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Probable Cloze Test (without clues) for JSC Examination

Probable Cloze Test (without clues) for JSC Examination
1.    While Mr Ant worked on his farm, Mr Grasshopper sang (a)---in the warm sun. And when he (b)---,he sat and (c)---the beautiful countryside all around him. He looked at the (d)---on the trees,the green fields and the fishermen’s (e)---on the sea. Then Mr. Grasshopper (f)---asleep. While Mr Grassopher slept (g)----in his chair, Mr Ant continued to work on his farm.(h)---many days, weeks and months, he was busy in his fields. And as soon as his crops were ready, he (i)----the grain in his granary. So while Mr Grassopher enjoyed his (j)----,Mr Ant worked hard from morning until night.(wg.wccov hLb Zvi Lvgv‡i KvR KiZ ZLb wg.Nvmdwos Dò †iŠ‡`ª g‡bi my‡L Mvb KiZ|Avi,hLb †m Mvb _vgvZ ZLb †m e‡m e‡m Zvi Pvicv‡k¦i© PgrKvi MÖvg¨ cwi‡e‡ki cÖksmv Ki‡Zv|‡m Mv‡Qi meyRcÎcj­e Avi,mey‡R XvKv gv‡Vi w`‡K ZvKv‡Zv|‡m AviI mgy‡`ªi ey‡K gvwS‡`i ‡bŠKv¸‡jvi w`‡K ZvwK‡q ‡`L‡Zv|Gfv‡eB wg Nvmdwos  Nywg‡q co‡Zv| Gici †m Zvi †Pqv‡i Mfxi Ny‡g X‡j co‡Zv|Aciw`‡K wg wccuov Zvi Lvgv‡i KvR Ki‡Z †h‡Zv|Gfv‡e eûw`b,mßvn Avi gv‡mi ci gvm †m Zvi dm‡ji gv‡V e¨¯Í _vKZ|Avi,hLbB Zvi dmj N‡i †Zvjvi mgq n‡Zv ZLb †m dmj¸‡jv Zvi †Mvjvq Zz‡j ivLZ|A_v©r wg Nvmdwos hLb Zvi Aemi hvcb KiZ ZLb wg.wccuov mKvj †_‡K ivZ Aewa K‡Vvi cwikªg KiZ|) 
Answer: (a) happily (b) admired (c) green (d) boats (e) asleep (f) quietly (g) continued (h) months (i) granary (j) leisure
2.    Everyone turned towards the window.There, near the school garden,(a)----some fertilizer in a bamboo (b)---. “That’s our fertilizer,” explained Luna. “It’s dirty as it’s made (c)----all kinds of waste materials,(d)---it’s good for the (e)----.” “Good for the soil,but (f)—is not good for me!” said Sarah.Mrs Amin (g)----to some flowers on her (h)----. “Do you like (i)----, “Sarah?” asked Mrs Amin. “Oh, yes,” said Sarah. “They are (j)----beautiful.”(cÖ‡Z¨‡K Rvbvjvi w`‡K †Mj| †mLv‡b we`¨vj‡qi evMv‡bi Kv‡Q evu‡ki ˆZix GKwU gvPvq wKQy mvi wQj| jybv e¨vL¨v K‡i ejj H¸‡jvB Avgv‡`i mvi| †m ejj †h‡nZz G¸‡jv mKj cÖKvi gqjv Ave©Rbv †_‡K ˆZix ZvB G¸‡jv gqjvhy³ wKš‘ gvwUi Rb¨ fvj| Òmvivn ejjÓ G¸‡jv gvwUi Rb¨ fvj wKš‘ Avgvi Rb¨ fvj bq! wg‡mm Avwgb Zvi †W‡¯‹i Dci wKQy dz‡ji w`‡K wb‡`©k Ki‡jb| ÒZzwg wK G¸‡jv cQ›` Ki, mvivn?Ó wg‡mm Avwgb wRÁmv Ki‡jb| ÒIn, n¨vu,Ó mvivn ejj| G¸‡jv Avm‡jB my›`i|)
Answer: (a) stood (b) bin (c) from (d) but (e) soil (f) it (g) pointed (h)desk (i) these (j) really
3.    When all the tools were made, the students started (a) -----. It was a hot day in (b)---. They dug deep (c) ---- the ground with their spades and with their hoes they (d)--- the soil into small pieces. The rakes were used to (e) --- all the weeds and the baskets to carry them (f)----. After that the boys and girls used (g) --- to level the soil. It was hard work and they began to (h) --- a lot. Then the students (i)---- and looked at their work. “We’ve worked for one and half (j) --- and I’m tired.” said Anwar. (hLb me hš¿cvwZ ˆZwi n‡q †Mj,ZLb QvÎ-QvÎxiv KvR Kiv ïi“ K‡i w`j|GwU wQj gv‡P©i GKwU DËß w`b |Zviv Zv‡`i †Kv`vj w`‡q gvwUi Mfxi ch©šÍ Lyoj Ges wbovbx w`‡q gvwU‡K †QvU †QvU As‡k fvOj|AvMvQv msMÖ‡ni  Rb¨ KvwP e¨envi Kiv nj Ges Szwo e¨envi K‡i †m¸‡jv `~‡i miv‡bv nj|Zvici gvwU mgvb Kivi Rb¨ †Q‡j‡g‡qiv gB e¨envi Kij|GwU Lye KwVb KvR wQj Ges Zviv Nvg‡Z ïi“ Kij|Zvici QvÎ-QvÎxiv KvR eÜ Kij Ges Zv‡`i Kv‡Ri w`‡K ZvKvj|Av‡bvqvi ejj, ÒAvgiv †`o N›Uv a‡i KvR K‡iwQ Ges Avwg LyeB K¬všÍ|Ó)
Answer: (a) working (b) March (c) into (d) broke (e) collect (f) away (g) levelers (h) sweat (i) stopped (j) hours

4.    Today is Wednesday (a)---Nurpur High School and class 8 are enjoing their English lesson (b)--- Mrs Ayesha Amin . English is (c)--- early on Wednesday, so everyone is feeling fresh. Now the students are telling Mrs Amin about their (d)---. Sarah is feeling very (e) and wants to tell Mrs Amin about something. “It’s (f)--- from dirty old rubbish,”said Sarah. “And I (g)--- like it. Why must we (h)--- it, Madam?” “Make (i)---, Sarah?” asked Mrs Amin . “The rubbish (j)--- there !” exclaimed Sarah.(.AvR eyaevi| b~icyi D”P we`¨vj‡qi Aóg †kªYxi QvÎ-QvÎxiv wg‡mm Av‡qkv Avwg‡bi mv‡_ Zv‡`i Bs‡iwR cov Dc‡fvM Ki‡Q| eyaevi mKv‡j Bs‡iwR cov‡bv nq, ZvB mevB‡K †`Lv‡”Q| GLb QvÎ-QvÎxiv wg‡mm Avwgb‡K Zv‡`i AwfÁZv m¤ú©‡K ej‡Q| mvivn Lye nZvkv Abyfe Ki‡Q Ges wg‡mm Avwgb‡K wKQy ej‡Z Pv‡”Q| G¸‡jv cyi‡bv gqjv Ave©Rbv †_‡K ˆZix,Ó mvivn ejj| ÓAvi Avwg G¸‡jv cQ›` Kwi bv| Avgiv †Kb GUv Aek¨B ˆZix Kie, Rbve ?Ó ÓwK ˆZix mvivn ?Ó wg‡mm Avwgb wRÁm Ki‡jb| ÓH ‡h †mLv‡b Ave©Rbv¸‡jv! Ó mvivn AevK n‡q ejj|)
Answer(a) at (b) with (c) taught (d) experience (e) upset (f) made (g) don’t (h) make (i) what (j) over
5.    To prptect their (a)----plants from the (b)-----of the birds,Mrs and Mrs Ahmed (c)----to do something.They were (d)-----because it was (e)----for them to look after their garden all day (f)-----.They wanted to make something that could scare the birds (g)----.Mrs Ahmed (h)---that they could use (i)----and an old tin to make that.They took an old kersosine tin and put some small (j)----of metal into that.(wg Avn‡g` I wg‡mm Avn‡g` Zv‡`i KwP Pviv MvQ¸‡jv‡K cvwLi Avµgb †_‡K i¶v Kivi Rb¨ wKQy GKUv Kivi wm×všÍ wb‡jb| Zviv Lye wPwšÍZ wQj Kvib mviv w`b evMvb cvnviv †`Iqv Zv‡`i Rb¨ A‡bK KwVb wQj| Zviv Ggb wKQy ˆZix Ki‡Z †P‡qwQj hv cvwL Zvov‡Z cvi‡e| wg‡mm Avn‡g` cÖ¯Íve Ki‡jb †h Zviv evuk I cyi‡bv  wUb e¨envi K‡i GwU ˆZix Ki‡Z cvwi| Zviv †K‡ivwm‡bi cyi‡bv GKwU wUb wbj Ges Zv‡Z avZe c`v‡_©i wKQy †QvU †QvU UzKiv ivLj|)
Answer:(a) tender (b) attack/eating (c) decided (d) tensed/anxious (e) difficult (f) long (g) away (h) proposed (i) bamboo (j) pieces
6.    The next day, after breakfast, Frankel went to see his friend and Hans went to the (a) --------. It was very dirty. So Hans (b) ---------- to clean it. Suddenly he stopped, ‘Why am I working so (c) --------?” he asked himself. There’s no (d) ------- to. I can use Frankel’s spell for housework (e) ----------. Hans excited but (f) ----------- as he walked into Frankel’s library. The small metal object and the book were (g) -------- there on Frankel’s desk. Hans sat down and looked at the book. Then he held the (h) ------- object and followed the (i) --------- carefully. It wasn’t easy to cast, but he did his best. Then he stood up. “There, I’ve done it. ‘He said to (j) --------- proudly. (c‡ii w`b mKv‡ji bv¯Ívi ci dª¨v‡¼j Zvui eÜzi mv‡_ †`Lv Ki‡Z †Mj Ges n¨vÝ M‡elYvMv‡i XyKj|GwU Lye †bvsiv wQj; ZvB n¨vÝ cwi¯‹vi Ki‡Z ïi“ Kij|nVvr †m _vgj|‡m wb‡R‡K wRÁvmv Kij,ÒAvwg †Kb GZ KwVb KvR KiwQ?Ó †Kb Kwi?ÓGi †Kvb cÖ‡qvRb †bB|Zvi cwie‡Z© Avwg M„nK©‡gi Rb¨ dª¨v‡¼†ji hv`y e¨envi Ki‡Z cvwi|n¨vÝ D‡ËRbv Abyfe Kij wKšÍ wePwjZ Ae¯’vq dª¨v‡¼†ji cvVvMv‡ii w`‡K nvUj| dª¨v‡¼‡ji †W‡¯‹ †QvU avZe c`v_©wU I eBwU c‡owQj|n¨vÝ emj Ges eBwUi w`‡K ZvKvj|Zvici †m †QvU avZe c`v_©wU aij Ges mZ©Kfv‡e wb‡`©kbv AbymiY Kij|hv`y we`¨v cÖ‡qvM Kiv mnR wQj bv wKšÍ †m Zvi m‡ev©”P †Póv Kij|Zvici †m D‡V `vovuj Ges wb‡R‡K wb‡R Me© K‡i ejj, ÒGUv Avwg K‡iwQ|Ó)
Answer: (a) laboratory (b) started (c) hard (d)need (e) instead (f) nervous (g) still (h) small (i) instructions (j) himself
7.    Mr Ant and Grasshopper were two farmers.They worked on (a)----.They were (b)---,but there was (c)-----in (d)---beahaviour. Mr Ant was serious. He used to work(e)----too. He was very (f)---of his crops. When the (g)---were ready, he would (h)---them quickly and put them in a (i)----place in his house. He was against the (j)----of time.( wg. wcucov I wg.Nvmdwos `yÕRb K…lK wQj|Zviv Lvgv‡i KvR KiZ|Zviv Lye  eÜz wQj|wKš‘ Zviv wQj ci¯úi †_‡K wfbœ ¯^fv‡ei|wg wcucov wQj Lye AvšÍwiK|‡m K‡Vvi cwikªg Ki‡Z cviZ| †m Zvi dm‡ji e¨vcv‡i m‡PZb wQj|hLb dmj cwic° nZ, †m `ª“Z †m¸‡jv †K‡U †djZ Ges Zvi N‡i GKwU ¸`v‡g ivLZ|‡m mgq AcP‡qi wec‡¶ wQj|)29
Ans: (a) a (b) very (c) x (d) who (e) x (f) be\talk (g) could\did (h) cause\difference (i) could (j) in.

8.     After some (a)-----,the (b)---sunny days finished. Then the winter season came and the (c)---in Greece grew cold.The soft (d)---became hard and nothing(e)—grow.The leaves (f)---off the trees and the (g)—looked bare and grey. Then it started (h)---and the fields were covered in soft white snow.Mr Ant stayed inside his house.(i)---his widows he looked at the trees and the white (j)---covered in snow.(wKQyw`‡bi g‡a¨ Dò †iŠ`ªgq w`b¸‡jv †kl n‡q †Mj|Zvici kxZ †gŠmyg Gj Ges MÖx‡¯§i AvenvIqv AZ¨šÍ kxZj n‡q DVj|big gvwU k³ n‡Z jvMj Ges †Kvb wKQy Drcbœ nw”Qj bv|cvZv¸‡jv MvQ †_‡K S‡i co‡Z jvMj Ges MÖvgvÂj gwjb I aymi †`Lv‡Z jvMj|Zvici ZzlvicvZ ïi“ nj Ges †¶Z¸‡jv mv`v bi‡g Zzlv‡i †Q‡q †Mj|wg A¨v›U Zviu N‡i Ae¯’vb Ki‡Z jvM‡jb|Rvbvjv w`‡q wZwb MvQcvjv I †¶Z¸‡jv †`‡Lb hv Zzlv‡i Ave„Z|)30
Answer: (a) time (b) warm (c) weather (d) earth (e) could (f) dropped (g) countryside (h) snowing (i) through (j) fields.

9.     Beside the laboratory (a) ----Frankel’s library. In the laboratory Frankel and Hans worked hard (b) ----.Hans thought the laboratory was (c) ---like a smithy. For example, they (d) ---used chains, bellows, and a (e) ----to heat and mix with different kinds of metals. But a blacksmith’s work is (f) ----complicated than (g) ----.They used their (b) ----to make spells, not spades and hoes. Frankel, (i) ----, did not cast his spells in laboratory. And in the library, Frankel always worked (j)---by himself.(d¨v‡¼‡ji jvB‡eªix M‡elbvMv‡ii cv‡k wQj|M‡elbvMv‡i d¨v‡¼j I n¨vÝ GK‡Î K‡Vvi cwikªg KiZ| d¨v‡¼‡ji jvB‡eªix wQj M‡elYvMvi|n¨vÝ wPšÍv Kij M‡elYvMviwU eis Kvgvikvjvi g‡Zv|D`vniY¯^iyc,Zviv gv‡S gv‡S †kKj,nvci I AwMœKzÛ e¨envi KiZ wewfbœ ai‡bi avZz wgkv‡bv I DËß Kivi Rb¨|wKšÍ Kvgvikvjvi †P‡q KvRwU AviI KwVb wQj|Zviv GB hš¿cvwZ¸‡jv w`‡q Rv`y cÖ‡qvM KiZ,†Kv`vj ev wbovwb wn‡m‡e bq|hv‡nvK, d¨v‡¼j M‡elYvMv‡i hv`ygš¿ e¨envi Ki‡Zb bv|eBcÎ wb‡q wZwb †m¸‡jv cvVvMv‡i cvV Ki‡Zb Ges cvVvMv‡i  d¨v¼j wb‡RB memgq KvR Ki‡Zb|)31
Ans: (a) was (b) together (c) rather (d) sometimes (e) forge (f) less (g) msgicians (h) instruments (i) however (j) hard.
10. A (a)----is a man who uses his magic to do something that is (b)----for a man normally. Actually, magic is nothing but some (c) ----.He who can (d)----chose tricks will become a (e)----magician. There are many (f) -----of magician in the world.Some are good,some are bad. Some try to do (g) ----to others, again some magicians want to do (h)----to others. Frankel was a good and (i) -----magician who always used his magic spells to turn the bad (j) -------good. ( GKRb hv`yKi mvaviYZ gvby‡li wPËwe‡bv`‡bi Rb¨ Zvi Rv`yKi e¨envi K‡ib|cÖK…Zc‡¶ Rv`y ej‡Z wKQy †bB,†Kej wKQy †KŠkj|wZwb †h †KŠkj †e‡Q †bb Zv Zv‡K gnvb Rv`yK‡i cwiYZ K‡i|we‡k¦ A‡bK Rv`yK‡ii `„óvšÍ i‡q‡Q|wKšÍ fv‡jv,Avi wKQy g›`|‡KD Ab¨‡`i fv‡jv Kivi †Póv K‡i,Avevi †KD Ab¨‡`i ¶wZ K‡i|d¨v¼j wQ‡jb GKRb gnvb I mnvqK Rv`yKi whwb Zvi Rv`ygš¿ me©`v Lvivc‡K fv‡jv Kivi Kv‡R e¨envi Ki‡Zb|) 33
Ans: (a) magician (b) entertaining (c) tricks (d) cleverly (e) great (f) examples (g) good (h) harm (i) helpful (j) to.
11. Rina and her (a)----took Mrs Salam to see the eggplants. “Here they are,” said Rina and she (b)----to the egg plants,but the (c)-----green balls were gone.Rina (d)-----her friends were (e)----. “Someone’s stolen them!” (f)-----Luna. “We must (g)----Mr Ahmed at once.” When Mr Ahmed (h)---,he was shocked too. “We’ll have to (i)----Bahadur,” he said. “He may know (j)----about it.”(wibv I Zvi eÜziv †eMg mvjvg‡K †e¸b †`Lv‡Z wb‡q †Mj| ÒGLv‡bB H¸‡jv,Ó GB e‡j wibv †e¸‡bi w`‡K AvOyj w`‡q †mw`K wb‡`©k Kij wKš‘ my›`i meyR ej¸‡jv Avi †bB| wibv I Zvi eÜziv e¨w_Z nj| jybv wPrKvi w`‡q ejj, Ò‡h †KD G¸‡jv Pzwi K‡i‡Q|Ó ÒAvgv‡`i Aek¨B Rbve Avn‡g`‡K ej‡Z n‡e|Ó hLb Rbve Avn‡g` G‡jb, wZwbI Lye e¨w_Z n‡jb| wZwb ej‡jb, ÒAvgv‡`i evnv`yi‡K wRÁvmv Ki‡Z n‡e| Ò‡m GwU m¤ú©‡K wKQy Rvb‡ZI cv‡i|Ó )32
Ans: (a) friends (b) pointed (c) lovely (d) and (e) shocked (f) exclaimed (g) tell (h) came (i) ask (j) something.

12.A piece of land was given to the class 8 student. It was about twelve metres long and six metres wide.The Headmaster gave it to them. He and Mr Ahmed chose it. It was chosen for three reasons. It stood near the school’s well, was always sunny, and during the reason never flooded. That is why it was suitable.(Aóg †kªYxi QvÎ-QvÎx‡`i‡K GK LÛ Rwg †`qv nj|GwU cÖvq evi wgUvi j¤^v Ges Qq wgUvi PIov|cÖavb wk¶K Zv‡`i‡K GUv w`‡q‡Qb|wZwb Ges Rbve Avn‡g` GUv cQ›` K‡i‡Qb|wZbwU Kvi‡Y GUv cQ›` Kiv n‡q‡Q|GwU we`¨vj‡q K~‡ci wbK‡U Aew¯’Z,me mgq m~‡h©i Av‡jv cvq|Ges el©vKv‡j KL‡bv c­vweZ nq bv|GRb¨ GwU Dchy³ wQj|Kv‡RB hLb me¸‡jv hš¿cvwZ ˆZwi n‡j QvÎQvÎxiv KvR ïi“ Kij|GwU wQj gvP© gv‡mi GKwU Mig w`b|Zviv †Kv`vj w`‡q gvwU Mfxi K‡i Lbb Kij Ges Zv‡`i wbovwb w`‡q gvwU‡K †f‡O †QvU †QvU UzKiv Kij|) 34
Ans: (a) given (b) wide (c) chosen (d) stood (e) sunny (f) flooded (g) suitable (h) made (i) dug (j) hoes.
13.When Anwar returned home from (a)----that day,he told his father about the ‘Anuual Cultural week’and the (b)----.” It’s been written by Mr Ahmed and is (c)----‘The Ghost’.”Anwar explained. “When are you (d)-----it one?” his father asked. “Next month,” (e)---Anwar. “Have you read it (f)----?” his father asked. “No, not yet”replied (g)----.”But Mr Ahmed always (h)----very interesting stories,so I think his play will be (i)----too.He (j)----us about it this afternoon and he’s going to tell us more about it tomorrow.” (hLb Av‡bvqvi †mw`b we`¨vj‡qi ci evmvq wdij, †m Zvi evev‡K Ôevwl©K mvs¯‹„wZK mßvn Ô Ges bvUKwU m¤ú©‡K ejj|ÒGwU Ôf~ZÔ bv‡gi GKwU bvUK hv Rbve Avn‡g‡`i †jLv, Ó Av‡bvqvi eySvj| Zvi evev wR‡Ám Ki‡jb, Ò‡Zvgiv KLb GwU gÂvwqZ Ki‡e?Ó Av‡bvqvi Reve w`j, ÒAvMvwg gv‡m|Ó Ò‡Zvgiv wK KLbI GwU c‡o‡Q?Ó Zvi evev wRÁvmv Ki‡jb| Òbv, KLbI bq,Ó Reve w`j Av‡bvqvi| wKš‘ wg. Avn‡g` memgq Avgv‡`i gRvi gRvi Mí e‡jb ZvB Avgvi g‡b nq Zvi bvUKwU gRvi n‡e | wZwb AvR we‡K‡j †m m¤^‡Ü Avjvc K‡i‡Qb Ges wZwb †m m¤^‡Ü AvMvgxKvj Avgv‡`i‡K Av‡iv ej‡eb |)35
Ans: (a) school (b) play (c) called (d) putting (e) replied (f) yet (g) Anwar (h) told (i) interesting (j) will tell.
14.When the six (a) ----- men showed (b) ----- to learn something new and interesting, the(c) ---agreed to do that. But at first, he wanted to (d) -----up his (e) -----. When the six young men came to know that the teacher had an elephant, they became (f)----- about the elephant.The teacher asked them to (g)----- him as they wanted to (h)----- about the elephant. So they were very (i)----- and began to follow the (j)----- their new teacher.(hLb QqRb A܇jvK bZzb I wPËvK©lK wKQy †kLvi AvMÖn cÖKvk Kij wk¶K G‡Z m¤§wZ cÖKvk Ki‡jb|wKšÍ cÖ_‡g wZwb Zvi nvwZ‡K evau‡Z †P‡qwQ‡jb|hLb QqRb Zi“Y G‡m Rvbj †h wk¶‡Ki GKwU nvwZ Av‡Q,Zviv nvwZwU m¤ú‡K© AwZ DrmyK n‡q DVj|‡h‡nZz Zviv nvwZwU m¤ú‡K© Rvb‡Z PvBj,ZvB wk¶K Zv‡`i‡K Zv‡K AbymiY Ki‡Z ej‡jb|Kv‡RB Zviv wQj Lye Lywk Ges bZzb wk¶‡Ki Kɯ^i †LvuRv ïi“ Kij|)36
Ans: (a) blind (b) interest (c) teacher (d) tie (e) elephant (f) curious (g) follow (h) learn (i) happy (j) voice.
15.Ruplal made a nice little hut for himself in the jungle with wood, bamboo and reeds. There he lived in peace and quiet all by himself. “Ah! How happy I am now,” he thought to himself. Then one day after a few weeks, he discovered something strange. In the blanket there was a hole. “Who made this hole,” Ruplal asked. He looked around him but nobody replied. I don’t understand. There’s either somebody here, or the hole just made itself!”(i~cjvj R½‡ji g‡a¨ KvV,evku I bj LvMov w`‡q my›`i GKwU KzwUi ˆZwi Ki‡jb|‡hLv‡b wZwb wb‡RB kvwšÍ‡Z I bxi‡e evm KiwQ‡jb|‡m wb‡RB wPšÍv Ki‡jb, ÒAvwg GLb †Kgb myLx!ÓZvici K‡qK mßvn ci GKw`b †m A™¢yZ wKQy Avwe¯‹vi Ki‡jb|K¤^‡j GKUv wQ`ª wQj|iƒcjvj ej‡jb,GUv †K Kij? wZwb Pviw`K ZvKv‡jb,wKš‘ KviI mvov †c‡jb bv| ÒAvwg eyS‡Z cviwQ bv|GLv‡b †KD G‡m‡Q A_ev GUv wb‡R wb‡R n‡q‡Q|Ó)
Ans: (a) nice (b) himself (c) reeds (d) queit (e) thought (f) strange (g) this (h) around (i) either (j) just.

16.Anwar and Kasem (a) ---- at Mrs Siddiqua Murshed’s house at half past twelve. Half an hour, the (b) ---- started. Everyone sat down and Mrs Murshed (c) -- a short speech.”Thank you very much everyone for (d) ---to my house today,” Mrs Murshed began.  “I want you all enjoy yourselves today, (e) ----this is a celebration.Before we have our (f)---, I just want to say a few things to you all.” “As you all (g) ----, I had an (h)---, I fell down near the college pond and hurt myself quite (i)----.But now I’ve (j)----recovered.”(mv‡o ev‡ivUvi mgq Av‡bvqvi I Kv‡kg †eMg wmwÏKv †gvi‡k` evwo †cuŠQj| AvaN›Uv ci Abyôvb Av‡iv¤¢ n‡jv|  mevB Avmb MÖnb Ki‡jv †eMg †gvi‡k` GKwU msw¶ß fvlb w`‡jb| G w`‡b Avgvi evwo‡Z Avmvi Rb¨ mevB‡K ab¨ev` |wg‡mm gyi‡k` ej‡Z Avi¤¢ Ki‡jb| ÒAvwg PvB mevB w`bwU‡K wb‡R‡`i g‡Zv K‡i Dc‡fvM Ki“b|,KviY GwU Avb›` Drme|ga¨vý †fv‡Ri c~‡e© Avwg gvÎ Aí K‡qKwU wRwbm Avcbv‡`i mKj‡K ej‡Z PvB|ÓAvcbviv mevB Rv‡bb †h,Avwg GKwU `yNUbvq c‡owQjvg|Avwg K‡jR cyKz‡ii Kv‡Q c‡o wM‡qwQjvg I gvivZ¡K AvNvZ †c‡qwQjvg|wKšÍ GLb Avwg m¤ú~Y©fv‡e my¯’|)39
Ans: (a) arrived (b) celebration (c) made (d) coming (e) because (f) lunch (g) know (h) accident (i) badly (j) completely.
17.The next Mrs Salam went to Rina’s (a) ----.She walked (b)-----the garden and saw everything. She was very (c)----to see the (d)----.She told Rina and her friends that that the garden looked (e)-----a paradise.(f)-----Rina and her friends took her to see the eggplants.(g)---they went (h)-----the eggplants, they saw that the eggplants were stolen. They became very (i)----.They told the (j)----to Mr Anis Ahmed.( ciw`b †eMg mvjg wibvi ¯‹z‡j †Mj|wZwb evMv‡bi Pvwiw`‡K †n‡uU mewKQy †`L‡jb|wZwb evMvbwU †`‡L Lye Lywk n‡jb|wZwb wibv I Zvi eÜy‡`i ej‡jb, ÒevMvbwU †`L‡Z ¯^‡M©i g‡Zv|Ó ZLb wibv I Zvi eÜyiv Zv‡K †e¸b †`Lv‡Z wb‡q †Mj|hLb Zviv †e¸‡bi Kv‡Q †Mj,Zviv †`Lj †h,†e¸b Pzwi n‡q †M‡Q|Zviv wbivk n‡q ‡Mj|Zviv welqwU Rbve Avn‡g`‡K ejj|)40
Ans: (a) school (b) around (c) happy\charmed (d) garden (e) like (f) then (g) when (h) to \near (i) upset (j) matter.
18.Frankel was a famous magician (a) ---lived in a small town in Germany and (b) -- there in a laboratory in his house. In it he made his magic (c) ---. He was a good magician, (d) --- he only made (e)---of his magic spells  to make bad people good. And if they improved, he (f) --- take his magic spell (g) --- them. Frankel though (h) --- by himself in a large house, but he never (i) --- any housework. He used his magic spells to make his life (j) --- and more comfortable. (d«¨v¼j wQ‡jb weL¨vZ Rv`yKi whwb Rvgv©wbi GKwU †QvÆ kn‡i evm Ki‡Zb Ges Zvi evwo‡Z GKwU M‡elYvMv‡i KvR Ki‡Zb|Gi wfZ‡i wZwb Zvi Rv`yi †gvnRvj ˆZwi Ki‡Zb|wZwb GKRb fvj Rv`yKi wQ‡jb,KviY wZwb ïay Zvi Rv`y e¨envi Ki‡Zb Lvivc †jvK‡`i fv‡jv Kivi Rb¨ Ges hw` Zv‡`i DbœwZ n‡Zv,wZwb hv`yi gš¿ Zz‡j wb‡Zb|hw`I d«¨v¼j GKv Zvi wekvj evwo‡Z evm Ki‡Zb,KLbI N‡ii KvR Ki‡Zb bv|wZwb Zvi Rv`y w`‡q Zvi Rxeb‡K mnR I AvivgcÖ` K‡i Zz‡jwQ‡jb|)41
Ans: (a) who (b) worked (c) spells (d) because (e) use (f) would (g) off (h) lived (i) did (j) easier.
19.It was a nice (a) ---- evening in March. Anwar was reading a book in his bedroom ,when his mother called him.Responding to his mother’s call he went (b)---;and found his mother with  some visitors.She gave an (c)---of the visitors who came to (d)—his father.She told Anwar to look after the guests (e)---She would come (f)----with his father.But Anwar felt (g)----and shy.All the visitors were grown ups.Anwar thought to himself that his (h)---was only thirteen and so he was not fit for the (i)—of the guests.When his mother came back with his father he felt (j)----.(GUv wQj gv‡P©i GK Dò we‡Kj|Av‡bvqvi evwoi †kvevi N‡i GKwU eB cowQj|ZLb Zvi gv  WvK‡jb †m Zvi gv‡hi Wv‡K mvov w`‡q wbPZjvq †Mj Ges  Zvi gv'‡K  AwZw_‡`i mv‡_ †cj|wZwb AwZw_‡`i m¤ú©‡K Zv‡K wb‡`©kbv w`‡jb hviv Zvi evevi mv‡_ †`Lv Ki‡Z G‡m‡Qb|wZwb Av‡bvqvi‡K AwZw_‡`i †`Lvïbv Ki‡Z ej‡jb,ZZ¶‡Y Avwg †Zvgvi evev‡K wb‡q Avwm|wKšÍ Av‡bvqvi A¯^w¯Í‡eva I j¾v‡eva KiwQj|`k©bv_©xiv mK‡jB wQ‡jb cÖvßeq¯‹|Av‡bvqvi wb‡R wb‡R wPšÍv Kij,Zvi eqm gvÎ †Zi eQi,Kv‡RB †m `k©bv_©x‡`i Rb¨ Dchy³ wQj bv|hLb Zvi evevi mv‡_ gv wd‡i Avmj,†m ¯^w¯Í‡eva Kij|)42
Ans: (a) warm (b) downstairs (c) introduction (d) visit (e) while\till (f) back (g) embrrassed (h) age (i) entertainment (j) relaxed.
20.Mrs Janet Green was (a)----.She came to Bangladesh to spend her (b)----.She did not come (c)-----.Her husband was (d)----her.One morning they were going (e)----the bank.They(f)---a rickshaw.The rickshaw was small.She could not (g)----her bag on it.So she kept it (h)---her. After sometime she looked back to check it but found that the bag was not (i)----.She thought that the bag was lost.She became very upset because they were many (j)-----in it.(‡eMg R¨v‡bU MÖxb wQ‡jb GKRb Bsj¨vÛ Awaevmx|wZwb QywU KvUv‡Z evsjv‡`‡k G‡mwQ‡jb|wZwb GKv Av‡mbwb|Zvi mv‡_ Zvi ¯^vgx wQj|GKw`b mKv‡j Zviv e¨vs‡K hvw”Q‡jb|Zviv wi·v fvov Ki‡jb|wi·vwU wQj †QvÆ|wZwb Zvi e¨vMwU ivL‡Z cviwQ‡jb bv|ZvB e¨vMwU wZwb wcQ‡b ivL‡jb|wKQy mgq ci wZwb e¨vMwU wcQ‡b Av‡Q wKbv Zv †`Lvi Rb¨ wcQ‡b ZvKv‡jb,wKšÍ Zvi e¨vM †mLv‡b wQj bv|wZwb fve‡jb e¨vMwU nvwi‡q †Mj|wZwb Lye Aw¯’iZv †eva Ki‡jb,KviY Zv‡Z A‡bK wRwbmcÎ wQj|)43
Answer: (a) British/foreigner (b) holiday (c) alone (d) with (e)to (f) hired (g) put (h) behind (i) there (j) things
21.Once upon a time there lived a poor man called Suruj Ali.He was an honest,hardworking man and looked after a large mango orchard.The owner of the orchard .The owner of the orchard,Hamidur Rahman,was a very richman.One day,some of Hamidur Rahman’s friends came to visit him.It was during the summer season when the mangoes were ripe.So,Hamidur Rahman asked Suruj Ali to pick some of the ripe mangoes and give them to his friends.(GK`v myi“R Avjx bv‡g GK `wi`ª †jvK evm KiZ|‡m wQj mr I K‡Vvi cwikªgx GKRb †jvK|‡m GKwU eo AvgevMvb †`Lvïbv KiZ|evMvbwUi gvwjK nvwg`yi ingvb wQ‡jbGKRb AZ¨šÍ abx/m¤ú`kvjx †jvK|GKw`b nvwg`yi ingv‡bi K‡qKRb eÜz Zvi m‡½ †`Lv Ki‡Z Av‡m|GUv wQj MÖx¯§Kvj hLb Avg cvKvi mgq|Kv‡RB nvwg`yi ingvb myi“R Avjx‡K KZ¸‡jv cvKv Avg †c‡o G‡b Zvi e›×z‡`i‡K w`‡Z ej‡jb|)
Answer (a) poor (b) called (c) honest (d) orchard (e) owner (f) rich (g) friends (h) ripe (i) pick (j) to

22.Ruplal was very (a)----- in the jungle. He had to (b)----- a larger hut and he had to(c)-----more food for his younger brother.He also had to look after his hut,cat and younger brother. “I came here to find (d)----- and happiness, but (e)----- I have so much responsibilities,”Ruplal (f)----- to his younger brother. “Why don’t you (g)----- your responsibilities with (h)-----?”his youmger brother suggested. “You should go (i)----- to our village and (j)-----a wife.”(iƒcjvj e‡bi g‡a¨ Lye e¨¯Í wQj|Zvi Av‡iv GKwU KzwUi wbg©vY Ki‡Z Ges †QvU fvB‡qi Rb¨ †ekx Lvevi ivbœv Ki‡Z nj|Zv‡K Zvi KzwUi,weovj Ges †QvU fvB‡qiI †`Lvïbv Ki‡Z n‡Zv|iƒcjvj `ytLcÖKvk K‡i Zvi †QvU fvB‡K ejj, ÒAvwg kvwšÍ I my‡Li mÜv‡b GLv‡b G‡mwQjvg wKšÍ GLb Avgvi A‡bK `vwqZ¡ cvjb Ki‡Z n‡”Q|Ó Zvi †QvU fvB ejj,  ÒAvcbvi `vwqZ¡ Ab¨ Kv‡iv mv‡_ fvMvfvwM K‡i wb‡”Qb bv †Kb?ÓAvgv‡`i MÖv‡g wd‡i wM‡q Avcbvi GKRb ¯¿x Ly‡Ru †bqv DwPZ|Ó)
Answer: (a) busy (b) build (c) cook (d) peace (e) now (f) complained (g) share (h) someone (i) back (j) find
23.While Mr Ant worked on his farm, Mr Grasshopper sang(a)---in the warm sun. And when he (b)---,he sat and (c)---the beautiful countryside all around him. He looked at the (d)---on the trees,the green fields and the fishermen’s (e)---on the sea. Then Mr. Grasshopper (f)---asleep. While Mr Grassopher slept (g)----in his chair, Mr Ant continued to work on his farm.(h)---many days, weeks and months, he was busy in his fields. And as soon as his crops were ready,he (i)----the grain in his granary. So while Mr Grassopher enjoyed his (j)----,Mr Ant worked hard from morning until night.(wg.wccov hLb Zvi Lvgv‡i KvR KiZ ZLb wg.Nvmdwos Dò †iŠ‡`ª g‡bi my‡L Mvb KiZ|Avi,hLb †m Mvb _vgvZ ZLb †m e‡m e‡m Zvi Pvicv‡k¦i© PgrKvi MÖvg¨ cwi‡e‡ki cÖksmv Ki‡Zv|‡m Mv‡Qi meyRcÎcj­e Avi,mey‡R XvKv gv‡Vi w`‡K ZvKv‡Zv|‡m AviI mgy‡`ªi ey‡K gvwS‡`i ‡bŠKv¸‡jvi w`‡K ZvwK‡q ‡`L‡Zv|Gfv‡eB wg Nvmdwos  Nywg‡q co‡Zv|Gici †m Zvi †Pqv‡i Mfxi Ny‡g X‡j co‡Zv|Aciw`‡K wg wccuov Zvi Lvgv‡i KvR K‡i †h‡Zv|Gfv‡e eûw`b,mßvn Avi gv‡mi ci gvm †m Zvi dm‡ji gv‡V e¨¯Í _vKZ|Avi,hLbB Zvi dmj N‡i †Zvjvi mgq n‡Zv ZLb †m dmj¸‡jv Zvi †Mvjvq Zz‡j ivLZ|A_v©r wg Nvmdwos hLb Zvi Aemi hvcb KiZ ZLb wg.wccuov mKvj †_‡K ivZ Aewa K‡Vvi cwikªg KiZ|) 
Answer: (a) happily (b) admired  (c) green (d) boats (e) asleep (f) quietly (g) continued (h) months (i)granary (j) leisure 
24.The next day, Ruplal (a)----- back to his village again and (b)----- quickly with his cow. Then both Ruplal and the cat (c)-----able to enjoy (d)----- fresh milk everyday. But what (e)----- the cow? It couidn’find (f)----- good to eat in the jungle and slowly it (g)-----thinner and thinner. “Oh, you (h)-----cow!” said Ruplal. “I’ll either have to get a boy to look (i)----- you, or you’ll die. I have(j)---- two companions. So why not have three?( (cieZ©x w`b iƒcjvj Zvi MÖv‡g wd‡i †Mj Ges `ª“Z Zvi Mi“‡K wb‡q wdij|Zvici iƒcjvj I Zvi weovjwU cÖwZw`b gRvi `ya Dc‡fvM Ki‡Z jvMj|wKšÍ Mi“i Kx n‡e? †m e‡b wKQyB fv‡jv †L‡Z †cj bv Ges Av‡¯Í Av‡¯Í †ivMv n‡Z jvMj| ÒI‡nv †ePvix Mvfx,Ó iƒcjvj ejj| Ò‡Zvgv‡K †`Lvïbv Kivi R‡b¨ Avgv‡K GKRb evjK Avb‡Z n‡e Zv bv n‡j Zzwg gviv hv‡e| Avgvi BwZg‡a¨ `yRb m½x n‡q‡Q|ZvB wZbRb _vK‡Z †`vl Kx?Ó
Answer: (a) walked (b) returned (c) were (d) lovely (e) about (f) anything (g) grew (h) poor (i) after (j) already

25. The next day Ruplal walked backed to his (a)-----and picked up his (b)---.Then he put it in a (c)----and returned (d)-----to his hut in the jungle.After such a busy day,Ruplal (e)----very well that night.The next morning Ruplal woke up and saw his cat.It (f)----very pleased  with (g)----.There was a dead (h)----in front of the cat.Ruplal saw this.He wanted to give his clever(g)----cat some milk but he didn’t (i)----any.So he decided to go back to his village and (j)---his cow.(cieZ©x w`b iƒcjvj Zvi MÖv‡g †n‡Uu †Mj Ges Zvi weovj‡K Zz‡j wbj |Zvici Zvi Szwo‡Z †i‡L `ª“Z e‡b Zvi KzwU‡i wd‡i Avmj|GiKg e¨¯Í w`‡bi ciI i~cjvj iv‡Z fv‡jvfv‡e Nygvj|ciw`b mKv‡j i~cjvj Nyg †_‡K DVjI Zvi weovjwU †`L‡Z †cj|weovj‡K Lye mš‘ó †`Lvj|weovjwUi mvg‡b GKwU giv Bu`yi wQj|iƒcjvj GwU †`Lj |iƒcjvj PvjvK weovj‡K wKQy `ya w`‡Z PvBj,wKšÍ Zvi Kv‡Q wKQyB wQj bv|ZvB †m wmØvšÍ wbj Zvi MÖv‡g †h‡Z n‡e Ges Zvi Mi“wU‡K Avb‡Z n‡e|)
Answer: (a) village (b) cat (c) basket (d) quickly (e) slept (f) looked (g) itself (h) mouse (i) have (j) fetch
26. When Hans (a)----the huge shadow, he felt so (b)-----that he forgot (c)-----else and tried to (d)----away. But he couldn’t. Then he tried to cry out, “Please don’t (e)----me!” but when he opened his (f)----, no sound came out. “I’m going to be (g)------,”Hans thought. “ And when I’m  dead. I won’t be able to grow arms and legs again like the (h)-----.The brushes! Where are they? And the (i)----! Where is it? Hans looked down. His feet (j)-----dry.(n¨vÝ hLb wekvj AvK…wZi Qvqvg~wZ©wU †`Lj ZLb †m G‡Zv fq †cj †h Ab¨ mewKQy fy‡j †m †`Š‡o cvwj‡q †h‡Z †Póv Kij| wKšÍ †m cvij bv|Zvici †m Kv`u‡Z †Póv Kij|Ò`qv K‡i Avgv‡K kvw¯Í †`‡eb bv|Ó wKšÍ hLb †m gyL Lyjj,†Kv‡bv kã †ei n‡jv bv|n¨vÝ fvej, ÒAvwg gi‡Z hvw”Q|Ges Avwg hLb g‡i hve,ZLb Avwg eªvk¸‡jvi g‡Zv nvZ ˆZwi Ki‡Z cvie bv|eªvk¸‡jv! †m¸‡jv †Kv_vq?Ó n¨vÝ wb‡Pi w`‡K ZvKvj|Zvi cv `yLvbv ïK‡bv|M‡elbvMviwU I ïK‡bv wQj|‡m AevK n‡q ejj, ÒAvwg wK ¯^cœ †`LwQ?Ó)
Answer: (a) huge (b) else (c) tried (d) punish (e) opened (f) killed (g) dead (h) water (i) were (j) been
27. Hans felt excited but (a)----as he walked into Frankel’s (b)-----.The small (c)----object and the book were still there on Frankel’s (d)----.Hans sat down and looked at the (e)----.Then he held the metal object and followed the (f)----carefully. It was not (g)----to cast the spell but he did his best. Then he stood up. After a few minutes, the (h)----of the laboratory suddenly opened and in walked a brush. It grew (i)----and legs (j)----like a person and was carrying a bucket of water.(d¨v‡¼‡ji cvVvMv‡i †n‡uU cÖ‡ek Kivi Rb¨ n¨vÝ D‡ËRbv I mš¿¯Í‡eva KiwQj|‡QvU avZe e¯‘wU Ges eBLvwb ZLbI d¨v‡¼‡ji †Uwe‡ji Ic‡i wQj|n¨vÝ e‡m coj Ges eBLvwb †`Lj|ZLb †m †QvU avZe e¯ÍwU nv‡Z aij Ges wb‡`©kbvewj mZ©KZvi mv‡_ AbymiY Kij|Rv`y cÖ‡qvM Kiv mnR mva¨ wQj bv,ZeyI †m Zvi mva¨gZ †Póv Kij| Zvici †m D‡V `vovuj|K‡qKwgwbU ci ,M‡elbvMv‡ii Rvbvjv Ly‡j †Mj Ges GKwU eªvk †n‡Uu cÖ‡ek Kij|wVK GKRb gvby‡li g‡Zv Gi nvZ cv wQj Ges GK evjwZ cvwb enb KiwQj|)
Ans: (a) nervous (b) library (c) metal (d) desk (e) book (f) instructions (g) easy (h) door (i) arms (j) just.
28. Mr Ahmed and the boys (a)----up to smithy and looked inside the (b)----there were two blacksmiths. They were working (c)---in front of their (d)----.They could also see a young boy of (e)---their own age. He was helping the two blacksmiths, as he was an (f)----.He pulled a (g)----metal chain. When he pulled it, the (h)---blew. Mr Ahmed and his students could see the large bellows at the (i)----of the smithy. And in front of the bellows (j)----the forge. (Rbve Avn‡g` Ges †Q‡jiv Kvgvikvjv cwi`k©b Ki‡Z †Mj|Zviv †n‡uU Kvgvikvjv ch©šÍ †Mj Ges wfZ‡i ZvKvj|Kvgvikvjvi wfZi `yÕRb Kvgvi wQj|Zviv GK m‡½ KvR K‡iwQj|Zviv Aek¨ GKwU †QvÆ †Q‡j‡KI †mLv‡b †`L‡Z †cj|‡m Aci `yÕRb Kvgvi‡K mn‡hvwMZv KiwQj|‡Q‡jwU GKwU avZe †PBb a‡i UvbwQj|hLb †m †PBbwU UvbZ,nvciwU †_‡K evZvm †ei n‡Zv|Rbve Avn‡g` Ges Zvi wk¶v_x©iv Kvgvi‡`i †cQ‡b GKwU eo nvci †`L‡Z †cj|Avi,nvciwUi mvg‡bB wQj GKwU AwMœKzÛ|)
(a) walked (b) looked (c) hut (d) together (e) forge (f) young (g) helping (h) metal (i) large (j) stood
29. Mrs Rehana Salam asked Rina about the (a)-----for her teacher,Mr Anis Ahmed.He was so (b)---to her grandmother that Rina (c)----to give him something.So she (d)---some nice fresh eggs,put them into the (g)---because she felt (h)---.She ran so fast that she (i)----over a stone and the paper bag(j)---on the ground.When she looked inside it,she saw the eggs.They were all broken,she didn’t know what to do and began to cry. (wg‡mm †i‡nbv mvjvg wibv‡K g‡b Kwi‡q w`‡”&Qb Zvi wk¶K wg.Avwbm Avn‡g‡`i Rb¨ wW‡gi K_v|wZwb wibvi bvbxi cÖwZ m`q wQ‡jb †h wibv Zv‡K wKQy w`‡Z PvBj|ZvB †m KZK¸‡jv fvj UvUKv wWg msMÖn  K‡i KvM‡Ri †Vv½vq f‡i we`¨vj‡q wb‡q Pjj|‡m †m¸‡jv Zv‡K w`‡Z ‡P‡qwQj|wibv iv¯Ív w`‡q Qy‡U Pjj,KviY †m D‡ËRbv †eva K‡iwQj|‡m GZ †Rv‡i †`Šovj †h GKwU cv_‡ii †nvPuU †Lj Ges KvM‡Ri †Vv½vwU gvwU‡Z c‡o †Mj|hLb †m wfZ‡i ZvKvj †`Lj wWg¸‡jv †f‡½ †M‡Q,†m eyS‡Z cvij bv †m wK Ki‡e Ges Kv`u‡Z jvMj|)
Answer: (a) asked (b) for (c) kind (d) wanted (e) put (f) carried (g) rain (h) excited (i) tripped (j) fell
30.Mr Ahmed could tell fine (a)----.He told the students a story about (b)---.Everybody (c)----to him.They came to (d)----about hobesty.Then they (e)---to Bahadur,but he was not (f)---.He looked (g)----.He opened his (h)---to say something but he (i)---not.Then Mr Ahmed realized the matter.He told all to go away.They (j)----him and went away. (wg. Avn‡g` Lye my›`i K‡i Mí ej‡Z cviZ|wZwb Qv·`i mZZv wb‡q Mí ej‡jb|cÖ‡Z¨‡K g‡bv‡hvM w`‡q Zvi Mí ïbZ|Zviv Rvb‡Z cvij mZZv m¤^‡Ü|Zvici Zviv evnv`y‡ii w`‡K Bw½Z Kij|wKšÍ †m ¯^vfvweK wQj bv|Zv‡K wePwjZ †`Lvj|‡m wKQy ejvi †Póvi K‡iwQj wKšÍ ej‡Z cvij bv|Zvici wgt Avn‡g` e¨vcviwU eySj|wZwb mKj‡K P‡j †h‡Z ej‡jb|Zviv mevB Zv‡K ab¨ev` w`‡jb Ges P‡j †M‡jb|) 
Answer: (a) stories (b) honesty (c) listened (d) know (e) pointed (f) normal (g) nervous /upset(h) mouth (i) could/did (j) obeyed /thanked
31.Long long ago there were six youngmen who were (a)----blind.They (b)---thirst for learning and knowledge.They wanted to (c)----newer and newer things.Once when they were (d)---through a forest,they heard a sound and (e)----immediately.They thought that it was not dangerous and so they (f)----learn something new from the sound.So they went near the sound.When they were talking to one another,they heard a voice of a (g)----.The man (h)---them good morning.They (i)----the man who he was.In (j)---he said that he was a teacher. (eûeQi c~‡e© QqRb cy‡ivcywi A܇jvK wQj|Zv‡`i Áv‡bi Rb¨ Z…òv wQj|Zviv ïay bZzb bZzb wRwbm Rvb‡Z PvBZ|GKw`b Zviv e‡bi g‡a¨ w`‡q hvw”Qj|Zviv GKwU kã ïbj Ges †_‡g †Mj|Zviv fvej †h GUv Lye wec`RbK bq Ges gyn~‡©ZB Zviv GUv †_‡K bZzb wKQy wkL‡e|ZvB Zviv k‡ãi KvQvKvwQ †Mj|hLb Zviv G‡K Ac‡ii mv‡_ K_v ejwQj,Zviv GKwU †jv‡Ki Kɯ^i ïb‡Z †cj|‡jvKwU Zv‡`i mycÖfvZ Rvbvj|Zviv wRÁvmv Kij †K †m|Dˇi wZwb ej‡jb †h wZwb GKRb wk¶K|)
Answer: (a) undfortunately/totally/fully/completely (b) had (c) learn/know (d) walking/passing  (e)stopped (f) could/would/might (g) man/stranger (h) wished/bad(i) asked (j)reply 
32.One afternoon, (a)---Anwar and Kashem were walking home (b)----,they noticed a small (c)---near the college pond. “What are all those people (d)----at?” asked Kashem. “I don’t(e)---.” replied Anwar, “Let’s (f)----over to the crowd of people.They were (i)---looking at an (j)----lady.(GKw`b weKvj‡ejv Av‡bvqvi Ges Kv‡kg nvUuwQj|nVvr Zviv K‡jR cyKz‡ii Kv‡Q GKUv †QvÆ fxo †`L‡Z †cj|Hme †jv‡Kiv †mLv‡b wK Ki‡Q, ÔKv‡mg wRÁvmv Kij| ÒAvwg Rvwb bv Av‡bvqvi DËi w`j|Pj Avgiv wf‡oi Kv‡Q hvB|Zviv mevB GKwU e„× gwnjv‡K †`LwQj|)
Answer: (a) when/while (b) together (c) crowed (d) looking (e) know (f) go (g) curious (h) started (i) dangerous (j) new
33. Rina was a (a)----of Nurpur High School.She and her friends (b)----a garden in their (c)----.The garden (d)----very beautiful.(e)----admired it.She wanted to (f)---her mother the garden.One day she (g)---her mother if she would (h)---her school garden.Mrs Salam,the mother of Rina (i)----.The next day she went to (j)---her school garden. (wibv byicyi ¯‹z‡ji GKRb QvÎx| †m Ges Zvi eÜziv wg‡j Zv‡`i ¯‹z‡j evMvb ˆZwi K‡i‡Q|evMvbwU Lye my›`i †`Lvw”Qj|mK‡jB GwUi cÖksmv Kij|‡m Zvi gv‡K evMvbwU †`Lv‡Z †P‡qwQj|GKw`b †m Zvi gv‡K ejj wZwb Zvi ¯‹z‡ji evMvbwU †`L‡Z hv‡eb wKbv|wg‡mm mvjvg,wibvi gv ivwR n‡jb|cieZx©w`b wZwb Zvi evMvbwU †`L‡Z †M‡jb|)
Answer: (a) student (b) had/made (c) school (d) looked (e) Everybody /Everyone/All (f)show (g) asked (h) visit/see (i) agreed (j) visit/see
34. Ruplal lived with his family in a village which was a place of (a)----.But it was a (b)---place for him.As people would always quarrel,they were unable to live (c)---.Ruplal (d)---of either (e)---and (f)---alone in the jungle or would go made.After (g)—his all things,he went to live by himself in the jungle.(h)----he made a hut of wood bamboo and reeds for (i)---.The first few days were (j)—and quiet. (iƒcjvj Zvi cwiev‡ii mv‡_ MÖv‡g evm KiZ †hwU wQj my›`i RvqMv|wKšÍ GwU wQj Zvi Rb¨ GKwU SMovc~Y© RvqMv|‡h‡nZz mKj †jvK memgq SMov KiZ|Zvnviv my‡L emevm Ki‡Z m¶g wQj bv|iƒcjv‡ji B”Qv wQj nq Zv‡K R½‡j †h‡Z n‡e bZzev †m cvMj n‡q hv‡e|mKj wKQy msMÖ‡ni ci †m R½‡j P‡j †Mj|‡mLv‡b wb‡Ri Rb¨ †m KvV,Lo,evku w`‡q Kz‡ou Ni ˆZwi Kij|cÖ_g wKQyw`b †m kvwšÍ‡Z wQj|)
Answer:(a) beauty (b) quarreling (c) happily (d) will (e) have to go (f) live (g) collecting (h) there (i) living (j) calm.
35. Hans lived (a)---and worked hard in Frankel’s house.He (b)---Frankel and his magic power.Hans (c)------ the laboratory and his own room but who (c)---the other one?It was puzzling.One day Hans was cleaning a very (d)---and delicate (e)---.” “Clean it very (f)---Hans”said Frankel, “I am going to use this instrument to cast a very (g)---spell,” “If you clean this instrument (i)----,you’ll certainly learn (j)----about the spell,”replied Frankel. (n¨vÝ d«¨v‡¼‡ji evwo‡Z  my‡L evm Ki‡Z jvMj Ges K‡Vvi cwikªg Ki‡Z jvMj|‡m d«¨v‡¼j Ges Zvi hv`y ¶gZvi f~qmx cÖksmv KiZ| n¨vÝ †Kej M‡elYvMviwU Ges Zvi wb‡Ri K¶wU cwi¯‹vi KiZ wKšÍ Ab¨¸‡jv †K cwi¯‹vi KiZ? GwU LyeB nZeyw×Ki wQj|GKw`b n¨vÝ GKUv Lye RwUj I m~² hš¿ cwi¯‹vi KiwQj|Òn¨vÝ GUv Lye mZ©Kfv‡e cwi¯‹vi Ki, Ó d«¨v‡¼j ej‡jb, ÒAvwg GKUv Lye kw³kvjx Rv`yi Kv‡R GUv e¨envi Kie|Ó ÒZzwg hw` hš¿wU h_vh_fv‡e cwi¯‹vi Ki Zvn‡j Rv`y m¤ú‡K© Aek¨B wKQy Rvb‡Z cvi‡e|Ó d«¨v‡¼j DËi w`‡jb|) 
Answer: (a) happily  (b) cleaned (c) admired (d) cleaned (e) complicated (f) instrument (g) carefully (h) powerful (i) properly (j) something
36. But Hans was wrong. The two (a)--- pieces quickly grew more arms and legs, (b)---- out, and (c)---- with a bucket of water (d)-----. Now Hans grew frightened and attacked the two brushes angrily with his axe. But when each brush was cut in two, the four pieces grew (e)---- more arms and legs. Then all four brushes went out to (f)--- more.“Oh, what am I (g)--- do?” cried Hans. Why wasn’t I more patient? Why didn’t listen to my (h)----- teacher?” Suddenly Hans remembered Frankel’s library. “I didn’t shut the door! What will (i)---- to Frankel’s books? They’ll all be spoilt in the flood!” Hans looked (j)---- towards the library.(wKšÍ n¨v‡Ýi aviYv wQj fyj|fv½v `yB UzKiv eªv‡ki Avevi nvZ cv nj Ges Zviv evjwZ f‡i Av‡iv I cvwb Avb‡Z jvMj|n¨vÝ fxZ mš¿¯Í nj Ges ivMvwš^Z n‡q Kzovj w`‡q &eªvk `yBwU‡K Avµgb Kij|wKšÍ `ywU UzKiv n‡q PviwU nj Ges Zv‡`i I nvZ cv MRvj|Zvici PviwU UzKiv †ei nj evjwZ wb‡q Av‡iv cvwb wb‡q Avm‡Z †ewi‡q †Mj|‡Kb Avwg ˆah©¨kxj wQjvg bv|n¨vÝ wPrKvi w`‡q ejj, ÒIn GLb Avgvi wK Kiv `iKvi?Ó Ò‡Kb Avwg Av‡ivI ‰ah©¨kxj njvg bv|Ó †Kb Avwg Avgvi wcÖq wk¶‡Ki K_v ïbjvg bv|nVvr d«¨v‡¼‡ji jvB‡eªixi K_v n¨v‡Ýi g‡b coj|Ó Avwg `iRvwU eÜ Kwiwb| d«¨v‡¼‡ji eB¸‡jvi Kx Ae¯’v n‡e? I¸‡jv me eb¨vq webó n‡q hv‡e|Ó n¨vÝ nZPwKZfv‡e jvB‡eªixi w`‡K ZvKvj|)
Answer: (a) broken (b) returned (d) each (e) yet (f) fetch (g) to (h) dear (i) happen (j) nervously
37. Rina (a) -------- a story to her family and friends (b) -------- at her grandmother’s house. A British lady (c) -------- Janet Green (d) -------- her bag. Salma (e) -------- it on the street and (f) -------- it up. She (g) -------- the bag home and (h) -------- her mother and brother about the bag. Her mother (i) -------- very proud of having such an honest girl. She found a telephone number (j) -------- on a card bearing the Janet Green.(wibv Zvi bvbxi evwo‡Z Zvi cwievi Ges eÜzevÜe‡`i GKwU Mí e‡jwQj|GKRb weªwUk gwnjv hvi bvg R¨v‡bU MÖxb Zvi e¨vM nvwi‡qwQj|mvjgv GwU iv¯Ívq †c‡qwQj Ges Zz‡j wbj|‡m e¨vMwU evwo wb‡q Avmj Ges Zvi fvB I gv‡K GUv m¤ú©‡K ejj|Zvi gv GB iKg mr evwjKv †c‡q Mwe©Z nj| †m R¨v‡bU MÖx‡bi †Uwj‡dvb b¤^iwU e¨v‡Mi wfZi †cj|)
Ans: (a) told (b) named (c) lost (d) found\got (e) picked (f) took (g) showed (h) was (i) written.
38. Frankel (a) -------- in a university which was ten miles (b) -------- his town. Twenty years (c) -------- he was a student there. Sicnes (d) -------- he had studied for a long time and (e) -------- many discoveries. He (f) -------- to go there and (g) -------- to his friends, the professors for giving him a student to work with him. The university professors told the best (h) -------- about him. When they (i) -------- about Frankels plan, they all felt very excited. They all went to see Frankel and finally he (j) -------- one.(d«¨v‡¼j †h wek¦we`¨vj‡q coZ †mwU wQj Zvi kni †_‡K 10 wK.wg `~‡i wQj|20 eQi Av‡M †m †mLvbKvi QvÎ wQj|‡h‡nZz †m †mLv‡b A‡bKw`b covïbv K‡iwQj Ges A‡bK wKQy ˆZwi KiwQj| †m †mLv‡b †h‡Z PvBj Ges eÜz‡`i mv‡_ mv¶vr Kij|Ges Zvi mv‡_ KvR Kivi Rb¨ Zv‡K GKRb QvÎ †`Iqvi Rb¨ ejj|hLb Zviv  d«¨v‡¼‡ji cwiKíbv m¤ú‡K© ïbj Zviv mevB Lye Avbw›`Z nj|d‡j Zviv mK‡j d«¨v‡¼‡ji mv‡_ †`Lv Ki‡Z †Mj Ges wZwb GKRb‡K cQ›` Ki‡jb|)
Ans: (a) read\studied (b) from (c) ago (d) then (e) made (f) wanted\Wished (g) said (h) students (i) knew\heard (j) chose\selected. 
39. A long time ago in a small village near the jungle, there lived a young man (a)----- Ruplal. He lived with his family (b)---- worked on a farm, (c)---- he didn’t like it there. It was a beautiful place, but there were a lot of (d)-----. The village people were always (e)-----, so there was no peace. “I’ll (f)---- have to go and live alone in the jungle, (g)--- I’ll completely mad!” Ruplal (h)----. “I don’t want to stay here one(i)--- day! So he collected his things and went to live by (j)---- in the jungle.( A‡bKw`b Av‡M e‡bi wbK‡U GKwU †QvU MÖv‡g iƒcjvj bv‡g GK hyeK evm KiZ|‡m Zvi cwiev‡ii mv‡_ evm KiZ| Ges GKwU Lvgv‡i KvR KiZ|wKšÍ †mLv‡b RvqMvwU cQ›` KiZ bv|GwU wQj GKwU my›`i RvqMv|wKšÍ †mLv‡b A‡bK mgm¨v wQj|MÖv‡gi †jvKRb memgq SMov KiZ,ZvB †mLv‡b †Kv‡bv kvwšÍ wQj bv| ÒAvgv‡K nqZ e‡b wM‡q GKv evm Ki‡Z n‡e bZzev Avgv‡K m¤ú~Y© cvMj n‡q †h‡Z n‡e|Óiƒcjvj wPrKvi K‡i DVj| ÒAvwg GLv‡b Avi GKw`b I _vK‡Z PvB bv! Kv‡RB †m Zvi wRwbmcÎ GK‡Î K‡i GKvKx e‡b evm Kivi Rb¨ P‡j †Mj|)
Answer: (a) called (b) and (c) but (d) problems (e) quarreling (f) either (g) or (h) exclamined (i) more (j) himself
40. Salma listened to her brother who was (a) -------- with someone (b) -------- the phone. “Hello could I speak to (c) -------- called Jenet Green?” Rafiq asked (d) --------. Then he gave their (e) --------. When he (f) -------- Salma felt very (g) --------. (h) -------- she there?” She asked. “Yes”. Replied Rafiq. “And shes (i) -------- here now.” (j) -------- Salma and Rafiq were waiting for Jenet Green to come, they told their mother about the lost bag.(mvjgv Zvi fvB‡K †dvb Ki‡Z ï‡bwQj|I‡n ,Avwg wK R¨v‡bU MÖxb bvgK Kv‡iv mv‡_ K_v ej‡Z cvwi| iwdK wRÁvmv Kij|Zvici †m R¨v‡bU MÖxb‡K Zv‡`i wVKvbvwU w`j|hLb †m K_v ejv †kl Kij mvjgv Lye Avbw›`Z nj,†m wK ILv‡b wQj? Ò‡m wRÁvmv Kij? n¨vu,iwdK DËi w`j|Ges †m Avwm‡Z‡Q|ÓhLb mvjgv Ges iwdK R¨v‡bU MÖx‡bi AvMg‡bi Rb¨ A‡c¶v Ki‡ZwQj|Zviv Zv‡`i gv‡K nvwi‡q hvIqv e¨vMwU m¤ú©‡K e‡jwQj|)
Ans: (a) speaking (b) over (c) someone (d) nevrvously (e) address (f) finfshed (g) excited (h) was (i) coming (j) so

41.(a)---on evening Luna and Rina were walking home together.Luna (b)----Rina (c)---looked at the pond.Luna said that the pond (d)----very beautiful.(e)----at the pond Luna said that the pond looked (f)----became of the purple coloured(g)----.Though water hyacinths look lovely,there (h)—many people (i)----do not like them.When the two girls were walking towards the water.Mrs Rehana Salam,mother of Rina asked them (j)----they were looking into the water.(GKw`b mÜv‡ejv jybv Ges wibv nvUwQj|jybv wibv ZLb GKwU cyKz‡ii w`‡K ZvKvj|jybv ejj †h cyKziwU Lye my›`i|jybv cyKziwUi w`‡K ZvwK‡q ejj †h cyKziwU‡K my›`i jvM‡Q GwUi †e¸wb i‡Oi KPzwicvbvi Rb¨|hw`I KPzwicvbv my›`i †`Lvq,A‡bK †jvK G¸‡jv cQ›` K‡i bv|hLb `yB evwjKv cvwbi w`‡K nvUwQj wg‡mm †i‡nbv mvjvg wibvi gv Zv‡`i wRÁvmv Kij Zviv cvwbi w`‡K wK †`LwQj|)
Ans:(a) oneday (b) and (c) then (d)looked (e)looking (f)beautiful (g)water hyacinths (h) are (i) who (j) why
42.Ruplal (a)----to his home (b)---and brought a (c)---.It (d)-----him milk to (e)----the cat and himself.But (f)----by day the cow was (g)-----thinner.It needed (h)----food.So Ruplal (i)—to bring a boy to take (j)----of the cow. (iƒcjvj Zvi evwo wd‡i Gj Ges Mi“ wb‡q wd‡i †Mj|GwU Zvi Ges weov‡ji Rb¨ `ya w`Z|wKšÍ w`‡bi ci w`b Mi“wU wPKb n‡q hvw”Qj| GUvi Lv‡`¨i `iKvi wQj|myZivs iƒcjvj Mi“wU †`Lvïbvi Rb¨ GKwU evjK Avbvi cÖ‡qvRb g‡b Kij|)
Answer: (a)returned (b) back (c) cow (d) gave (e) feed (f) day (g) getting (h) source (i) needed (j) care
43.My grandmother was very (a)---- my two friends (b)---- her at Nurpur Hospital after school.Everyone in our school (c)---about her accident.Our class teacher (d)---to her class(e)----the tow studens who (f)---arrangement to take her to hospital.He said to them, “You have (g)---very  responsibly. If there were (h)-- people in the world like you, I (i)--- the world would be a much (j)--- place! (Avgvi bvbx Lykx n‡qwQ‡jb hLb Avgvi `yB evÜex Zv‡K nvmcvZv‡j ¯‹zj QywUi ci †`L‡Z wM‡qwQj|Avgv‡`i ¯‹y‡ji cÖ‡Z¨‡K Zvi `y©NUbv m¤ú‡©K RvbZ|Avgv‡`i †kªYx wk¶K †kªYx‡Z Zvi `yB QvÎ hviv Zv‡K nvmcvZv‡j †bqvi e¨e¯’v K‡iwQj Zv‡`i K_v e‡jwQ‡jb|wZwb Zv‡`i‡K ej‡jb,Ò‡Zvgiv Lye `vwq‡Z¡i mv‡_ KvR K‡iQ|Avgvi g‡b nq c„w_ex‡Z hw` †Zvgv‡`i gZ Av‡iv †jvK _vKZ,Z‡e c„w_exUv Av‡iv A‡bK fvj ¯’v‡b cwiYZ nZ|Ó
Answer:(a) happy (b) visited (c) knew (d) spoke (e) about (f) made (g) behaved (h) more (i) think (j) better
44.Salma was a (a)------responsible young  (b)----who was a (c)----of class 8 lived in the city of Dhaka. Once, she (d)-----a bag lying (e)----the road on the way from (f)----school. She took the bag and informed her (g)---brother. Rafiq about the accident. They found a (h)----card and informed the (i)----lady (j)---was British citizen. Thus the actual owner got the bag for Salma’s responsibility.(mvjgv GKRb `vwqZ¡kxj evwjKv wQj †h 8g †kªYx‡Z XvKv kn‡i evm KiZ|GKw`b †m ¯‹zj †_‡K ‡divi  c‡_ GKUv e¨vM iv¯Ívq c‡o _vK‡Z †`‡LwQj|‡m e¨vMwU wbj Ges Zvi eo fvB‡K Rvbvj|iwdK GKwU eo wVKvbv KvW© †cj Ges †`Lj ‡h gwnjv weªwUk bvMwiK|d‡j mvjgvi `vwq‡Z¡i Kvi‡b cÖK…Z gvwjK e¨vMwU wd‡i †cj|)
Answer: (a) very (b) person/girl (c) student (d) saw/noticed (e) on (f) her (g) elder (h) address (i) english (j) who

45.When Mrs Green was (a)---- tea and (b)--- biscuits,she told Salma and Rafiq about the  bag(c)---she.In the bag there (c)---many valuable things.One day she and her  husband (f)---going to the bank by rickshaw.The rickshaw was  very small and (g)---was no place to keep the bag.So she kept (h)----behind her.After sometimes, She looked back to check the bag but she did not (i)---it.In spite of (j)---everywhere,they could not find it.(hLb wg‡mm MÖxb Pv Ges wew¯‹U Lvw”Qj,†m iwdK Ges mvjgv‡K Zvi nvwi‡q hvIqv e¨vMwU m¤ú‡K© ejwQj|e¨v‡M A‡bK g~j¨evb wRwbm wQj|GKw`b †m Ges Zvi ¯^vgx wi·v‡hv‡M e¨vs‡K hvw”Qj|wi·vwU GZB †QvU wQj †h e¨vMwU ivLvi gZ RvqMv wQj bv|myZivs e¨vMwU Zvi wcQ‡b ivLj|wKQy¶Y ci †m e¨vMwU †`Lvi Rb¨ ZvKvj wKšÍ wKQy Ly‡uR †cj bv|mKj RvqMvq †LvuR K‡iI †m e¨vMwU †cj bv|)
Answer: (a) drinking (b) eating (c) which (d) had (e) were (f) were (g) there (h) it (i) find (j) looking

46.Mr Ant thought he (a)---tell his wife about his friend.” Can we help Mr Grasssoppher, dear?” he asked her, “Well, I’d like to help your friend,”Mrs Ant replied. “But many of our crops have already (b)---- sold in order to buy things like (c)-- and to pay for our children’s school fees. Everything’s so (d)--- now a days. We’ve enough for ourselves, but we aren’t (e)---.” Mr Ant agreed. “You’re right, my dear,” he said, “Poor Grassppher!We can’t help him very much.”After sometime,the days grew (f)---and the earth (g)----soft,so Mr Ant (h)----that he would (i)---working again in his fields.But where was his friend.Mr Grasshopper,now? Poor Mr Grasshopper  wasn’t there. His farm was empty and (j)----. (wg wccuov fvej †m Zvi ¯¿x‡K Zvi eÜzi m¤ú‡K© ej‡e|‡m Zv‡K (Zvi ¯¿x‡K)wRÁvmv Kij,ÒAvgiv wK wg.Nvmdwos‡K mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z cvwi,wcÖq?Ó wg‡mm wccov DËi w`j, ÒwVK Av‡Q,Avwg †Zvgvi eÜz‡K mvnvh¨ Kie|Ó ÒwKšÍ BwZg‡a¨B Avgv‡`i A‡bK dmj R¡vjvwbi g‡Zv wRwbm †Kbv Ges mšÍvb‡`i ¯‹z‡ji †eZbvw` cwi‡kva Kivi Rb¨ weµq Ki‡Z n‡q‡Q|mewKQy AvRKvj e¨qmv‡c¶|hv Av‡Q Zv Avgv‡`i wb‡Ri Rb¨ ch©vß|wKšÍ Avgiv m¤ú`kvjx bB|Ówg. wccov GKgZ n‡q ejj, ÒZzwg wVK e‡jQ,wcÖq|ÓnZfvMv wg Nvmdwos |Avgiv Zv‡K Lye GKUv mvnvh¨ Ki‡Z cvwi bv|wKQyw`b ci Mi‡gi w`b Gj Ges gvwU †KvgjZi nj,Kv‡RB wg.wccov Avevi gv‡V KvR ïi“ Ki‡Z w¯’i Kij|wKšÍ Zvi eÜz wg.Nvmdwos GLb †Kv_vq?nZfvM¨ Nvmdwos ZLb †mLv‡b wQj bv|Zvi Lvgvi wQj k~b¨ Ges bxie|)
    Ans:(a) would (b) been (c) fuel (d) expensive (e) rich (f) warmer (g) grew (h) thought (i) start (j) silent
47.Long (a)----there lived six young man.(b)----of them were interested in learning.They (c)---searched for knowledge (d)---they had no (e)----of seeing.One day (f)----walking through a deep indian forest,they (g)---a sound.They did not (h)---any more.They discussed(i)--- the sound in details.At last they (j)----to a conclusion that the sound was not dangerous at all. (A‡bK A‡bK eQi c~‡e© GK mgq QqRb Zi“b evm KiZ|Zviv wk¶v MÖn‡Y Lye AvMÖnx wQj Zviv ÁvbvR©‡bi mÜv‡b Ny‡i †eovZ wKšÍ †`L‡Z †cZ bv|GKw`b Zviv Mfxi AÜKviv”Qbœ fviZxq e‡bi g‡a¨ w`‡q †n‡uU hvIqvi mgq GKwU kã ïb‡Z †cj|GUv Zviv Av‡M KLb I ï‡bwb|Zviv kãwU wb‡q we¯ÍvwiZ Av‡jvPbv Kij|Ae‡k‡l Zviv GKgZ nj †h kãwU wec`RbK bq|)
Answer: (a) ago (b) all (c) also (d) though (e) power (f) while (g) heard (h) hear (i) about (j) came
48.Rina told an interesting ture story about a young Bangladehsi girl and a young lady.She (a)---her story before their parents came home.The (b)----of Rina’s parents together was a (c)---to (d)---.After that she (e)----them if they (f)----her to the hospital.Her parents (g)----that she was taken to the hospital because her (h)----was very bad.Her grandmother told her that it (i)----about a week to come round.She also said that her grandmother would be happy if he paid a (j)---there. wibv GKwU gRvi Mí e‡jwQj GKRb evsjv‡`kx evwjKv Ges GKRb Zi“Yx gwnjv m¤ú‡K©|Zvi evev gv evwo †divi c~‡e© †m GwU e‡jwQj|wibvi evevgv wd‡i AvmvUv GKwU we¯§q wQj|Zvici †m Zv‡`i wRÁvmv Kij Zviv Zv‡K nvmcvZv‡j †`L‡Z wM‡qwQj wK bv|Zvi evev gv Zv‡K ejj †h nvmcvZv‡j †bIqv n‡qwQj KviY Zvi Ae¯’v Lye Lvivc wQj|Zvi gv Zv‡K ejj †h Zvi my¯’ n‡Z GK mßvn jvM‡e|‡m Av‡iv ej‡jb †h Zvi `v`x Lywk n‡eb hw` †m GKevi †`‡L Av‡m|)
Answer: (a) told (b) is (c) coming/returning (d) surprise (e) Rina (f) asked (g) had met (h)condition (i) would need (j) visit
49.When Salma (a)--- home, her elder brother, Rafiq,was (b)---. She (c)--- him the bag. When they looked (d)--- it, they found many (e)---. “Look, here’s a (f)--.” said Rafiq. “It’s british and (g)--- to someone called Janet Green. This bag must (h)-- to her.She was born in Bristol in 1993 and is a (i)--- worker. And (j)--- are some more things: some keys and an address card.”mvjgv hLb evwo wdij Zvi fvB †mLv‡b wQj|‡m Zv‡K e¨vMwU w`j|Zviv hLb GUvi wfZ‡i _vKvj Zviv A‡bK g~j¨evb wRwbm †`L‡Z ‡cj|ZvKvI GKwU cvm‡cv©UÓ iwdK ejj| GwU R¨v‡bU MÖxb bvgK GKRb weªwU‡ki|GB e¨vMwU Aek¨B Zvi|‡m 1993 mv‡j Rb¥MªnY K‡ib Ges GKRb GLv‡b mgvRKg©x Ges †mLv‡b Pvwe I wVKvbv KvW© I A‡bK wKQy i‡q‡Q|)
Ans:(a) arrived/reached (b) there (c) showed (d) inside (e) things (f) passport (g) belongs (h) belong (i) social (j) here.
50. After breakfast, Rina collected about (a)--- a dozen eggs from the chicken house and put them carefully into a (b)--- bag. Then she carried them to (c)---. She felt so (d)--- and happy that she ran quickly (e)-- the path to the college pond.”She thought to herself that (f)---will ve very pleaed with these lovely eggs.While Rina was (g)--- near the college pond, she suddenly (h)--- over a stone and fell. She didn’t hurt herself very much, but she (i)--- her paper bag and (j)---all of her eggs.(mKv‡j bv¯Ívi ci wibv gyiwMi †Lvqvo †_‡K Ava WRb wWg msMÖn K‡i mh‡Zœ  KvM‡Ri e¨v‡M ivLj|Zvici  †m G¸‡jv ¯‹z‡ji D‡Ï‡k¨ iIbv nj|‡m GZUvB Lywk I Avbw›`Z I D‡ËwRZ Abyfe K‡iwQj †h ,†m c‡_ `ªyZ  †`Šovw”Qj ‡m fvej †h, Rbve Avn‡g` G my›`i wWg¸‡jv †`‡L Lye Lywk n‡e|wibv hLb  †`Šovw”Qj,†m nVvr K‡iB †m GKwU cv_‡ii Dci †nvPuU †L‡q c‡o hvq|‡m wb‡R Lye gvivZ¡K e¨v_v bv †c‡jI Zvi KvM‡Ri e¨vMwU †d‡j w`j Ges wWg¸‡jv †f‡½ †djj|)
Ans: (a) half (b)paper (c) school (d) excited (e) quickly (f) he (g) running (h) tripped (i) tore (j) broke
51.While Rina was (a)---- near the college pond, she (b)--- tripped over a stone and (c)--. She didn’t hurt (d)-- very much, but she (e)--- her paper bag. She stood up (f)----and looked(g)---at the pape bag.It (h)—broken and something (i)---was making it damp.Rina bent down and carfully (j)---inside the paper bag. All her lovely eggs were broken! (wibv hLb K‡jR cyKz‡ii cvk w`‡q †`Šovw”Qj ‡m  GKwU cv_‡ii Dci †nvPuU †L‡q c‡o ‡Mj|‡m wb‡R Lye gvivZ¡K e¨v_v bv †cj bv |wKš‘ Zvi KvM‡Ri e¨vMwU c‡o †Mj|‡m  D‡V `vouvj Ges  e¨v‡Mi wfZi w`‡K ZvKvj|GUv wQ‡ou wM‡qwQj Ges wfZ‡ii GKUv wKQy GUv‡K wfwR‡q w`‡qwQj|wibv mZ©KZvi mv‡_ KvM‡Ri e¨vMwUi wfZi †`Lj|Zvi mKj my›`i wWg¸‡jvB †f‡½ wM‡qwQj|)
Ans: (a)running (b) suddenly (c) stone (d) herself (e) dropped (f) quickly (g) broken (h)inside (i) carefully (j) brokens
52.The water in the (a)--- rose higher and higher and Hans grew more and more (b)---. “If I don’t do something (c)---, the whole house will be (d)----, “he thought to himself. Then he saw a (e)---- axe. It was (f)--- just beside the (g)---. He picked it up and (h)--- it in the air. “Stop, brush, or I’ll (i)--- you with this! he shouted. But the (j)--- didn’t stop. So Hans took the brush and cut it in two. “There” he exclaimed, “Now you’ll have to stop.” (M‡elbvMv‡ii cvwb µgk DPzu n‡Z _vKj n¨vÝ AwaK wPwšÍZ n‡q coj|‡m g‡b g‡b fvej ÒAvwg hw` ZvovZvwo wKQy bv Kwi Zvn‡j cy‡iv evwoUv c­vweZ n‡e|ÓZLb †m GKUv eo Kyovj †`Lvj|GUv Pzwj­i cv‡k|‡m GUv Dc‡i Zz‡j wbj Ges k~‡b¨ bvovj| Ò_vg,eªvk,bZzev Avwg †Zvgv‡K GUv w`‡q AvNvZ Kie|Ó‡m wPrKvi K‡i ejj|wKšÍ eªvk _vgvj bv|ZvB n¨vÝ eªvkUv‡K †K‡U `yfvM K‡i ‡djj|‡m D‡ËwRZ n‡q ejj, ÒI‡n Gevi †Zvgv‡K _vg‡Z n‡e|Ó)
Ans:(a)laboratory(b) worried(c)quickly(d)flooded(e) large (f) lying (g) forge (h) waved (i) break (j) brush
53. “Does Janet Green live in Dhaka now?” Salma asked. “No, I don’t think so,” her brother replied. “Look at this address card. This isn’t her name, but I think she must be staying here.” Salma looked at this address card. This isn’t her name, I think she must be staying here.” Salma looked at the address card. “Let’s phone and find out if Janet Green is staying at this address,” said Salma.( ÒR¨v‡bU MÖxb GLb XvKvq Av‡Qb|? Mvjgv wR‡Ám Kij|bv Avgvi †Zv g‡b nq bv|ÓZvi fvB DËi w`j| ÒGB wVKvbv KvW©wUi w`‡K ZvKvI|GUv Zvi bvg bq,wKšÍ Avgvi g‡b nq wZwb Aek¨B GLv‡b Ae¯’vb Ki‡Qb|Ómvjgv wVKvbv KvW©wU †`Lj| ÒPj Avgiv †dvb K‡i †`wL †h R¨v‡bU MÖxb GB wVKvbvq Ae¯’vb Ki‡Qb wKbv,Ó mvjgv ejj|
Ans:(a)Does (b) live (c) so (d) replied (e) address (f) think (g) staying (h) looked (i) find (j) is
54.Anwar, (a) ----------- boy of thirteen, was (b) ----------- shy and felt embarrassed (c) ----------- familiar himself with the visitors (d) ----------- came to visit his father (e) -----------. Through his mother ordered him to (f) ----------- with guests for a few minutes, he (g) ----------- not become free with them due to the (h) ----------- of age. At times, he throught that he (i) ----------- felt something interesting to them but, in practice, all turned (j) ----------- vain.(Av‡bvqvi eqm wQj †Zi eQi, †m Zvi evev mv‡_ †`Lv Ki‡Z Avmv `k©bv_x©‡`i mvg‡b j¾v I weeªZ KiwQj | hw`I Zvi gv Zv‡K AwZw_‡`i wKQy¶‡Yi Rb¨ †`Lvïbv Ki‡Z wb‡`©k Ki‡jb, †m eq‡mi cv_©‡K¨i Kvi‡b Zv‡`I cÖwZ Db¥y³ wQj bv | gv‡S gv‡S, †m wPšÍv Kij †h †m Avb›``vqK wKQy Abyfe Ki‡e, wKš‘ mKj Abykxjb e¨_©Zvi ch©ewmZ n‡j |)
55.Mrs Salam’s mother was still (a)----on the ground.She (b)----on her side with Kashem and a lady(c)----beside her.The lady was (d)-----Mrs Siddiqua Murshed’s (e)----with a cool,damp,cloth. “We must take her to the hospital,” said Mrs Salam.But she(f)---sit up.She’ll have to lie down.When the pushcart (g)----,Mrs Salam,Kashem and Anwar(h)---lifted Mrs Murshed (i)----it.Then Mrs Salam (j)----the lady for helping her mother.(wg‡mm mvjv‡gi gv GLv‡b gvwU‡Z ï‡q Av‡Q|‡m GKcv‡k KvZ n‡q GKRb gwnjvi nvUzui Dci ï‡q Av‡Q|gwnjvwU VvÛv †fRv Kvco w`‡q wg‡mm wmwÏKv gyi‡k‡`i Kcvj gyQ‡ZwQj|Avgiv Aek¨B Zv‡K nvmcvZv‡j wb‡q hve|Ówg‡mm mvjvg ej‡jb|wKšÍ wZwb Aek¨B D‡V em‡eb bv|Zv‡K Aek¨B ï‡q _vK‡Z n‡e|hLb †Vjv Mvwo †cŠuQj,ZLb Av‡bvqvi Kv‡mg,wg‡mm mvjvg wg‡mm gyi‡k`‡K DVvj|Zvici wg‡mm mvjvg gwnjv‡K Zvi gv‡K mvnvh¨ Kivi Rb¨ ab¨ev` Rvbv‡jb|)
 Ans:(a)lying(b)lay(c)kneeling(d)wiping(e)forehead(f)mustn’t(g)arrived(h)gently (i)onto(j) thanked

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