Friday, February 22, 2013

International Mother Language Day

Introduction Each and every nation has got some remarkable or memorable days. As an independent nation, Bangladesh is not an exception to it. Our Mother Language Day or 21st February is regarded as a memorable day in the history of Bangladesh. It is the day when the people of Bangladesh sacrificed their lives for the sake of their mother tongue. So it Is called SHAHEED DAY. It is a red-letter day in our national life. On this day the nation bows down with rich tribute to the language martyrs. This immortal 21st February was declared by UNESCO as International Mother Language Day. UNESCOs declaration Our Language Movement Day or 21st February was recognized as International Mother Language Day by UNESCO in November 1999. Considering the Bangalee Nationalism and the importance of the day UNESCO has declared it so. The recognition of this day by UNESCO has increased the glory of our nation in the whole world. Background: The day has a historic background. After the birth of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah declared Urdu and only Urdu shall be the state language of Pakistan. This declaration was devastating and dangerous. All classes of people of Bangladesh burst into anger and raised a strong protest against this declaration. The common people joined the students and the political leaders with a demand that Bangla should be the state language as the majority of the population of Pakistan speaks in Bangla. The then people in authority ignored the demand. Then the protesting bodies came out raising slogans In thousand voices and the struggle took a very serious turn. The ruling class became furious and imposed 144 all over the country and banned all meetings and processions. But on the 21st February 1952, the students and the public defied 144 and started a procession from Dhaka University campus adjacent to Dhaka Medical College. The brutal police shot at the procession indiscriminately. The daring Bangalees with strong determination advanced in the midst of firing and lathi charging. As a result, many brave sons of Bangladesh like, Rafiq, Salam, Barkat, Shaflq, Jabbar died. But Bangalees did not step back. Rather the movement became so strong then that the ruling class was forced to recognize Bangla as one of the state languages In the then Pakistan. How to observe: The importance of 21st February is great to the people of Bangladesh. During the observance of the day the national flag is kept hoisting half mast everywhere. The head of the government places floral wreaths on the Central Shaheed Minar at one minute past 12 midnight paying a rich homage to the mother tongue and the language martyrs as well. People throughout the country erect Shaheed Minar and on this day put garlands of flowers on Its altar as a mark of profound respect. They also hold a meeting before it. They make speeches and pray for the salvation of the departed souls Of the language myrtrs of 1952. People bring out a Provat Ferry in the morning singing the patriotic songs in chorus Amar Bhayer Raktey Rangano Ekushey February. BTV and Bangladesh Betar broadcast special programmes. Conclusion: People of Bangladesh can never forget this day. We are grateful to the UNESCO for the noble and worldwide declaration. This immortal 21st February of the Bangalees is now being observed throughout the world as the International Mother Language Day. This day has elevated our position in the International community.

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