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Suggestion for SSC Examination-2013:English 2nd Paper

Suggestion for SSC Examination-2013
English 2nd Paper
Probable Paragraph for Examination:

Drug Addiction/ Traffic Jam./ A Street
Accident//Price hike in Bangladesh/Food Adulteration/Green house effect/ Gender discrimination.
Computer/Internet/ E-Mail/Mobile Phone.
A tea stall. /A Bus Stand/A Railway
Station/A Book Fair
A Moonlit Night / A Rainy day.
A Winter Morning

A farmer/ A Fisherman
The Rickshaw Puller.
 A Street Beggar./A Street Children
A day labourer
Morning Walk / Early Rising
An Ideal student
A Village Doctor

Probable Report Writing for Examination
Prize distribution ceremony./A Prize distribution function./Celebration of the Independence day/ Victory day observed/International mother Language day./A cultural Programme held/ /Pahela Baishakh celebration./ A Boishakhi Mela held./ Ekushey Book fair.
Frequent load shedding./Unbearable traffic Jam./Cyclone affected area./A Serious Road Accident./High price of essential commodities
An exciting cricket match
Probable composition for Examination:
Your aim in life/ Discipline
My daily life/ Duties of a student life/Your Hobby
Science in everyday life.
Uses of Television
Computer in Every day life
Importance of Reading Newspaper
Physical Exercise/Necessity of Learning English
The season you like best/The Rainy season in Bangladesh.
A Village Fair/Market.
Tree Plantation
The Game you like best./Your favourite Sport
Enjoy a plane/Train/Boat/Bus journey

 Application Writing.
A job application in response to the advertisement of “Career Opportunity for an English Teacher”
To the Deputy Commissioner (DC)/The Authority Concerned/The Upazilla Chairman /Upazilla Nirbahi Officer (UNO)/Thana Nirbahi Officer (TNO) to construct a bridge /for relief goods and medical Aids  ./Charitable dispensary./  sinking a Tube well/ repairing the damaged roads. 
To the Headmaster of your school for increasing /enhancing library facilities/setting up a computer club/a canteen/increasing common room facilities/setting up language club/debating club/cultural club/literary club ./providing facilities for games and sports/  etc.
For  going on a picnic/study tour/Excursion./ Patronizing to stage an annual drama/ arranging science fair /Baishakhi Mela/open a relief camp  etc
For going home earlier./half holiday to rejoice at a victory/to witness a cricket match/ To play a friendly football match./ a seat in the school hostel/Transfer Certificate(TC)/ for full-free studentship/financial assistant /help from the poor fund./ remission of delay fine/late fine ./leave of absence /admission/readmission  into a school.

Probable Dialogue Writing for Examination

 about the way to eradicate the illiteracy problem from the society./ about the adverse effect of illiteracy./ the importance of learning English/ about improving English/the way to learn English/ the use of computer/internet/Mobile/ about the strategies of making brilliant  result./ on their progress of study for the SSC  examination./benefits of reading newspaper/Physical exercise/Early Rising/necessity of Tree Plantation/load Shedding./information Technology/abuse of mobile phone/benefits of Morning walk/ Etc
 about a village life and country life./t a football match./Cricket match/ how they should spend the time after the examination
A   dialogue showing that  a patient and a doctor.
you and a sells man in the shop about buying a book/a pair of shoes.
Father/friends  and son on the choice of career/ aims in life./discussing their future of studies
you and a foreigner who has come to Bangladesh for the first time.
for getting the direction to a post office./Bus stand./hospital/hotel
Suggested Items for Summary:  Practicing for Examination.
Education is the process by which-------responsibilities.
Sincerity is the root of -------to our work.
Studies are part and parcel of human beings……………..philosophey.
The secret of success -------proper use of time.
Little drops of water------------------------an Eden.
Man is the maker of his own fortunate ----------------------------to success
Patriotisms in a love for country.----------------and suffering.
Electronic mail popularly known as--------------purpose.
Completing a Story/an Imaginary Situation.
*** The Wolf and the crane.
*** The Idle king and the wise Doctor
*** The Fox and a Goat
***  An Ant and a Dove
*** Midas and his golden Touch.
*** The Lion and the Mouse.
*** Sheikh Sadi and the robbers
*** A Greedy Farmer and his goose
*** The foolish dog
**   The story of two Beggars.
*** The fox and the grapes
*** Robert Bruce and the Spider
**   The hare and the tortoise
*** An old farmer and his sons
**  A fox without a tail
*** A liar cowboy/A Liar Shepherd
*** Two cats and a Monkey
**   The dutiful and faithful Dog.
*** A Responsible Boy and his activity.
**   The Piped piper of Hamelin
**    Sultan Saluddin and king Richard
**    The teacher and his sensible student.
**    The woodcutter and the Fairy.
**    The way of giving up bad habits.
**     Soloman and the queen of Seba
**     Abu bin Adam and the angel
***   Who is to bell the cat?
**     The story of the frogs and a few Naughty boy.
**     A whimsical King
**     A Successful cricketer
Tips to follow:
  1. With a view to securing only pass marks, the students are suggested to follow only top ten numbers of each test items.
  2. The students who would like to get above 60% marks are suggested to follow top Fifteen numbers of each test items.
  3.  The students who must want to get GPA-5 are strictly suggested to follow ample proof of their originality, mode of expression, proper understanding and approach to the questions, correctness of spelling and language. 
  4. All the students are suggested to gain sound Writing skills, subject knowledge as well as lot of practice is required for obtaining good marks in the examination.
  5.  (* * * ) Three stars indicate very important (**) Two stars indicate important (* ) One Star indicates Probable.

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