Tuesday, February 12, 2013

capital letters and punctuation mark for PEC Exam

Q. Rewrite the following sentences using capital letters and punctuation marks where necessary.
1. I come to dhaka with my father.
2. hi Im rina
3. hellow may I introduce myself
4. nice to meet you too raina
5. Ill wait for you
6. would you like to come
7. hello mr smith
8. hello tamal how are you
9. Im fine thanks
10. good morning ms smith
11. this is ms anna smith
12. ms smith is our new english teacher.
13. do you have any class now
14. are you in a hurry
15. great lets sit down and chat
16. good morning mr saha
17. mr Islam saikats father is a banker
18. he is a good student
19. he wants to improve his english
20. have you any wool
21. maleka begum is a housewife

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