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Competency Questions for Primary School certificate exam

Lesson 21

1. This is Rahim . He comes from Bangladesh.
What is Rahim’s nationality?
(a) Nepalese  (b) Bangladeshi        
(C) American (d) Indian.
2. I’m Tanver. I live in Fani. I read in class five I am 11 years old. I am short and fat.
Read the above information. Serialize the category of things underlined as it is found in the stem.
Figure, age, class, place of living, name.
Age, class, place, of living, figure.
Name, place of living, class, age, figure.
Name, class, place of living age, figure.

3. Mohamad ali is a teacher. He is 45 years old.
Read the lines above. Now, choose the right word to fill in the gap.
Mohamad Ali is a ________
Student. (b) Police officer. (c) Doctor. (d) Teacher.
4. Short Structured Question with Answers
Read the following statement
Navin is a Nepalese. He is 11 years old and reads in class six. She looks healthy and tidy.
What is Navin?
Ans: Navin is a Student.
See the picture.
(b) What is the name of this animal? 
Where does the animal live in?
Ans: The name of this animal is Royal Bengal Tiger. The Royal Bengal Tiger lives in the Sundarban.
5.Mahmud is 10 years old. Pick the right question which asks Mahmud’s age.
What old is Mahmud?
Who are old Mahmud?
How old is Mahmud?
When old is Mahmud?
6. Rearrange the following words and make a meaningful sentence.
Mahmud/ tall/ slim/ is/ healthy/ and/ but.
Mahmud is but tal, slim and healthy.
Mahmud is tall and slim but healthy.
Mahmud is healthy and but tall slim.
Mahmud is but tall, healthy and slim.
Ans: Mahmud is tall and slim but healthy.
7. Rewrite using capital letters and punctuation marks.

the annual sports of our school is on Saturday January 10 i will take my scholarship examination on December 15 2006 maina was born on june 15 1978 helal was born on January 21 1979 in jessore

Lesson 26&27
Shihab was having a very good time with his uncle Mr. Hafizuddin. He took his around to see different places of the city. One day Mr. Hafizuddin came home early from his office. He said to Shihab. “ Today, I’ll take you to see the Mohakhali flyover.” On his way to Mohakahali, Shihab was thinking what a flyover could be. He thought it is a place from where people can fly. They got down from the bus at a bus stop. Shihab noticed a road high over their head. He asked, Uncle, why have they built a bridge over a road? Where is the flyover? I want to fly from there. Mr. Haffizuddin smiled. “This is not a bridge, Shihab. This is a flyover.” Oh! The flyover,” He was amazed to see it. A flyover is a road. It is built on pillars over another road. Shihab turned to his uncle and asked, “Do we have flyovers in other cities?” No, said his uncle. “Only the very big and busy cities have flyovers. You know, there are too many buses, trucks and cars now in Dhaka city. During office and school time, there is a long queue of traffic causing traffic jam. Now people can go through the flyover. They now can save time. There is another flyover at Khilgaon.”
Shihab stood on the sidewalk and looked down. He saw cars and buses, running under the flyover. He did not know there could be roads one above the other. This is what his uncle told him. The flyover is 1.8 kilometers long.
Its width is 14.63 meters excluding the side walks. The flyover is built on 51 pillars. Four cars can ply on the flyover at a time. The centre of the flyover is 7 meters high from the ground. A Chinese company has constructed it. About 136 core take was spent to build the flyover.

1. Choose the best answer given into the bracket.
Shihab _______ a road high over their head. (saw/ noticed/ looked).
A flyover is a _________. (long road/ long place/ road).
People now can save the (work/ time/ hour).
The flyover width is ________ meters excluding the side walks. (14.63/ 15.63/ 63.14)
A _________ company has constructed it. (Japanee/ Chiness/ American).

2. Match the phrase from column. A with the phrases from column B.
A         B
1.They got down from
2. He thought it is a place from
3. Shihab saw the
4. Shihab was thinking what
5. A changes company has 1. Mohakhali flyover.
2. Constructed it.
3. Built it.
4. The bus at a bus stop.
5. A flyover could be.
6. Where people can fly.
3. Answer the following questions.
Who is Shihab?
What did Mr. Hafizuddin want to show him?
How many cars can ply on the flyover at a time?
How high is the centre of the flyover from the ground?
Who has constructed it?

4. Make Sentences with the following words.
Bright, tank, mole, a long time. Young, rich, tailor.

5. i. Choose the correct answer:                 1X 10= 10
Identify the correct sentence.
Ripon goes to school yesterday.
Ripon went to school yesterday.
Ripon will go to school yesterday.
Ripon have been ill.

ii. Find out type of the following sentence.

What an interesting scenery it is!
Command. b. statement. c. request. d. exclamation.

iii. Find out type of the following sentence.

He has a nice building in Dhaka city.
Command. b. statement. c. request. d. exclamation.

iv. We see the cuckoo-
in rain. b. in spring. c. summer. d. in winter.

v. A heron is a _________ bird.
Common. b. uncommon. c. seasonal. d. mighratory.

vi. Who generally recives a letter?
a sender. b. a peon. c. a reciver. d.  a post man.

vii. General a request sentence starts with____
Will/shall. b. am/is. c. would/ could. d.  be/ being.
viii. What does a doctor do?
Sells medicine b. buys medicine c. takes medicine d.  Prescribes medicine.

ix. A person is called a cowboy when he ____
Looks after cow. b. looks after sheep. c. looks after goat. d. looks after dog.

x. Rashed works in private hospital. He treats the patients with great care.
Who is Rashed?
Doctor b. a helper c. peon d. a techer.

6. Ms Nazmun Naher works in a hospital. She is a nurse. She takes care of ill. Hurt and weak patients. She is a mostly needed for the village women in the time of child birth.

What is Ms Nazmun?
Who works in a hospital?
When is she mostly needed?

7. Maina can sing. It can easily copy our voice and talk. It is more a talking bird than a singing bird. Maina is popular as a pet bird in our house.
a. What is the nature of Maina?
b. What is the difference between a cuckoo and a maina?

8. Last summer. Mita went to the Mirpur Zoo. she went there with her family. They saw many big and small animals. They saw lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, deer, snakes, bears, camles and crocodiles. Most of the animals were kept in cages.

Why are some animals kept in cages?                     1x 6= 6


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