Friday, February 22, 2013

Floods in Bangladesh

Introduction: During the summer and the rainy seasons, the water of the rivers often rises so high that it overflows the banks and the earth goes under water. This sudden rise of water is called flood. Causes: Flood is mainly caused by heavy showers of rain during the rainy season. Rivers and canals cannot hold the water of rains and the water overflows the banks which causes flood. A river may overflow its banks If its bed is silted or Its course is too zigzag to allow free flow of water. In hilly regions floods may occur as a result of heavy down flow of water on account of melting of snow on mountains. Again, catastrophic flood may be caused by cyclones and tidal bores in the seas. Terrible aspect of flood in Bangladesh: Flood is a regular terror to our country which leaves behind a trail of ruins; it causes havoc to lives and properties. The granaries of the house holders are destroyed. The crop fields look like vast sheets of water. Cattle and even human beings are killed, houses are destroyed. People have to stay under the open sky. All communication with the outside world is cut off. They cannot meet the bare necessities for existence. Hence, the sufferings of the people know no bounds. To add to the misery, it leaves behind wide spread damages of crops and epidemic diseases. Aftermaths of flood after subsiding, flood leaves behind devastated land and crop-fields, epidemic diseases and scarcity not only of food but also of pure drinking water. Wide-spread damage of crops results in famine. A large number of men and animals die of starvation as well as diseases. To add to the sufferings the prices of all daily necessities increase by leaps and bounds. In fact, the after effects of flood are more terrible. Among the recent floods, the floods of 1984 and 1987 caused a huge loss to life and property. But the flood of 1988 has broken the previous records of losses. About ninety percent areas were under water for several days and it caused a great harm. The flood of 1998 is also an example of the most terrible floods in recent years. Blessings of flood Floods in an agricultural country like ours have often been looked upon as a blessing in disguise. Floods leave on the submerged areas a rich alluvial deposit that greatly increases the fertility of soil. Besides, it also washes away the garbage that accumulates on the surface of the earth. Relief measures and controlling: During flood, people come forward to help the sufferers. They are given shelter in the houses of their fortunate fellow-men or public places. There, they are clothed and fed by charitable people, different organizations and the government. Loans are granted to enable them to take up their work of life again. Many other countries in the world also extend their helping hands for survival of the distressed people. Means to control: A definite scheme should be adopted to prevent flood permanently. Proper dams and embankments should be constructed so that the water of the rivers cannot rise above the danger level. Obstacles to natural flow of water should be removed. The silted-up beds of the rivers have to be excavated for carrying more water. Conclusion: Due to her geographical position, Bangladesh is very much prone to floods. Unless this catastrophe is checked, our development Is Impossible. Therefore, we should find out a permanent solution to control floods to ensure our development.

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