Friday, February 22, 2013

Internet in Bangladesh

Introduction: Twentieth century is the period of wonderful development of science. Man has brought the world in his fist at the present period by dint of his own effort. One of the unique contributions of this period is Internet. This combined process of satellite technology and computer has brought an all-pervading possibility of human welfare. Meaning: The word Internet is the abbreviated form of international Network. The network of all networks is the most modern success of Information technology. It can collect and send messages, information and pictures very quickly from one corner of the world to another. More than one person can procure information by joining a number of terminals with a chief computer. Network after network joining together has created a large dimensioned network throughout the world. There is a symbolic meaning of Internet. It is WWW by which we mean World Wide Web and it is attributed properly because of its worldwide activities of communication. History of Internet The history of the origin of Internet does not go far. In 1960 the defense service of Pentagon of the USA used it for the first time. The computer experts of the defense service introduced a system of internal relation among four different computers. This system was called Arpanet. In 1984 National Science Foundation of the USA introduced another system like this for the common people. It was called Nesconset. In the course of three years It gained wide circulation. In the meantime there emerged other small and middle dimensioned networks. Consequently there arose some problems in communicating information through computers. To get rid of those difficulties a central network was formed at the beginning of the 90s of the last century. In 1993 it was exposed for commercial use. Within a short period millions of members were connected with Internet. At present more than twenty thousand networks are connected with international network. Its users are increasing rapidly in every nook and corner of the world. Kinds of Internet An ordinary user can be a recipient of an Internet in two ways. Those two ways are known as on-line and off-line methods. Through telephone one can connect his computers directly with any service provider. This method Is on-line method. In this method users can be involved in service provider at any time of the day. Besides through IP process one can communicate with Internet. On the other hand using an adjacent server as a medium of Internet and user can take the advantage of an Internet. It is called off-line Internet or E-mail. In this process the users send all their messages through computers to their nearer server. Through the interconnected server this central server sends all those information to necessary computers at one definite time of a day. Besides, the recipients can collect the incoming messages at a fixed time of a day through a local call. So it is found that off-line Is an available cheap medium of communication. Importance of Internet: The main objective behind the invention of Internet is to transmit and receive messages quickly. Through Internet/E-mail process message can be sent very quickly in a few seconds. I am the cheapest medium of communication. To send a letter in America one is to spend twenty to thirty taka whereas through E-mail it will cost 0.50 to 2.50 taka only. Its low cost is a threat to the use of Fax. Other uses of Internet: Sitting home a man in Bangladesh can study at any library of London. One can sort books of his own accord through Internet. Even he can print some pages of a book in the screen of his computer. If any man in any country desires, he can read the newspapers and magazines etc. setting them in his computer. Job seekers can apply to different institutions through Internet. He can easily send his resume to the defined Institution through a computer on the basis of advertisement. Many opportunities can be availed through Internet such as communicating with foreign doctors, meeting friends and relatives, giving proposal of marriage, shopping, Office management, entertainment and many other affairs of daily life. Internet communication in Bangladesh: Bangladesh first started using Internet in November 1993. Information Services Network (ISN) began Internet Service at Dhaka for the first time. Then came forward is the Grameen Cybernet with a view to sending IT to the grass root level. Bangladesh T and T Boar has permitted five institutions to set up VSATS. Those institutions are Reuter. World Bank Mission is in Dhaka, Cytec, Isn and Beximco. Some universities and newspapers have set up Internet services in Bangladesh. Since its inception Internet service was limited to E-mail. On-line connection was introduced on 15 June, 1996. In the year 2002 sixty thousand internet connections in total were given to our country. Demerits of Internet: Darkness behind light and evil behind good is an experienced fact. In the same way some demerits also lark behind the innumerable merits of Internet. This is because the indecency and nakedness of the forbidden world of Internet has been leading our young generation to the bottomless pit of moral decadence. Blackmailing, virus infection and stealing of information cause great harm to the users of computers. Conclusion In spite of having demerits Internet is a must for every country of the present world. But the price of computer is beyond the reach of our common people. Bangladesh has ample opportunity in Software export and data entry industry In the world market. Like garment industry Bangladesh can earn a lot of foreign currency through this Industry.

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