase of road space Increase of road space in the Dhaka city is actually very difficult and costly. However, there are some areas in the city where road spaces can be increased by the concerned authority. Besides, the road spaces of the city must be kept free from any Illegal occupation.
(ii) Shifting of low capacity vehicles : In the most important and busy roads of the city, the low capacity and slow moving rickshaws and auto rickshaws should not be allowed to ply on.
(iii) Improving the traffic management system the traffic management system of the city should be improved through installation of sophisticated traffic signals and traffic directing instruments. Moreover, the existing traffic laws of the country should be reformed. Provision should be made to ensure the punishment for violation of traffic rules and regulations. It is also to be ensured that the police personnel should perform their duty with honesty and sincerity. Another thing we have to do is to make sure that the drivers have the proper knowledge about traffic system and traffic laws.

Conclusion: Now, from the above discussion, it is clear that the problem of traffic congestion in the Dhaka city could not be solved totally overnight. However, Initiatives taken so far by the government are praiseworthy. They include construction of fly-over at different important points of the city. Different transport companies are formed under which huge number of people.

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