Friday, February 22, 2013

Seasons in Bangladesh

There are six seasons in Bangladesh. Each season has its own features. We hear new sounds and enjoy new scenes in each season. Nowhere in the world are the six seasons so sharply felt as in Bangladesh. Everything changes. The people also feel different in each season. They forget the monotony of life and start their daily work anew. Summer its feature: The first season in Bengali calendar is the summer. Baisakh and Jaistha constitute summer. During summer the sun shines hotly. The heat is terrible. Water goes dry. Ponds, canals, lakes and small rivers go dry. There is scarcity of water everywhere. The earth gets parched. People sweat at the slightest work and become tired and thirsty. There is sultry hot. People can not work at ease. Summer is also the season of various fruits. Various seasonal fruits ripe then sometimes Kalbaishakhi sweeps over, the country and causes harm and make many people homeless. The Rains: After summer comes the rainy season. It is most welcome to people because people heave sigh of relief from excessive heat. The sky is overcast with clouds and the sun can not be seen for hours even for days. It rains heavily now and then, sometimes cats and dogs and in small drops. Ponds, canals, lakes and rivers are full to the brim. The earth and roads are wet and muddy Rain is a great blessing for our country. Our agriculture depends on this rain. If the rain does not come in time, our farmers can not reap a good harvest, Rain carries away the filths and darts everything in nature looks fresh, at this time people move by boats, Some times it rains so heavily that it causes flood and bring untold miseries to people. The autumn: After the rain comes the autumn. Bhadra and Aswin are the months of this season. Rain is not so copious; the sky is clear, White clouds float in the sky. People especially the farmers look happy because they go to the market with loads of jute and earn money. The Hindus perform their Durga puja in this season. The late autumn the autumn rolls into the late autumn, it is the season of dew and farmers look happy. They are busy in harvesting. They perform the Nobanna. It also hints the arrival of winter. Winter: The late autumn is followed by the winter. Winter looks gloomy. Trees become bare of leaves, Days are very short and the nights are very long, people shiver in cold. Winter is welcome to the rich because they can wear their warm clothes but the poor suffer much from cold. They burn dry leaves and straw to warm them. Birds and other animals also suffer from cold. People wrap themselves with quilt and blanket when they go to bed at night. Various delicious vegetables grow in this season and people eat them. It is the season of fog. Spring: Spring is the best of all seasons. It is neither too cold nor too hot. Tree's get new leaves and flowers. A gentle breeze blows and makes everyone happy. The sweet song of the cuckoo is heard. Thus moves the cycle of six seasons. Each season has its own influence on the people of Bangladesh.

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